Newsletter – July 2023

Dear Friends,

“The Heartbeat of the Universe.”

We do not have to travel to a particular place, or wait for a special time of the day or year to enter into holy communion with Life.  It seems (generally speaking) that fewer people are attending churches and membership appears to be on the decline. Recently in class there was mention that when googling the word, “church” the first definition that came up was: church is a building where Christian worship is held.
 It seems that understanding is evolving to the degree that no longer is God being confined to a particular space, but being recognized and acknowledged in all of IT’s creation. And this is where Omnipresence comes in; and the realization is dawning that there is no separation.  Wherever God is, I am.
Church is not a building – but perhaps we should ask ourselves what the purpose of church is.  We have known it as a meeting place for those who wish to connect in spirit and maybe to learn more about how to live life.  Yet Truth, no matter if given from a pulpit or not, is available to all.  And whether an individual attends a formal church gathering or not, does not change the truth of who he or she is.
Despite the seeming decrease in church attendance, many more seem to be turning to a spiritual way of living.  A way that does not box one in to certain dogma or creeds – a way that perhaps opens wider avenues that lead to deeper understanding.
With any shift in life, a draught is felt somewhere, yet we seem to be moving rapidly toward Oneness in Spirit.  And when boundaries blur, as they seem to be, we may tend to hold on for dear life, to what is familiar now.  Change is constant, yet many times challenging.  This is when we need to turn to what is constant and unchanging – the promise of God’s eternal Presence.  Whether we know this Presence as God, or by another name, is not important.  When our intention is to know God; to know Truth; we find it.
There is no separation in Truth, in Spirit, and Oneness of Being is emerging.  Boundaries are blurring, yet how we hold onto some of them.  God is now – Life is now – Love, Trust, Peace, all now!!
God is the heartbeat of the universe – IT is what makes seeds germinate; new birth, the tides, the seasons; all these things over which we have no control.  Each of us is being “breathed,” right now, and our hearts are beating. And, when intentional, we are One with the Creative Source and Intelligence of all life.  This is something that can only be discerned when we rest from our reasoning minds that are most often concerned with issues in the world; this is something that can only be EXPERIENCED when we drop all thought and come into the Silence.
We do not need a building for this experience. It is of course wonderful to have a place where one can be in the company of others who, like us, are intentional in our quest for that which is beyond the material experience of living.  So, coming together in person is also valuable.
In 1 Corinthians 13 we read that love is the greatest gift.  We need to be reminded that it is God’s love, using us, expressing through us.  This love that is the absolute attribute with no opposite.
We know that what we hold in consciousness, we do get back in our experience of life. Are we holding on to the way we feel life should be, and thereby resisting change, when, if we take a moment and BE in the Presence, we will ultimately assist in bringing about trust, faith and peace.
It is all about intentionally tuning in to Life—aligning with the Heartbeat of the Universe—the very Life of God, living each one of us now.
We can be in nature, in the garden, looking up at the heavens at night, the clouds during the day, feeling the wind, and in one moment of stillness, of deep realization, know: all is governed by the Isness of God—present in, as, and through, all creation.

In Closing…….
 “When the realization of the omnipresence of God is attained, there is freedom from worry, fear, lack and limitation.  If a need appears, we retire within and tabernacle with this Presence, and in due time, It will appear outwardly as the very form necessary to our experience.
As we come to this place in consciousness where we are able to relinquish human might and power, human opinion and judgment, a divine Grace, invisible, yet perfectly tangible to the person experiencing it, takes over. 
We cannot see this transcendental Spirit, hear It, taste It, touch It, or smell It, yet It is here and It is now – we feel It, and we know It.  When we let go of our human rights or human will or desires – even the good desires – and absolutely resign ourselves to God’s will, It rushes in as if there were a vacuum, and when It takes over, we can feel Its every movement coursing throughout our body, right through the muscles and vein down to the nails.  We are one with the rhythm of the universe, and all is well.  All that the Father has is now flowing through us out into this world as a divine Grace, bringing us to all that is ours and bringing us to all those to whom we belong.”
-Joel Goldsmith-

Bountiful blessings,





































































































































































































Newsletter – June 2023

Dear Friends,

“The Measure of Life”

Life…..and I usually refer to “Life” with a capital “L”, is changing…evolving…so how we reference this Life we are living now, also needs to change.  In our world, as humans, measurement plays a large role in life:  we measure distance, rainfall, time, our money in the bank, our self-worth, even our intelligence, and so on.  The intention at this time is that we move our attention – our focus – onto the TRUE MEASURE OF LIFE, which ironically is beyond measure as in Truth there are no limits. And we are part of this vast measureless universe. It is the sacred mystery that has nothing to do with our small-minded human “doings.”

