Newsletter – December 2019 / January 2020

“What stands between you and God?”

Dear Friends

The valuable teaching of Divine Science is not exclusive and includes a practice of spiritual principle that embraces all traditions. This will become evident in the message this month which involves two stories, culminating in a new way of: BEING – LIVING – EXPERIENCING LIFE – IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

The first story is our own perception or outlook on life, and what we carry in our conscious minds as being true for ourselves. At this point our stories (individually) would pertain to no-one else but ourselves.

Holding to this first story we often focus on our seeming incompleteness. There is something we still need to get; there is some achievement to which we still aspire; and something to “beat” or resist and overcome.

We may even think: “If only I had this or that, things would be different.” Perhaps we are alluding to more time in the day; better friends, better health, or even money. And when we bring any of these issues to mind, we are not able to remain clinical and unfeeling, so emotions surface and actually support, and to a degree, can keep us locked-in to that which we are keeping in mind.

What is most important to mention at this point is that any emotion, feeling, or thought we have is in this present moment. We cannot live yesterday today; we cannot live tomorrow today. This moment now is our gift.

And these (our stories) are what stand between you and God; between me and God. These thoughts of anxiety, lack, and doubt and “what if’s” capture our attention, and we remain stuck in a place (in consciousness) that we do not find comfortable or comforting.

Now…………..we come to the second story, which paradoxically is really the first story! And here we have a big proviso! We cannot grow spiritually while we are imprisoned in our stories.  Are we holding on to our own view of who we are perhaps, and mired deeply in what has happened to us?

What transpires when we give up, or let go of our stories? Take note that in every aspect, we are dealing with the present moment. The whole of Divine Science is the PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD…in every moment.

It all comes back to the present moment. Jesus spoke of the kingdom that is not of this world – in the present tense, as an ever-present reality, while the Zen tradition asks the question: “What in this moment is missing?” And the Sufis declare that one clear moment is all it takes.

The French Jesuit Priest, Jeanne Pierre de Caussade said: “If we knew how to greet each moment as the manifestation of the divine will, we would find in it all that the heart could desire.”

Jesus stated that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom; and your Father knoweth what things you have need of.  Not in the future but in the present moment. We are being alerted to awaken to “what is”, the “what is” common to all traditions.

While the “noises” of our own stories are going round and round in our heads and hearts we will miss out on what is truly the gift of God to (and within) each and every soul created.

When we do align with It, then we are making way for It to work through us. And in those moments of full awareness, our story is dropped, and does not come between us and God. And when we are aligned in the present moment with Truth, we are under no laws but God’s.

 In Closing…..

“Why will we always substitute our own action for that of the Divine Worker in us, ceaselessly working in us to achieve God’s perfect plan? What progress there would be if we made it our study not to get in the way of His Action, but rather to abandon ourselves to Him and await His guidance.”

Jeanne Pierre de Caussade

 Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – November 2019

“BEING in the inexorable flow of Spirit.”

Dear Friends

The message is very simple this month and is tied to a little story:

“Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river.  The current of the river swept silently over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self.

Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth.

But one creature said at last, ‘I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.

The other creatures laughed and said, ‘Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks and will die quicker than boredom!’

But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks.

Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more.

And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, ‘See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all!’

And the one carried in the current said, ‘I am no more Messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.’

But they cried the more, ‘Saviour!’ all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again, he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Saviour.”

You have probably recognized the story taken from Richard Bach’s book, “Illusions.”

This story for me, is such a good analogy of Life today. We cling to where we are, perhaps unhappily and struggling, even resisting the “current” – the changing trends and challenges.

BEING in the inexorable flow of Spirit, is something that pertains to all of us. We are already in IT!!  In fact, we cannot be out of IT.

We were told by One (also called the Messiah) many years ago, of this flow of spirit available to all – in fact, present within all creation. Like the creatures of the river though, we chose to set Him aside, not as the example to all, but as the exception. In doing this (through our believing) we have in turn chosen to continue clinging, by denying BEING in the flow.

