Newsletter – February 2018

In the beginning, God

Those of us, who are awake to what is happening in our world, will have noticed that the wave of new understanding is beginning to crest.

As this wave lifts us to a new (higher) perspective, we see that the old way of doing things is simply no longer working. In short, a large part of our culture and the belief system that has sustained it for so many years is changing.

Metaphorically speaking, it’s preparing to die, and a new way of being human is preparing to be born.

We are preparing for the birth of a new kind of human, a conscious humanity that will openly acknowledge and celebrate the fact that we are all one in God, while honouring our diversity and how we practice it.

When we embark on the spiritual path, most of us naturally want enlightenment for our own sake but as we develop and mature, we will find that eventually our motivation begins to shift. We realize that the desire for enlightenment is not merely a personal matter.

We are all part of a vast process, and the desire for enlightenment is nothing less than the evolutionary impulse itself within the human heart and mind.

When we begin to recognize that our own presence here in this world is part of something infinitely bigger than ourselves, we feel a sense of spiritually inspired obligation to be the very best we can be for the sake of the sacred process itself.

The process seeks to evolve through us in every moment. We make ourselves available to that all-knowing, all-powerful One through shifting our attention and our values from the security of the conditioned past to the promise of now: “In the beginning God.”

Rev. Helen Penfold
Nov. 1939—Jan. 2016
We share with you this message authored by Helen some five or six years ago, as a very fitting message for us all as we begin the process of entering into another calendar year.
As always, any message based on Spiritual Principle, is eternally applicable. Truth always is, and never changes. It is only our understanding that grows and then ultimately our perception.

In closing………..

All training is to help us manifest the attributes of the Divine within us, and as we open every channel, Love, which is forever pressing for an outlet, flows through us to the great blessing of ourselves and others. Nothing pays as well as Love; nothing returns such great dividends. We can undertake no greater thing than to enter into the service of Love, for true greatness lies herein—that we be doers of Love and not hearers only. “If ye know these things, happy also are ye if ye do them.”
Mrs C.L. Baum – Studies in Divine Science.

Bountiful blessings,