Obviously in our day to day living there are times when measurements in the world do apply.  Soon building will begin on my cottage and great care has to be taken by the builder to ensure that the building fits the plans.  But there is another way of doing this, of measuring our worth and our treasures.

I read a book some years ago, by Credo Mutwa, entitled: “Song of the Stars,” and in the final chapter entitled: The Boundaries of Human Life, he stated that when people discovered God, they discovered a shapeless, featureless, endless entity with which no-one could cope, and so in order to handle the mystery of God, man reduced that mystery to a shape that he could recognize and therefore understand.  To me this explained so well that we seem to have the need to have things “boxed in” or defined by a specific shape, size, or description according to our human perceptions.  And yet these perceptions occur through so many filters and really are so limiting.

When we know who we are in Truth, and that in Truth (Spiritually) we are all equal, then we will find ourselves lifted in conscious acceptance, ready to experience a way of life that is promised to us.  “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  We are each like individual snowflakes falling from the same cloud; tiny, very fine, perfectly patterned and beautiful.  Yet, we need to remember that an avalanche is made up of tiny, individual, seemingly harmless flakes, and together in avalanche form can have a tremendous impact on an environment.

I read a book some years ago, by Credo Mutwa, entitled: “Song of the Stars,” and in the final chapter entitled: The Boundaries of Human Life, he stated that when people discovered God, they discovered a shapeless, featureless, endless entity with which no-one could cope, and so in order to handle the mystery of God, man reduced that mystery to a shape that he could recognize and therefore understand.  To me this explained so well that we seem to have the need to have things “boxed in” or defined by a specific shape, size, or description according to our human perceptions.  And yet these perceptions occur through so many filters and really are so limiting.

When we know who we are in Truth, and that in Truth (Spiritually) we are all equal, then we will find ourselves lifted in conscious acceptance, ready to experience a way of life that is promised to us.  “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  We are each like individual snowflakes falling from the same cloud; tiny, very fine, perfectly patterned and beautiful.  Yet, we need to remember that an avalanche is made up of tiny, individual, seemingly harmless flakes, and together in avalanche form can have a tremendous impact on an environment.

Just think that if each of us could “see” beyond the human confines we have set ourselves and know through the experience of individual revelation, who we are in Truth, and then come together as an avalanche of spiritual understanding, what a huge impact that could make?  Every truth in spirit is already established, awaiting our recognition and acceptance.  We teach that God is omnipresent, but it is only through our spiritual consciousness that we will realize and know this Presence that is with us always.  It is only through our spiritual consciousness that we will recognize the kingdom.

We speak of being the offspring of God.  We repeat the words: “I and the Father are One,” and while this is true in the Absolute Sense, it is not true in our experience until we realize it for ourselves.  So….what is stopping us?  Maybe we are measuring ourselves as less than worthy because we are still doubting our divine heritage.  Maybe our human minds are trying to comprehend the extent of the truth of which we are a part.  And our human minds will not comprehend it.  It is not a human experience, but rather an  unlimited, spiritual one.

In Closing…….
 A Daily Remembrance
The purpose of prayer is not to change God, but to change ourselves.  When we pray we are affirming the nearness and responsiveness and availability of God.  There is no attempt in prayer to manipulate God.  Prayer has nothing to do with convincing God of our need.
God as All wisdom, All knowledge, and All understanding knows just what to do and when to do it.  Prayer is to commune with God.  In prayer we respond to Him.  We become open and receptive to Him.
This Principle of Pure Wisdom is not a heartless ruler.  This infinite Intelligence enfolds us in His Infinite Love.  There is no hurt in His love, no punishment, no limitation.
God is the Presence of perfect peace, total forgiveness, infinite supply.  And He is with you and in you.  This indwelling Presence of Total Good is the only source of Wholeness and well-being.  Prayer is answered “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord.  – Dr Al G. Salazar

Bountiful blessings,




































































































































































































































































































































































































Newsletter May – 2023

Dear Friends,

“Resurrection Through Inner Peace”

We recently celebrated Easter – it is an annual “event” or “occurrence” on our calendars, and we observe it according to our respective traditions.  Is it not time to realize though that this is NOT JUST A ONCE A YEAR HAPPENING?  It is a continuous process of our very lives; our very evolvement to remembering; our evolvement to finally understanding what we are doing here – our very purpose, if you like, for being here now. And what is called for is our trust in the quantum leap that is expected of us.  Trust of course comes from understanding.

And I believe that the quantum leap is to really take on board; embrace in consciousness, that not only each individual, but the whole planet, is going through a resurrection process. To word it another way would be to state: the timing is right and the opportunity is offered now for the ultimate resurrection in consciousness.

