Newsletter – November 2016

Dear Friends

The Consequences of Consciousness

In life today, seemingly throughout the world, we are experiencing the consequences of consciousness. And what generally seems to be held in consciousness throughout the globe is a sense of separation from our truth.

We are all ‘artists’ in life – creating all the time; and the medium we use is consciousness. Much of the time we do not even realize that we are creating pictures on the canvas of our lives. Are we happy with what we are producing? And do we realize that each and every moment our thoughts, actions, and beliefs have an impact on life’s canvas?

Each of us is a work of art in process – yet paradoxically, each of us is complete. As creations come forth from the Master Artist, our spiritual design or blueprint cannot be other than perfect. But this perfection is not able to be assessed by the human mind, because our human minds see either/or. Our human minds see good/bad, correct/incorrect; always caught up in duality.

The perfect blueprint that each of us is, come forth from the Master Designer, is beyond the level of duality. Creation in this pure, originating form, is absolute and has no opposite. We are responsible for impacting collective (or mass) consciousness, which in turn makes us responsible for the consequences. Are we experiencing the consequences of a belief held in consciousness that only Jesus, Buddha, Moses, for example, were endowed with special gifts of wisdom and truth, and were exceptions to us all? That belief has brought about such a sense of separation in consciousness that is clearly being out-pictured in life today.

Jesus and others have been made into messiahs, different and apart from us, (one of the most misleading ideas) and by believing this we are not living their respective teachings.

Let us joyfully accept our responsibility as we work on maintaining our focus on Truth; remembering who we are and turning to the Presence within instead of laying claim to a limited human belief and outlook on life.

Here at ACT we are about raising consciousness; and through our own uplifted consciousness we contribute to a way of life filled with love, joy, peace and understanding, as we share and experience God’s grace.

In closing…………

“Vision is the cause, the reason, the antecedent of thought. By keeping our attention on any one thing there will come back over the track of our vision the secret of our objective. Therefore let us keep our vision on the Supreme.

Vision is so subtle and so powerful that it determines the success or failures of our lives. No matter what we think, the eye of the mind had preceded our thought. We move to those conditions to which we have given our secret attention.”

In reading and re-reading, and contemplating the above passage from H.B. Jeffery, it makes so much sense. How many times are we not presented with a new idea, for example, and the first thing that comes to mind is: “that’s not possible, I cannot see it happening,” and so on. The thought supporting this ‘vision’ then comes in and together they ‘make it so.’

Bountiful blessings,