Divine Science teaches the first point of practice, or principle: the realization in consciousness of the omnipresence of God which when realized, offers an opportunity to cease clinging to old limiting beliefs.

In the Infinity of God, all things are included: health, supply, home, ability, companionship, all we need to prove (prove for ourselves only) is the Presence of God.

Jesus said: “I and the Father are one.” And this immense idea has been obscured due to people having thought that Jesus’ relationship with God was unique with Him only. Yet the message is: “you live in the universe, and you are part of it – within the whole. Yet the whole of things is also within you, and there can never be separation.”

Let us become still and know for ourselves what it is to BE in that unstoppable, inexorable flow of Spirit.


 In Closing…..

God is that divine spark within each individual and when we surrender to it (when the ego stops doubting; when the ego stops clinging) then our understanding will evolve to that point where we allow ourselves to BE IN THAT UNSTOPPABLE FLOW OF SPIRIT. It is where we belong and the key word here is BE.

In order to BE in the flow, like the “Messiah” that stopped clinging in the story; we take time – make time – however short, to be aware of the Presence. Short, regular times of meditation are good, maybe beginning with contemplation, which leads to meditation, and then to true prayer, which we know is the SILENCE.

 Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – October 2019

“You have heard it said…but I say unto you!”

Dear Friends

Change is required in life today – big change – in understanding, responding, and particularly in the way we live life from out of the realization of our true identities.

In Truth, gender falls by the wayside, the skin we are in does not apply, whichever continent is our current or originating home is no longer that important.

The most important change is that we drop the “old” for the “new” – or perhaps a better way of putting it, would be: we have come to a point in life – all of life – when we realize that the chaos in communities, in the weather even, is a stirring up and these are what might be called the “birth pains” as part of a new world experience. It is the discomfort as the old makes way for the new.

The message Jesus gave as a Hebrew rabbi, was not Christianity – there were no Christians; there was no Christianity. He was a Hebrew rabbi speaking to Hebrews. In fact, his message was for all people.  His teaching called for an understanding beyond a moral or ethical sense. He indicated that His kingdom was not of this world; and that the peace he promoted was not the peace of the world.

In John 16:12, we read:  I have  many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.  According to George Lamsa, whose home language was Aramaic, the better translation would be: “but you cannot grasp them now.”

Well, if we look at the world around us in disarray in so many ways, it would seem that we have not yet grasped the teaching given over two thousand years ago. If anything perhaps in our modern living, it may even seem that we hardly apply it at all. This could be seen to be a  radical way of stating it; yet Jesus was deemed radical in his day.

Jesus’ teachings went beyond the moral and ethical sense – as necessary as they are – as a step towards spiritual consciousness. And this means rising above both negative and positive aspects into the spiritual. Negative and positive keep us following duality; yet when we gain spiritual understanding we are following absolute law.

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” This we read in Romans 12:19 The disciples were told: “What is that to thee, follow thou me.”  Not follow me the man, but follow my consciousness.

In other words do not seek vengeance but follow the Christ Consciousness.

Richard Rohr, in his writings states: “We worshipped Jesus instead of following him on his same path. We made Jesus into a mere religion instead of a journey toward union with God and everything else. This shift made us into a religion of ‘belonging and believing’ instead of a religion of transformation.”

And we really need to realize that now more than ever before, transformation is required; transformation in consciousness.

Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you…..Matt.5:43-48

Do we live our days vacillating between: “you have heard it said of old,” and the “I say unto you,” way of life?. We hear of an atrocity committed, and immediately a reaction may come up seeking revenge. And the teachings of the Christ Consciousness get swept away. We see this happening in the world around us today – let us respond in the best way possible. Let us know there is only one power, God, and let us turn to that Omnipresent One – and align with IT.


In Closing…..