We hear folk say, (and probably have said it ourselves): “One day when…………”,or, “as soon as…..” or, “before this happens or that happens,” and so on.  Always projecting into the future;  hopes, dreams and intentions; which is delaying accepting the value of now.  Often it is a case of: “things will be better – when,” or “wait until a new party is voted in,” or even, “once I start my new job,” and so on.

The language Jesus spoke was Aramaic – spoken in the present tense.  Example:It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” And we might say, “yes, I have heard all this before and what has it done for me?”  It is no good just hearing it and carrying on as before.  This truth needs to be embraced! The Presence, the Kingdom in consciousness, needs to be experienced, until we just know it deep within, realizing that the promise of this kingdom is now, in consciousness.  In our Divine Science classes, we teach: First in mind, then in manifestation.  As a man thinketh, so is he. Life expresses from the inner to the outer.

In Genesis 1:31 we read:  And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.   We need to remind ourselves of this; and that it still is very good – yet remember at the same time that we are talking about creation at the spiritual level.  That spiritual perfection in all creation, that remains. That same spiritual creation of which each of us is a part and being so makes each soul infinite and eternal.

Alan Cohen states in his book: Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit:  “Remember that the real healer is Spirit, and that Spirit will work through you if you are willing to listen with a quiet mind and a receptive heart.  Like you, the world already has what it needs to be perfect.  Some have feared the healing of our world because they have equated healing with ending.  But this could not be so.  All healing is a beginning.  The resurrection of life will come not through destruction, but through transformation.  The caterpillar does not die; it becomes something new and wonderful.  The world does not need your manipulation, but is desperate for your awakening.  With your arising to the truth within you, you will carry all who have slumbered, to their healing as well.  Jesus said that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the son of God,” and we join him in his identity as a peaceful warrior.  He came as a harbinger of what we we have come to accomplish.”

We are ready to assist in the resurrection of Truth and Peace in consciousness and as always, it begins with you and me!

In Closing…….
 Fear of lack, fear of public opinion, fear of weakness, of illness and of death, fear of competition and of injustice, fear of the very living of life—these are the general aspects of fear that become imbedded in man’s consciousness and then cause individual difficutly as well as world inharmonies resulting in wars and cruelties.

 We must begin with the individual consciousness.  Feel that it is not an insurmountable task but a goal that is attainable, here and now.  When we give our attention to things of the Spirit, we are replacing the false fears with Truth.  Then all conditions adjust.  The method consists of persistent practice of the principles of Truth.  Recall to mind the basic roots of each human being.  This is a big step along the way.  It gives assurance that the outer can change, that miracles can happen, that there is nothing to fear for the Divine Presence is all, and is everywhere equally present.  Our awareness of this truth makes the difference to each of us.   Helen Zagat—Faith and Works

Bountiful blessings,




































Newsletter – April 2023

Dear Friends,

“Rising Above…Means, Letting Go!”

Humanity keeps trying to fix the world, be it at government level, through trying to earn more money, or in some cases even “keeping the peace” no matter what the personal cost.
There is a passage from Chronicles 20:17, that, according to John Randolph Price in his book, “The Angels Within Us,” is a coded message.  Let me quote the words found in Chronicles:
“You will not need to fight in this battle; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf.”

Price indicates that the coded message, when really understood, can be of the utmost help in lives that are stressed through relationship breakdowns, or financial issues, time shortages, aches, problems and insufficiencies.  We hold onto situations, and we do so with our constant attention to whatever it is. We all know – right from our Basic Principle classes: where attention goes, energy flows.  It when we let go of our human perceptions that we rise above them.

Let us now go through the coded message in Chronicles to better understand:-  There is a process, and the first step is: TAKE YOUR POSITION.  In this context it would mean assuming an attitude in consciousness. Awareness is key – and when it comes to assuming an attitude in consciousness, through awareness, we are brought to a point of choice where we do not say: “Yes, but…..!”  We put a lot of intense focus on our problems and now we need to turn that focus into awareness of Truth.  It means turning within to that which already is, and always is eternal!  The eternal Presence within.

That brings us to the next step / the next instruction: STAND STILL.  Now this standing still means to enter into a state of serenity and trust through complete surrender to the Presence within.  Through the STANDING STILL, and surrendering to Truth,  inevitable victory is the outcome.  It is not victory over anyone or anything – it is the victory of Spiritual Realization – that there is only God and ultimately God is in charge.  Where we fall short at times is that we may agree that God is the only Power, that God is in charge, yet we try to maintain control, sometimes at all costs.

