Newsletter – November 2017

“The Ultimate Alignment; between the Investor and the Investment.”

Dear Friends

We light a candle in our Sanctuary when we are here, Tuesday to Friday. To some it may seem ritualistic, but it is a mindful exercise – a “starting point” if you like, at the beginning of our work day. A day of service to Truth and a reminder of the Light that is.

On these days, we usually use (up) any crooked candles and as I was lighting a slightly bent one the other day I realized that its shape did not affect the light it gave. And it is the light that counts; that should be our focus really, and not the shape holding that light. This brings me to the purpose of my message. Within each of us is that light, waiting to be recognized and lit – it is not about our status in the world; our age, or human heritage, country of origin etc. The potential of waking up to our truth is within each one.

Now interestingly, I got the idea and title for my message from a business website. When I heard the words stated that that particular company’s intention is: “the ultimate alignment – between the investor and the investment,” it really got me thinking.

Who or what is the Investor of all life? God, or whatever name we are comfortable with, in reference to the originating Creator of all. And who or what is the investment? Each of us, and in fact all of creation.

I recently read a story about a beautiful pipe organ in a church, that after many years suddenly gave trouble, and no matter who was called in, and how expert they were with pipe organs, it could not be fixed.

One day a rather doddery old man walked in and made his way toward the organ. Some were rather suspicious of the man even when they were told that he was the maker of the organ. He spent quite a while going over all the workings, and finally the most beautiful music was heard. He, who made the organ, knew what needed fixing. The man had invested his expertise in the building of the organ which was proved when he played and brought forth such beautiful music. He, the investor, was aligned with the investment.

Interestingly, each of us has come forth from the one originating Investor in all the universe – whatever name we choose to know It by, yet it is up to us to be aware of this, and align with It.

You see, the organ had to be fixed; we do not need fixing – or perhaps the better way to state it would be that we, forgetting who we are, do not live according to our truth. Maybe we think or believe that we are more susceptible to all that happens around us, and we forget to align with the original plan or blueprint. Paradoxically, we are always aligned, but too often (we could even say mostly) we are aligned with our own human thinking, worrying, concerns, hurts, fears – so we reap accordingly in our life experience. We are in fact investing ourselves in what we do not want.

The foundation truth of Divine Science is that limitless Being, God, is equally present everywhere and is the ALL of everything. God is pure Spirit, absolute, changeless, eternal, manifesting in all creation. (text book page 28)

We are unique expressions come forth from the One Source of all creation. Sometimes on the human level, we try to be fixed; physically, mentally; but there is only one true path to wholeness of Spirit, and that is when we turn back to our Source.

And then we experience the ultimate alignment between the Investor and the investment; an Investor always aligned with Its creation; we need to align with It. This is our contribution to life; and through being mindful of our true heritage; we live accordingly, as the investments of the One Source of All.

In Closing……….

We share the following very meaningful aspects of prayer taken from:

 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ. (chapter 94)

 Verse 2— “Prayer is the deep communion of the soul with God.”

Verse 5— “But when you pray, go to the closet of your soul; close all the doors,

                   and in the holy silence, pray.”

Verse 16— “A fast is deed of soul, and like a prayer, it is a function of the silence of

                   the soul.

Verse 17— “God never passes by unnoticed any prayer, or fast. He walks within the


 No matter what seems to be happening in our lives, it costs nothing but awareness, to stay aligned with Spirit.

Bountiful blessings,



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