 Through the teachings of  Jesus, we have been given a glimpse of the spiritual life which can be attained and which is the most practical way of life there is because it is a life lived by a spiritual principle, and that spiritual Principle is God – infinite, eternal, universal, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Let us remember that as children of God, we are sustained by the Father within. And when we have risen above hate and love to the point where (as instructed by Jesus, in his I SAY UNTO YOU teaching) we can pray for the just and the unjust, equally and sincerely, then we have risen above the pairs of opposites (duality) and are ready in consciousness for the kingdom that is not of this world.

 Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – September 2019

“Trusting God Regardless of the Seeming Appearance”

Dear Friends

I came across the following quote the other day and its simplicity is so apt for this time in which we are living. It is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:  “The enemy is fear, we think it is hate; but it is fear.”

I believe that, at this time in which we live – this challenging time – fear is predominant.  People fear and stress about possible unemployment due to what seems to be a crumbling economy; fear comes up when we are surrounded with rapid changes and we resist them. All this fear then, with seeming no place to turn, because life as we know it (or knew it) is changing so. It is even breaking down in some instances, and “rules” or the guidelines we lived by, no longer apply or are cast aside.  Things happen and it seems there is no accountability.

How often do we perhaps sit in judgement regarding situations in our own country and further afield, involving others?  Because the spotlight is off of ourselves we can so easily fall into the trap of elevating ourselves to the position of righteousness.

What level of life are we identifying with when we are accusing or judging? Let us remember that Jesus said: “Call no man on earth your Father,” indicating that we all originate from the same divine source, God. And it is within the centre of our consciousness – the core of our being – that understanding of our spiritual identities begins.

This is the God-centre of all being, and through this recognition of the Divine in all, any need or desire to accuse or judge falls away. Human values alone cannot count for anything. When we live in harmony with truth, aligned with the Inner Presence, we live effectively; and accordingly then, we will see beyond appearances.

One just has to have a small dust particle on the glass in a printer or copy machine and it mars the clarity of whatever is being printed.  This, to me, is such a good analogy: our “dust particles” are our fears and doubts, held in consciousness, which manifest and affect our living of life.

When our “mirrors” are “polished” – our consciousness is filled with faith, trust and understanding; we allow truth to be reflected and this of course has an inevitable effect on how we experience life. We have the perfect example of this in the Old Testament story where we have Job finally understanding the reason for all that befell him.  He stated: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me” (Job 3:25)

Truth understood, can never be diminished. In Jesus’ teaching we find the core message of addressing not His divinity, but the divinity of man. The Christ is the spiritual reality of every man, woman and child on earth. So it is literally the breath of the Almighty—this breath—the Christ, which is the life in you and the life in me.

Not one individual has been created greater than another, and each of us has his or her particular gift to share. Each has something to accomplish.

Timothy was told by Paul, to “churn up that gift that was in him.”  Is it not time that we opened ourselves up to possibilities of greatness?  Let us realize that it is the greatness of Spirit operating in and through us, showing forth Its radiance and using us as vehicles of expression, as we acknowledge and trust It.

As we recognize the rise in fear around us, it is our responsibility to stop and take time to Be Still and Know. Know for all: there is only One Presence and Power.

 As we align with It in stillness, we are neutralizing and calming mass consciousness. And as we grow in spiritual understanding, and awareness, we have a role to play which has a ripple-effect on all of life. The part we play; or the work rather, is done in Silence. Fear turns to faith, love and peace emerge. In Spirit we are One.


In Closing…..

 Some time ago, I came across this statement: “You can have your highest good now.”

Well, when we remove one word from this sentence, it means even more: “you have your highest good now!”

 We do have our highest good now, and it resides at the centre of our being. It is pure love, not needing anything in return. And from this centre of being there is no place for accusations or judgement because these only come about when fear is prevalent.

And after all……….when we are centred in Truth—in God—what is there to fear?


Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – August 2019


“You are standing on Holy Ground”

Dear Friends

Years ago, here in South Africa, a poor farmer tried to glean a living out of the rocky soil.  His sons would pick up the dirty-looking crystal stones and use them as pebbles to throw at straying sheep.  Nothing would grow – there were too many rocks.

Finally, after years of fruitless effort, the farmer abandoned his attempts to successfully farm the rocky soil and moved to a more fertile spot.

Today on that same “abandoned farm” is the site of one of the richest spots on the face of the globe, in the form of the Kimberley Diamond Mine.

This story is related in the book: “Riches Within Your Reach,” by Robert Collier, who also states that we are surrounded by riches and that success is where you are, and within yourself; develop what you have.

The purpose of the message this month is to focus on what you have; in fact, what each of us already has.

What you and I have is priceless and eternal and in fact is referred to by Jesus in His uplifting message given in Luke 12:22-32; and we read in verse 25:  that through taking thought, nothing can be added to our stature.

We are all created equal and in stating this, I am referring to our spiritual identities.  Whatever we do become, or chase after, in life – nothing can change who and what we are, in Truth.

This created universe is a spiritual creation. The Holy Grail is within one’s own consciousness – we are the Holy Grail.

The tendency so often as we begin our spiritual quest, is to look outside of ourselves; find a holy place, or guru. Spirit, and the flow of spirit (according to Eric Butterworth) is nowhere if it is not in you.

How often perhaps do we not find it easier taking medication instead of spending time in meditation? And it is through meditation that we connect with that inner sacred space; the Silence, that today has become so rare in the busy world.

We are told to call nothing on earth our Source.  In other words: don’t choose health – choose God; don’t choose wealth – choose God.  We are not here to improve or perfect the human, but to know and prove our spiritual heritage.

We are all standing on Holy Ground, yet I can only discover this for myself; and each must discover and realize it for him or herself.  It is an inner revelation or realization that is received in the moment.  We need to be ready and receptive, otherwise it passes our understanding.

Let us go back to the story at the beginning: the farmer had diamonds that he could not see; he had the riches, the potential of so much more, but was not seeing beyond the dirty crystal-like rocks.

We have the diamonds; we are the diamonds, yet all we are perhaps aware of is what we see with the human eye. The treasure that we have, the treasure that in fact we are, is hidden deep inside of us. To reach it, we need, like Jesus, to overcome the world.

We are all spiritual beings, heirs to all the heavenly riches, thinking (human thought) postpones them in our experience. The whole of Divine Science is the practice of living in the Kingdom that is not of this world. And we do not have to go seeking for it through an intermediary or in any particular location; it is right within us – and we find it, connect with it, align with it, in the Silence.

And it is when we understand, remember and align with this Truth, that we realize we are always in fact standing on Holy Ground.

The constant flow of creativity requires each to be a channel for Its expression (escape) into form. Let each through awareness, surrender and be used and be part of the divine flow, letting God be God in you.

In Closing…..

I came across this simple, but, really meaningful story the other day…….

 A man was touring the country and he stopped at a little “out of the way” village.  After settling into his accommodation, he wandered down to the front of a small store where local folk had gathered for coffee.

 He sat down at a table, ordered his coffee and after a few times of trying to start a conversation with no success, he felt most exasperated. Finally, he asked: “Is there a law against talking in this town?”

 One man responded: “No, no law against it, but there is an understanding that no one is to speak unless he can improve upon the silence!”

 I found this quite profound because so often in speaking generally, we are declaring untruths for ourselves and life in general.

 We need to check before we think and declare anything for ourselves, for others, for our country… “is this according to human heritage; or in accordance with our divine heritage?”

 Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – July 2019

“Stepping up to the Plate”

Dear Friends

The term: “stepping up to the plate” originated as an expression used in baseball, when it was a player’s turn to step up to bat. Another definition is: to take action when something needs to be done even though this is difficult. And the final one under consideration is: step up to the plate and take responsibility.