God means to some people – an entity to be used, to bring about health, provide abundance and harmony and peace.  Yet we are told in scripture that it is useless to see a power with which to overcome enemies or difficulties, and we are to live life… “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.”  Going back to the example of Jesus where he declared: It is not I, but the Father within who doeth the work,” we again have the perfect instruction or method to rise above the issues of the world by letting go to that which IS, and eternally, IS.

If we go to God with a need, then we are seeing only the need.  When we pay heed to the steps (instruction) in Chronicles we see that by taking position, making the choice to stand still, (freezing the frame if you will, so it is no longer active) – this very BEING STILL – in the Presence, is our RISING ABOVE, or changing our perception, as we mindfully align with the Truth of our Being.  And the outcome is inevitable. Yet…. not always according to the way we want it, rather according to what we need, to grow in understanding. AND  SEE THE VICTORY OF THE LORD ON YOUR BEHALF.

In Closing….
What need one do that he may see and say the Truth, and nothing but the single Truth?  He need only turn to God direct.  Here, he cannot see two; the One will absorb his complete attention.  Here  he shall know and say, I am Spirit, I am the one Being now, and my Consciousness of this Truth is my spiritual World or Universe.  Reader, this is what is urged upon you to accept, the Truth of the One as our present Reality, rather than place our Reality in a distant future.
 Until one knows the innate Power and Glory abiding within every heart which seeks Truth from God direct, he may believe that Revelation has come to an end.  Through his willingness to discard teachings which do not measure up to the Absolute Truth of one Being and one Universe, and identify himself now as this one Mind and Being without a second, he is bound to see and feel the Glory of the Light, and experience it as his own present spiritual Consciousness.
Lilian DeWaters :The Voice of Revelation

Bountiful blessings,






Newsletter – March 2023

Dear Friends,

“We Are Spiritually Equipped”

In “Divine Science, It’s Principle and Practice“ we read the following:  “Heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ, men may, through ignorance of the truth, be slaves of misery, doubt, and  poverty.  It is  knowing the truth that makes man free.  Man gives a sense of reality and power to evil when he fails to recognize that his Source, his life, his very existence through time and eternity is God the Good.  Truth must be recognized in order to be realized and to become a power in the lives of men.”

The basis of Divine Science Teaching is that God, Originating Source or Substance, is Omnipresent.  God, present in all It’s creation. And as Eric Butterworth states: “There is no place in all the universe where Substance (God) is any more present or any less present than right where you are.”  And within this God-Substance is all the love, wisdom, peace and understanding.  Each of us is like a drop in the ocean of Substance – one with It – having by Divine Right, all the love, wisdom, peace and understanding that is absolute (with no opposite) thatwe can conceive of in consciousness.  Yes!! It is ours right now!! Where love on the human plane is temporary; God’s love is eternal!

In his book: The Greatest Thing In The World, Henry Drummond refers to 1 Cor. 13., the well-known letter from Paul to the Corinthians regarding love.  I am sure you are all familiar with the words which have been, over the years, used extensively during wedding ceremonies.  Drummond states the following in his book:  “Every one has asked himself the great question of antiquity as of the modern world: What is the supreme good?  You have life before you. Only once can you live it. What is the noblest object of desire, the supreme gift to covet? We have been accustomed to be told that the greatest thing in the religious world is Faith.”

He, Drummond, explains that Paul concludes his letter with the words: “Now abideth Faith, Hope, Love,”  and without a moment’s hesitation the decision falls, “The greatest of these is Love.”  It is also brought to our attention that Peter states: “Above all things have fervent love among yourselves.”  John goes further when he says: “God is love.”  And then we are  reminded that Paul also indicated that:  “Love is the fulfilling of the law.”

When we surrender, let go of fear, resentment or anything else we are holding onto, then we are open and receptive to God’s Presence, Love, and Guidance.  And ultimately, we become the transparencies, for God’s Love to shine through.

I believe that we are being shown the way to greater service and it is through remembering that indeed we are heirs, joint heirs with Christ, that we will fulfil our purpose, spiritually equipped, to work through our lessons in Life, knowing that Love is the answer.  Every time we remember; remember who we are in Truth; every time we are mindful, we are making a difference in, to, and for the world.

Joel Goldsmith stated:  “When one person attains spiritual freedom, he attains it for the entire world, even though it may take a century for the demonstration on earth of the fullness and fulfilment of this freedom.  It should be the goal of every individual who has been turned by the grace of God to the spiritual path, therefore, to seek and to search until he arrives, because if only one of us accomplishes this, it will set in motion that which will free the entire world.”

