Newsletter – December 2017 & January 2018

Dear Friends

“Climbing the ‘Everest’ of Truth.”

There is a way that leads unto the perfect life; few find it at a time. It is a narrow way; it lies among the rocks and pitfalls of the carnal life; but in the way there are no pitfalls and no rocks. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Everest is the highest mountain on earth at 8,848 meters; while Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain rises to 5,895 meters. We read about those who successfully summit these mountains and others, and cannot even imagine their experience at such achievements.

This month my topic is about “climbing” a different mountain – one that soars to infinite, immeasurable heights and even more importantly – is actually accessible to each and every one: and for the purpose of my message I am calling it the “Everest” of Truth.

Life is full of challenges; we all know this only too well. Are we up for the challenge of taking, or making, the journey that leads to a different kind of summit? Are we ready?

Climbing a hill, a mountain or walking a hiking trail, is an experience. Truth is an experience. The former requires a specific location for the experience; the latter, Truth, requires our awareness in the present moment, yet perhaps requires as much training. In understanding Truth, our training is in the mindful practise of Being Still – in contemplation and meditation. The training ground, if you like, is the Silence!

In Truth there are no rocks on the path. We are told to “take no thought” for what we perceive to be rocks are just the obstacles of the human mind. What drives individuals to climb mountains, to take up challenges? What stirs us to seek Truth? It is the same common urge – taking different forms yet coming from an inner urge to experience more, and BE more.

I believe the “narrow way” mentioned in the text indicates that we need to concentrate our intention and focus, be still, know there is only one way. We need to bring our attention inwards, away from the “rocks and pitfalls of the carnal life”. In our humanness we perceive the rocky road, and when we understand what we are doing, we can then proceed to trust and let the Father within guide us.

We never see things as they are, but as we are in consciousness, so the moment we transcend duality we transcend the path strewn with rocks, or a world filled with good people and bad people and sick people and healthy people.

If we are constantly aware of things of the world (duality) it goes without saying then, that most of our efforts (humanly) would be going towards changing things and people; trying to put things right. This takes a lot of effort and in the process we are not recognizing, or aligning with the One Power – God.

So that then becomes the rocky road up the mountain; when we are constantly trying change things on the outer. When Jesus said: “Seek first the kingdom of God,” he was saying “seek first the kingdom of the One.” And in this One there is no one and no thing in need of change.

It is always what takes place in the invisible realm that is significant on our respective spiritual journeys and yes, we are all moving together towards the higher ground of truth. It’s a movement forwards and upward in understanding and it is ongoing.

We are never alone – the Spirit of God in the midst of us is what lifts us up. Each time we have a moment of realization – we have summited; reached the apex of the mountain, even for a moment; yet the experience remains with us in consciousness.


In closing………….

 ”Speak to Him thou for He hears, and
Spirit with Spirit can meet—
Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson, “The Higher Pantheism”

Bountiful blessings,