 Now each of us in some way or another will relate to a time or times when we have in fact stepped up to the plate. Maybe we even have memories of this from incidents in our childhood, at school, in the workplace. In fact we step up to the plate in many ways in our daily experiences, and I am sure you can recall for yourselves the times you have done so.

In this message I am referring to a different kind of stepping up to the plate; at a completely different level; in a completely different way; and for a completely different reason.

We are each being used for the purpose of being channels or outlets for Divine Expression – the Creator expressing through creation. When we realize who we are in Truth, we are challenged to step up to the plate in Truth.

Story: Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest and in it was an egg still warm. He took the egg back to his farm and laid it in the nest of one of his hens. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up along with the other chickens. It pecked about the farmyard, scrabbling for grain. It spent its life within the yard and rarely looked up. When it was very old, one day it lifted up its head and saw above it a wonderful sight – an eagle soaring high above in the sky. Looking at it, the old creature sighed and said to itself, “If only I’d been born an eagle”. ( an Anthony de Mello story)

The Divine Science Text book states: As individuals journeying through life from a purely natural and objective vision of life to the Christ Consciousness, or purely spiritual view-point, we seem for a long time to be deadened by the material sense of things and to live mainly at the level of physical sensation. Man begins his path of individual experience and unfoldment in the material order of life where self-preservation comes first. Moral, intellectual, and ethical values come along at higher stages of natural and human development. Sooner or later the intuitive urge for growth arouses the soul of man to be aware of a need for something higher than his present material concept. He begins to realize that he is destined for something more than the worldly life about him.

 So like the eagle we begin to discern that there is more to life and we eventually “look up” and perceive the more-ness to life. And maybe like the eagle if we are in our later earthly years, we may have within a sense of regret that we did not “look up” sooner. The desire to “look up” is always within us – it is truth calling to us, yet in the muddled life we live, by looking outside of ourselves to those around us in expectation, we do not heed the call from the inner voice: “I within you, am the vine, bestowing on you divine sonship giving you the peace and life more abundantly than the world can give.”

In life – in the world – it is regular practise to make known achievements of different kinds. We have winners in different categories, sports, academics, the arts, journalism and others.

There is one achievement however, that cannot be superseded and that is Christ Consciousness. It cannot be measured in or by the world standards – it is far beyond, and infinite.

What we do in the world; our kindnesses, our gifts, our courage perhaps, only has temporary effect. Consciousness – knowing first the Inner Presence for ourselves – enables us to realize it in all creation – and this uplifts all.

Life is consciousness and calls us to step up to the plate in truth. Once we have experienced the Presence, our challenge is to LIVE from this point of awareness.

 In Closing…..

 “As we go out into the world we give up our selfhood as a branch, and we accept ourselves as the vine. As we live in our homes, in our community and in our nation, it becomes necessary that we be the vine, not openly or outwardly, remember – but silently.

 That which is whispered in silence will be shouted from the housetops, only we will not do the shouting. It will be shouted forth, shown forth as demonstration.”

 I find the above paraphrased quote from Joel Goldsmith so profound …….

We take on the responsibility of being the vine through inner realization – SILENTLY.  We do not have to stop and say: “Hey, look at me……” the silence shouts it out as by example we follow through in truth, being that which we are all created to be.

 Peace, harmony, health, abundance, God – are not to be sought – they already are!!  We are told to give up the struggle, move into the silence where all these can be experienced.  And remember, what we experience in consciousness, comes into manifestation.

Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – June 2019

“You are greater than the conditions which surround you”

Dear Friends

This month I refer to the book by Emma Curtis Hopkins, “High Mysticism,” where the following is stated:
“The rise of boldness, authority, is the rise of inborn superiority to surrounding conditions. It is wresting the tongue from outward descriptions to conform to heavenly fact. Authoritative speech brushes aside the cobwebs of outward appearance. It is backed by the mystery of the conquering kingdom of the Inmost Actual.”