In Closing…. 
(Luke 12:22-32 – taken from George M. Lamsa translation)
And he said to his disciples, Therefore I say to you, Do not worry for your life, what you will eat; nor for your body, what you will wear.
For life is much more important than food, and the body than clothing.
Observe the ravens; for they do not sow or reap, and they have no storerooms and barns; and yet God feeds them; how much more important are you than the birds?
Who among you by worrying can add to his stature one cubit?
So if you are not able to do the smaller thing, why do you worry about the rest?
Observe the flowers, how they grow; for they do not toil nor do they spin; but I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed like one of these.
And if God clothes in such fashion the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow falls into the fireplace; how much more is he to you, O you of little faith?
So do not be anxious about what you will eat or what you will drink, and let not your mind be disturbed by these things.
For worldly people seek after all these things; and your Father knows that these things are also necessary for you.
But seek the kingdom of God, and all of these things shall be added to you.
Do not be afraid, O little flock; for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom.

Bountiful blessings,

























































































































































































































Newsletter – February 2023

Dear Friends,

“Truth, the Mainstay of Life.”

There is a part of each one of us that thrives on excitement and distraction.  I believe that is due to the fact that then we do not have to look too closely at ourselves in an honest way. There are many ways and means for escaping: through books, movies, music, sport and more; but ultimately, we end up – somewhere along the line – of needing to go within in the Silence to really discover the treasure that already exists.

This “going within to that still place” often may seem to elude us – perhaps we even find all the excuses we can to avoid having, or making, the time to BE STILL AND KNOW.  We do not seem to realize that this is the very way we find the “buried treasure,” always there; available to each one in equal measure.

But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.  We read this in Habakkuk 2:20.  The interpretation I share with you is that the PRESENCE (whatever name we know it by) is within our very own consciousness.  Life is consciousness and we are being lived and breathed; IT, the PRESENCE is experienced, sensed if you like, when we have those moments of stillness.  Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? We find these words in 1 Corinthians 3:16, which again confirms that ALL is within.

Truth is the “mainstay” in Life. Truth is the mainstay we deny ourselves when we do not align with it.  Why do we find it so difficult to believe that we issue forth from the One originating Source of All Creation, and as part of that, we automatically inherit It’s nature and all that is?  We might say: Truth is, Truth is, Truth is – everything else sometimes is, and sometimes isn’t.  Sometimes we are happy and other times not.  Are we happy to remain on the treadmill of duality?  Healthy at times and other times not?  Sometimes having, and other times not…… and so on. So where does the excitement come in? Big question and “big” answer.

It is something we have to discover for ourselves – no one else will do it for us.   Understanding dawns; how can anything be given to us, when we already have it?  Knowing who we are and what we do have are beyond the reasoning mind. All answers to any situation will arise spiritually when we take time to BE Still.

Jesus said: “I have overcome the world.” According to world view he did not appear to have much  yet from his centered place of inner knowing and aligning with his Source, he was a dynamic teacher and channel through which Truth was expressed.   It was from his conscious knowing of truth and an awareness that his needs would always be met, (needs not wants) that they were.

You see one of the exciting things about Truth is that it is fulfilling; fulfilling in a way that nothing else is!  Many times we just get glimpses of this, or a sense of it.  And this is our true yearning – this is really all we are seeking, and our disgruntlement means we have not discovered it yet!

Truth is our mainstay in life. As each individual comes to realize this, we will be part of a great upliftment in consciousness. And as we stand in this truth in the face of every appearance, we remember that always…… the Lord is in his holy temple and that the Spirit of God dwells within the consciousness of each and every soul.

In Closing……
 Jesus emphasizes one supreme principle; there is just one thing that can make us whole. We must realize our power as sons of God. Our power is not of ourselves, but of an Infinite Father. Jesus has shown us the supreme thing—the Royal Way to Wholeness.  It is Love.  This is the way that Jesus trod.  His was a love so great that it included every one.

Jesus especially emphasized the including of all people and nations.  Every grade of society was included in his realization of the oneness of God and man.  The woman who was brought to him in sin was to him the child of God just as truly as was the most virtuous one. Jesus looked down upon the sin, but not upon the sinner. He could touch a life wherever it was in its development with a vital force because he loved as God loves.  He loved the unlovable and those doing wrong; he never withheld himself from one who needed him. Jesus has left us with two commandments: we must love God and we must love our fellow man.  Jesus also told us that in these two commandments all the law and all the prophets were fulfilled.
 In The Light Of Healing—Nona Brooks

Bountiful blessings,







































Newsletter – December 2022 & January 2023

“Do We Cast Our Blessings Or Our Blame?”

In John 8:7 we read: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”  And we all know the story of the woman blamed for her sin and those around her very keen to judge her and stone her.  After those words spoken by Jesus, no-one was able to cast the stones they already held in their hands.

