Newsletter – October 2017

Dear Friends

This is the Day the Lord Has Made

We experience the upliftment in our hearts, minds and souls, at this time of new growth in creation, when all plant life here, in the southern hemisphere, seems to be bursting forth into new expression. This season of Spring is a good time to remind ourselves perhaps of the intention of our Centre.

Here at ACT we do not cater to the human condition. If we did, we would be “short-changing” you all. No…………we are about Truth – undiluted truth that recognizes each soul as an expression come forth from the One Originating Creator.

This is the day the Lord has made – created – and each one of us resides in this day as a purposeful part of creation. We know this; you have heard this before – we cannot water down truth.

And now…………maybe, as we proceed, we will begin to understand, that although the message of truth touches each one of us, why we remain a small community. Undiluted truth is not for everyone, yet I am going to contradict myself and say: YES IT IS! For everyone who hears!

We are told that when Jesus walked the earth after the crucifixion, only a few more than 500 people saw him. Now there were apparently thousands who walked the same road in Jerusalem but only 500 saw him; saw beyond the man to what is invisible, intangible to human sense. (You can read about this in 1 Cor.15:6)

So, this message may only touch a small group of people who see beyond the tangible and visible – in other words, it is for you, the remnant.

Isaiah, the prophet had been inspired to offer himself in service to God at a very difficult time in Judah. He was warned that his message would most likely fall on the deaf ears of the masses but that he was to take heart as there was a remnant that he knew nothing about, but it was his job to take care of the remnant. Isaiah was to expect nothing from the masses but any substantial changes would occur through the work of the remnant.

The meaning of the word “masses” means the majority and, in order to appeal to the majority, it can mean that adapting the terms of a message is necessary.

Both Jesus and Isaiah may have been perceived as preaching to the masses – even so their messages given to the public were not altered in any way, and only a few of the many would truly listen and understand

We know that when Something within urges a deeper seeking, we are guided. And the remnant ultimately place their reliance on Something completely invisible, which to the masses seems absolutely crazy. It is placing reliance on Something that is beyond tangible assets, beyond common sense; it is relying on that which is not of this world.

Are we part of the remnant that understands the message of Jesus when he said: “It is not I but the Father within who doeth the work”???? And that this is true for each one; all come forth from the One Creative Source? Individuals make up the masses (majority); individuals make up the remnant. Which do we choose to be? Let us stand together and through individual participation and purpose, mindfully, be the instruments (the consciousness) for greater spiritual understanding. Let us follow in the footsteps of Isaiah and Jesus who aligned with, and served Truth.

We turn to God for God. This season, this time of year when creation bursts forth in all its splendid

expression of new growth, let us be renewed in faith as we seek the kingdom in consciousness, and know that all else is added.

This is indeed the day that the Lord has made.

In closing…..

“Early in the morning, we begin our day with a sense of expectancy of what the Father will present for us to do. Once the work is given us, a quiet smile comes in the remembrance that He that has given it to us, performs it. The entire day is filled with joy in watching the glory of the Father unfold as our individual experience.”

~ Joel Goldsmith


Bountiful blessings