Every day, each of us is to a larger or lesser degree ‘affected’ by conditions.  It might be the weather, it might be a conversation, or relationship fall-out, or the economy and there are many more examples.

Do we succumb to these conditions? Perhaps even have the feeling that we are drowning in the circumstances facing us? Or do we remember who we are in truth? And this is where awareness comes in.  When we are aware that we are falling prey to conditions surrounding us, then we can do something about it. We can choose to remember the Presence that is with us always – the I am, that I am, of each one.

Malinda Cramer, one of the founders of Divine Science, states in her book,
Divine Science and Healing:
“The truth that I have taught and published has been derived from no book, but from the Omnipresent Source of all Truth, which is an open book and accessible to all who choose to read it.”  And this I believe is….
The rise of boldness, authority, is the rise of inborn superiority to surrounding conditions, referred to by Emma Curtis Hopkins.

The next sentence in the paragraph: It is wresting the tongue from outward descriptions to conform to heavenly fact.

The message here, as I understand it, is that we hold our tongue back (wresting – pulling away, grabbing) from the outward descriptions of the world.

How many times do we say: “oh shame!” or “you poor thing” or “be careful you don’t get ‘flu” and so on? These outward descriptions of the world are just that; they have absolutely nothing to do with Truth at all!

In the words of Malinda Cramer: “To believe in the conditions of so-called sickness and inharmonious environments that we wish to be free from is to believe in what is called temporal and corruptible; the only reaping therefrom is disappointment.”

And then she makes a profound statement: “Whatever it is desirable to be free from, we should cease to believe in.”

 Authoritative speech brushes aside the cobwebs of outer appearance.

So much energy is expended on appearance, that it can cling to us as if we are walking a path through cobwebs.  Much of the outer focus today is on need – our minds, or consciousness, filled with all that seems to be needed.

When we fill our minds with God, the cobwebs cease to be and we speak then, knowing only one Power and Presence in Life – God.

It is backed by the mystery of the conquering kingdom of the Inmost Actual.

As we lift our consciousness to realize the Allness of God with Its Infinite Love, Life, Wisdom, and Power residing within us, our dependency on the world and individuals and situations lessens.  In complete faith and  confidence we give over to Spirit.


In Closing…..

The quickening activity of Divine Mind is the vital essence within man.  To understand this, to hold to this Truth, to remind one’s self of it in moments of doubt, is to be consciously established in oneness with God.

The Creator is ever active; the creation exists always; but our knowledge that it is here, within us and all around us, and our acceptance of this Truth makes all the difference to us as individuals.  We can have assurance that through the connecting spark of the divine  Spirit, we are never alone, never lacking the mighty protecting power, never left to fail.

The decision rests with us whether to accept Truth as real, or whether to accept outer appearances as real, as did primitive man in the dim dark ages of man’s unfolding in a visible world.

Helen Zagat—Faith and Works

Bountiful blessings,


Newsletter – May 2019


Dear Friends

Early the other morning during a power cut, I was sitting at my dining room table trying to get enough light on the subject of my work, when I happened to look up and see the most stunning sunrise over the sea, through seemingly golden-edged clouds. Immediately it came to me – I remembered – there is only one true Power; only one true Light; only one Truth.

If nothing else in these challenging and frustrating times, can we just remember this: Truth is the only constant! You know there are predictions from many “experts” about the future of our country – people look for certainty; yet the future is never certain no matter where we are. The only certainty is knowing truth now – in this moment –knowing God now.

I found an article by Walter Starcke dated August 2005, where his opening paragraph indicated, and I quote: “We live in the most exciting, the most revolutionary, the most creative, the most challenging, and the most dangerous time the world has ever seen. Scientific genius combined with the arcane implications of mystical revelation has brought us to a crisis of perception, a decisive turning point where old structures must terminate or change.”

For me, what is most heartening and “exciting” is the opportunity we have right now for proving our teaching.