Let us clarify the meaning of “sin,” and we teach in Divine Science that the only sin, is when we, in our minds, separate ourselves from Truth/God.  Now it is important to realize that we cannot actually do this; we are always ONE WITH GOD, TRUTH ALWAYS IS,  yet we forget, and as a result we live what we believe in any circumstance and situation, and reap accordingly.  Sin is…. missing the mark!

Jesus’ words were a reminder to those who were so quick to judge the woman, and we need to be mindful of them too. It may come easy to us to cast blame on someone or a challenging circumstance, yet we do have another option.

We are always casting something from our minds which are never still. Our thoughts and beliefs are always going forth from us; and they are like boomerangs – returning to us fulfilled. We all know the words: “as a man thinketh, and believeth, so is he!” Every day – in fact countless times a day, we cast out our thoughts and our beliefs.  These go out from our consciousness, very often quite mindlessly, and equally often we forget that what we give out comes back to us.  There will always be corresponding returns.

What often seems idyllic to us does not have lasting effects.  So what is it then that takes us to a level of completeness and satisfaction that is totally fulfilling and not fleeting?  Well let us take a look at three examples from scripture, remembering that the stories in scripture are not about people and incidents that took place many, many years ago………they are our stories too……applicable in life today.

We begin with the story of Ruth which gives the example of Naomi casting blame for their situation, and Ruth who rose above their situation. Ruth, metaphysically, represents love, and she illustrates for us how human love can be transcended and raised to divine love through willingness and choice.  She was a blessing to Naomi who, through Ruth’s example, rediscovered her own spiritual identity.

The story of Joseph, shows how he rose above all the challenges he faced  by turning always to God and in fact even telling his brothers in Genesis 45:8: “It was not you that sent me hither, but God.”  Even in the midst of all the misery to which he had been subjected, he chose not to blame; he saw God at work in his life.

We come next to Elijah, hiding out in a cave as all the other prophets of God had been slain. He was then told to pay heed to the seven thousand that remained true to God; the remnant, that presented a new opportunity for Elijah.  He heard the instruction when he became still and receptive to that inner small voice.

By maintaining spiritual awareness, we are being true not only to ourselves, but to the whole. From this inner centering come the blessings as they flow forth through our consciousness. We have the examples of those, who through spiritual consciousness, have attained a greater understanding and experience of Truth, and through this deeper awareness, in turn have cast their blessings.  Let us take stock: are we casting blessing or blame? We have the choice!!

In Closing……  Material consciousness is based upon the acceptance of the material, objective world as real.  It is the acceptance of materiality as being the decisive factor of existence.  It believes in appearances rather than in the truth behind appearances.  his state of consciousness limits man.  He sees certain conditions and accepts the outer appearance as inevitable, immovable and permanent.

Spiritual consciousness is that state of consciousness that is based upon true, divine ideas.  This consciousness is rooted in the realization of the absolute, the one mind and its creative activity, as the reality;  and in the understanding that man is a spiritual being ever connected with the Source, through mind essence. When man makes the effort to establish himself in spiritual consciousness, every aspect of his being begins to show forth accordingly.  His affairs and environment respond.  A spiritual consciousness is a radiating center of good in our world.

Helen Zagat—Faith and Works

Bountiful blessings,











Newsletter – November 2022

Dear Friends,

“Equal Opportunity”

Are we ready to accept that in life we do have equal opportunity?  It is the equal opportunity in consciousness that is the focus of this message.  After all, at the core of our being…at the point of origination as an idea in the mind of God, we are all equal. Are we ready to consider this…to believe it?

What we  initially perceive as  a challenge in life,  blocking our way forward, may in fact be one of our greatest gifts—causing us to stop and take stock.  Time to rethink and rediscover a new way of seeing life.  In Genesis we read: “and God saw all that he had made…and it was good.”  What has happened to that goodness? Has it become something else, or even disappeared?  No!! What God created still is and always will be…!

In the world we live in,  made aware of “new” illnesses, “new” cures, “new” diets and so on, we get caught up in  these things and they become our reality. Why do we need the new diet or cure? Because the belief is that there is something to be healed.  We look at curing or fixing the physical or even psychological ailment, yet the belief in these ailments still remains, with many of the human illnesses giving rise to much fear in individuals. Bearing in mind that each of us originates as an idea from God mind, then surely we can see that we are working at cross-purposes to Truth much of the time. Is health not our natural state?

Firstly, we need to look beyond human conditions and realize that what we are, at the point of origination, cannot change. The way in which we can experience BEING AT ONE WITH GOD is in our conscious knowing of IT.

Secondly, to recognize that any challenge or suffering is a way to grab our attention. In this second step we can easily miss the point by trying to “fix” the suffering and putting all our attention on that, when we could be asking ourselves: “what is this really all about?” It is about remembering that, which deep down, we already know: truth resides in consciousness; and we are not governed by mental or physical laws, but by the law of Spirit. Our belief in anything other than God and spiritual law is really our only problem in life.

Thirdly, Being consciously receptive. And it is during our quiet times and meditation that guidance is revealed.

We need to be reminded that equal opportunity has nothing to do with the human condition, because all begins in the invisible Source of Spirit. We embrace the truth of God as absolute and omnipresent Good, expressing as, and through, each individual.  This belief in consciousness then, is carried through into our world of experience, and we become receptive to the treasures on our respective paths.

Do we realize that we are living out our beliefs?  We have equal opportunity to believe in, and accept, as much of the truth as we can embrace in consciousness and thereby enjoy the fruits of Spirit that are ours by divine birthright. It is only in consciousness that we are receptive and ready for all, that as children of God, we have been promised.

Let us see the challenges for what they really are.  Let us be ready and receptive to understand and acknowledge in consciousness the gift of Truth in these words: “Son/daughter, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

In Closing……  Many people believe peace and joy come when conditions are what they want them to be.  Peace comes when the doctor tells us the tumor is benign. We are joyful when we are picked for the new assignment.  For too long peace and joy have originated in earthly conditions. When this happens, peace and joy are fleeting.  We want them to be constant companions, but they are like fickle friends.  They come, and they go.  There is a peace that passes understanding and a joy that is boundless.  People throughout all the ages have experienced peace and joy transcending earthly conditions.  In fact, in stressful conditions peace has come as a forerunner of greater good. Joy has been experienced while sitting alone late at night. The truth is the world has no peace or joy for us.  When we are consciously one with God, there is peace and joy. When we lose our sense of oneness, then peace and joy are gone.   At least this is the way it seems, but the truth is peace and joy are innate to us.  They are part of our spiritual nature.  When we are consciously one with   Spirit, what is innate to us can be experienced.   Jim Rosemergy – A Closer Walk With God

Bountiful blessings,


Photo  of giraffes by Daniel Naude






Newsletter – October 2022

Dear Friends,

“This Too Shall Pass”

“The universe is an awfully big and divergent place; where there is room for all kinds of beings, beliefs and endless realities. Yet within this multiplicity there is Oneness and connection: this is the goal of our journey.” The words that stand out for me in the above quote from Dr Stewart Bitkoff are: that whatever else comes to pass there is Oneness and connection.

I am sure that many of you can think back to a time when it seemed that whatever was challenging you, in whatever way, would never pass.  Yet here we all are!  In the world today we do not need to be reminded of all the changes happening thick and fast in so many different ways.  And these things too will pass, as we maintain intentional focus and purpose. Well, we might ask ourselves, “what is our motive in turning to God, to Truth?”

Stated in the quote earlier: within the multiplicity there is Oneness and connection. And this is our goal.  Jesus experienced this oneness; this connection, and told us that we too are included.  “Call One your Father.” What happened mostly was that this Master Teacher was followed by the masses for what they perceived that he did – the miracles – and people were after these benefits, not really needing to know how because He was doing it for them.  Hardly any really paid heed to His teaching.  And even today in many ways Jesus is promoted as being apart from all mankind; the exception to us all.

In our classes in discussion relating to all coming forth from the invisible to the visible, the idea is that the tree is more valuable than the fruit.  If the tree is not nurtured it will not bear fruit.  The apples or oranges last only a particular season, but the tree can bear for many years. Yet in our world today, so often our focus comes back to the fruit; all the distractions on offer. Christ Consciousness is the tree – our very own inherited birthright – and still we do not grasp and believe this. We go back to those words of Jesus – not just words, but his own realized experience – “I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine.  The emphasis is that this is true for each one, but (as with Jesus) these words need to be realized in consciousness by each individual. THE ONENESS NEEDS TO BE OUR OWN  UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. It is in consciousness we sense the Inner Presence living us.

We are talking universal spiritual principles. An omnipresent God; the One Source of all that can never be separate from us nor we from IT. We have been steered toward embracing and practicing these principles of Life by various way-showers through the ages, and when we do consciously connect with this truth of our being – that is our true religion – our connection in consciousness with the One.

The things of the world come to pass never to stay.  Currencies fluctuate, rulers of countries change, fashions come and go so fast these days.  All these things…..but who we are in Truth is eternal.  It is only our realization in consciousness that grows and deepens and ultimately makes the crooked places straight. Whatever it is that you may feel challenged by right now, turn your attention to God, and know with gentle certainty…. This too shall pass!  As we move mindfully into that inner sacred place where Spirit is to be found, IN GRATITUDE, WE REMEMBER..