Everything begins in the invisible. So… let us clarify this invisible from which all comes forth. It is thought – your thoughts and mine: “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Our thoughts determine our experience. In fact, we need to understand that everything we think, has an effect.

And as we begin to truly realize that there is only One Power, God, then we can easily relate to the way Marianne Williamson states in her book, The Law of Divine Compensation, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”

In Divine Science we refer to The Law of Expression – which is the process by which the Creator manifests in Its creation; yet it is the same process by which all manifestation is experienced. In simple terms, what we think about and give our emotional energy to, grows. This is a spiritual law over and above (or beyond) the material laws of life.

Whether we realize it or not we are always aligning (conforming, or attuning) to something. For example: In the world when we resist something, we are aligning with its opposite. We perhaps need to be reminded that in God there are no opposites; only absolutes.

God is the only power (even when It is known by other names) and is eternal and infinite. What we sometimes deem to be power – lack or illness etc. are only facts in the world and temporary.

The golden orb of a full moon never fails to fill me with absolute wonder and awe. And the question follows: “how can we have the audacity not to trust our Creator? how can we have the audacity not to align with, or live life in conformity with spiritual truth?”

“Truly the greatest form of world service is to live life in conformity with spiritual truth, for then every service you provide will affect the destiny of humankind.”    John Randolph Price: “The Angels Within Us.”

In Closing…..

The world you see does nothing… it merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind, and choose the joy of God as what you really want.

Your Self is radiant in this holy joy, unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable, forever and ever….

Lay down your arms, and come without defence into the quiet place where Heaven’s peace holds all things still at last…Here does the joy of God belong to you… joy alone is truth.     A Course in Miracles.


Bountiful blessings,



Newsletter – April 2019

“Let us Reconnect with the Truth of our God-given Dominion.”

Dear Friends

In Genesis 1:26, we read:
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

God gave us dominion – have we given it away? And we may question and ask what has possibly happened to that dominion that seems to have been usurped by our allowing “other things” to dominate our lives.

We seem to be influenced by star signs, the weather, the right diets, fighting germs and illness. What happens to that God-given dominion when we allow others in whatever aspect to dictate to us how we should be, believe, or live our lives?

Have we given away our dominion by simply forgetting? Forgetting who we are in truth? What kind of world are we choosing to live in? Life is not lived by might nor by power nor by taking thought; but by divine grace – the grace that flows and is experienced when we stop and listen. Then we open out a way for that imprisoned splendour to escape.

Perhaps life is lived in too much of a hurry. And now maybe it is time for us to return to our beginnings in order that we “make a new start” as we remember. For me this means going back to the beginning of the “story” – back to Genesis. And in his book, The Thunder of Silence, Joel Goldsmith states:
“The world can never rise above the idea of using one power over another and into the realm of no power until the mystery of Genesis is solved.”

And we come to realize and understand that this whole universe is Consciousness (in all its purity and eternality) appearing as form. Quoting briefly from the book: “And God said to Adam, ‘Who told thee that thou was naked?’ In the query is summed up the whole essence of human life. All of us are in that same predicament in which Adam found himself. As long as we entertain a belief of good and evil, we are the Adam who is hiding, the Adam who is outside the Garden of Eden, and because of that we are all covering up our nakedness.”

And this really is our only “sin” – that is the belief in good and evil—duality. The response from some may be: “but look at what is going on in the world around us.” Yes, what is going on in the world around us is as a result of our having forgotten who we are in truth and that we have been given dominion. And this is dominion in consciousness.

We (each one) originates or comes forth, as a perfect idea from Consciousness/God. Yet this perfection is not according to world standards – it is beyond that. “My kingdom is not of this world.” It is a “world” beyond the pairs of opposites, beyond good and evil, beyond conflicting powers – it just IS. Until we reach the stage of realization (in consciousness) of who we are in truth, we are always going to come under the spell of the world.