In Closing……

 The greatest power on earth is the power of silence. Spiritual power cannot be expressed in words or thoughts, nor can it come through words or thoughts.  Only through silence, when the senses are at rest, can spiritual power be released.

When we enter meditation and close our eyes to “this world,” let us remember that we are now in the corridor, or at least we are behind the door that opens to Infinity. Through our consciousness, we have access to the infinity of God, the activity of God, the substance and the law of God.  All this is within us.

Let us enter into meditation and go to the Spirit for the purpose of enlightenment, with a complete freedom from concepts, and then receive the truth that in the presence of God there is fulfillment and freedom, freedom from any sense of limitation.


Bountiful blessings,








Newsletter – September 2022

Dear Friends,

“Spiritual Unfoldment is an Individual Matter.”

It is interesting – maybe to a degree even disappointing to some – that what we prove for ourselves cannot be proved for another.  Let me elaborate.  In writing  of spiritual unfoldment being an individual matter, which at times we even attempt to disprove, we find ourselves with all good intentions wanting to assist others on a path in Life that we have discovered.

So…..essentially what I have proved for myself, and am still in process of doing so, I cannot prove for you.  Let us for a moment take the words found in Malachi 3:10:-  “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there will not be room enough to receive it.” At the outset let me confirm that although we generally relate this passage to money and tithing, there is more.  Bring all the tithes into the storehouse – if we look at the storehouse as being CONSCIOUSNESS; what are we, as individuals, bringing into our own consciousness?  Are we mindful of the TITHE – the fact that we are continually investing?  Are we giving at least 10% of our attention to TRUTH?

Truth recognized and put into practice in daily life is unlimited in its returns.  A way opens up that before could not even have been imagined by our limited human minds.  Prove me now – not in the world – “prove me now in consciousness,” which then takes us on our  individual sacred journey.  In life we drop or move on from what no longer serves us purposefully, yet the journey continues.  And this we need to remember – the journey of life never ends; and each moment we experience in awareness, is new and sacred.

Tenzing Norgay was the sherpa who accompanied Sir Edmund Hilary to the summit of Everest in 1953. The following is taken from a book entitled: “Touching My Father’s Soul,” written by his son, Jamling Tenzing Norgay:  “One reason why people go into the mountains is to experience the purity of the five elements – air, sky, earth, water and fire. In the mountains, worldly attachments are left behind, and in the absence of material distractions, we are opened up to spiritual thought.  When we look out at the ocean or gaze at the sky and the clouds, or even the rock wall of a mountain, it is difficult for our minds to form labels.  What is it we are really looking at?  There is no real thing there – just colour and shape.  And when we stop attaching labels to what we see, a sense of quietness flows in to fill the gap, bringing us a step closer to the understanding of emptiness.”

Ironically, in this emptying of worldly thinking, attachment and judgement, the storehouse (CONSCIOUSNESS) is filled with Truth!  As we drop our five-sensory mode, the truth that is always there anyway, emerges or comes to the fore, bringing with it the unlimited blessings promised to us.  The fruits of the world are temporary, and run out.  The fruits of Spirit never run out. In the world we have the ebb and the flow (the loops going back and forth);  in Spirit there is only the continuous flow through which we receive  ABSOLUTE LOVE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, JOY AND PEACE.

When a train goes off the rails, literally, there is disaster; is it any different when we go off track as we journey on through life?  Come back to aligning with the Truth that runs through all of life and makes the seeming crooked places straight  Come back to investing in Truth knowing that right now, in consciousness, the place whereon you stand is holy ground.

In Closing……

 We come back to those words in Malachi: “Prove me now!”  And it is all about individually experiencing God.  Only I can do this for me; only you can do it for you!  And this proving is a mystical experience, beyond description in mere words, because words confine it; but it is much like the experience in the mountains, described by Jamling Tenzing Norgay.  And each will have his or her own unique demonstration of the Presence of God.

 The awareness in consciousness of the Presence brings with it all the blessings from the windows of heaven.  And the price?? Living in mindful consciousness of God.  We all have our “loopy” times, called that when we are way off track; and we waver from one side to the other.  In awareness we observe what we are doing and come back to that centre point in God – ALIGNED WITH TRUTH.

 The rewards are priceless because, being spiritual, they remain in our consciousness and become part of who we are and then flourish and grow as our understanding grows; and we know that these gifts are infinite and eternal.   There is nothing missing from our lives.  We need to understand this: that with God as the source and foundation of our very existence all the fruits of Spirit; the wisdom, intelligence, joy, peace and love are ours. Align with this Truth, work with it, stay with it.  Bring all your tithes into the storehouse of your consciousness; mindful of the eternal Presence of God, and allow the unlimited blessings free flow.

Bountiful blessings,