Thinking, or taking thought, “cannot add to us one cubit” as the passage in Luke 12:22-32 tells us. This passage bears reading over and over again because it reiterates the message found in Genesis. It all comes back to consciousness. In our daily lives we are constantly being challenged to give up duality thinking.

Throughout the Bible we are offered examples of how to live mindfully in the Presence that is with us always; is in fact living us. And we find It, commune with It, in the Silence, in consciousness.
Each breath is It! Be still….and Know.

In Closing…..

Goldsmith reminds us that: “the first chapter of Genesis is the account of a spiritual universe, peopled by spiritual beings who do not live by effect but by cause, who do not live by bread alone, who do not have to earn their living by the sweat of their brow; whereas in the second and third chapters, a knowledge of good and evil creates a sense of separation from God after which man lives by power and effect.
He lives by bread, money, by all the creature things, instead of by the Creator.”
In other words, when we get caught up in the “power struggles: of the world, we lose sight of, and forget our God-given dominion. We ignore, perhaps, the words found in Genesis (that I use as a reminder constantly): God saw all He had made, and it was Good and still is Good—the absolute Good that has no opposite.

Bountiful blessings,

Newsletter – March 2019

“Being Stewards – Ushering in the New World”

Dear Friends

At the beginning of 1984, John Randolph Price and his wife, Jan, together initiated the Planetary Commission when an anticipated 50 million people from all over the planet would come together in healing and harmony. It was to be a sharing of Light, Love and Energy – people coming together in spirit at noon Greenwich time on December 31, 1986. The idea and objective spread rapidly. It was an intentional coming together in Spirit – identifying with Truth; aligning with the “peace that is not of this world.”

I would suggest that instead of the group idea; or even alongside it; each of us as individuals needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for who we are in truth; who we were created as, in the beginning…..when God saw all He had made and it was good, and still is.

God saw all He had made: not what we “see” with the human eye in the world; but with the eye of Spirit recognizing Spirit. Nothing that is happening in the world can change what God created, because this, that we see in the world, is not it!!!

As individuals, we need to see with the eyes of God. In Scripture we have the words: “the land that thou seest, to thee will I give it.” What are we seeing? What is it that we are focused on in our daily living? What are we anticipating? With our focus and energy, we are part of creating what is going on in the world around us. And what are we creating with our thoughts, fuelled by the energy of emotion?

Many questions to ask ourselves. Yet we need to realize that “our thoughts are the strongest currency at our disposal: whatever we invest them in will yield corresponding returns”. And I cannot remember where I came across these simple but wise words. In scripture, we read: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Prov.23:7

The month of February is celebrated as the month of “love” – usually romantic love. But where does love originate? What gives us the ability to love? I believe it is the Love that is inherent within each of us. It is part of our divine inheritance. It is one of the gifts of spirit that needs to be realized, understood and sensed in consciousness. These are the gifts referred to in scripture: “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” We acknowledge and receive these gifts through our awareness in consciousness. They are not ‘seen’ in the world, until experienced in consciousness.

Love, as I have stated, is a gift that has already been given. It is the universal medium through which we can recognize the Christ in every person and every situation. Our work, in realizing this is to intentionally become transparencies for God’s love to reach the earth. So when we say we love one another, and share love, it is not the ego loving the ego but rather, being the vehicles for God’s love, it is God loving God; Spirit loving Spirit. I believe we are ready for another “commission” as individuals coming together in awareness of Truth, and as we follow our purpose, we are being stewards, ushering in the New World.

Now is the time of the new beginning. I am a co-creator with God, and it is a new Heaven that comes, as the Good Will of God is expressed on Earth through me. It is the Kingdom of Light, Love, Peace and Understanding. And I am doing my part to reveal its Reality.”
Extract from the World Healing Meditation

In closing…..

Let us revel daily in knowing who we are in Truth; as we express gratitude and joy.

Bountiful blessings,