Newsletter – October 2016

Dear Friends

This too shall pass

We struggle so often with issues in life and mistakenly believe that it is the human mind that will resolve the very issues or conditions caused by the human state of mind in the first place. So we find our focus on the problem and not on God. We may say: “this too shall pass,” but then we do not let it go. Instead we feed whatever it is with our attention. When our focus is on God – the Presence within – we cannot at the same time be holding on to the problem.

We are told: “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,”…and most times instead of being still, to realize this truth, we go looking for it everywhere but within our very own consciousness.

We are not talking “religion” here, we are talking Life! We are talking about universal spiritual principles; about an omnipresent God, the One Source of all that can never be separate from us nor we from It. We have been steered toward embracing and practicing these principles of Life by various way-showers throughout the ages, and when we consciously connect with this truth of our being – that is our true religion – our connection in consciousness with the One.

It is all about consciousness and constant realization of the Inner Presence that is with us always. It (whatever name we know It by), is living us, breathing us, beating our hearts….is it not time we trusted It?

The things of the world come to pass never to stay. Currencies fluctuate, rulers of countries change, fashions come and go; all these things. But who we are in truth, is eternal. It is as our realization in consciousness grows and deepens that ultimately the crooked places become straight.

It is when we turn inwards and drop our focus on the problem that we can move toward it being resolved.

Whatever it is that you may feel challenged by, at this time, turn your attention to God, and know with gentle certainty: this too shall pass!


SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. Childcare is available if arranged and booked before 10:00am on a Friday. There is no charge for childcare during the Sunday Service. CD’s of the Sunday Lessons are available to order @ R25-00.

Meditation: 09:30
Service: 09:45


02 Rosemary Batchelor
09 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
16 Sylvia van Zyl
23 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
30 Rosemary Batchelor

DAILY MEDITATION: Our Sanctuary is open to all from Tuesday to Friday, noon to 13:00 for meditation. We invite you to join us for an hour or any part thereof. Come in, light a candle… Be Still… And know. The focus for this month is: Renewed strength. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Isaiah 40:31

THE SECRETS OF SYMBOLS: Part Two: The Sacred Bird Woman. Friday 07 October, 18:00 for 18:30. A social/supper evening with talk and power-point presentation by Louise Luders. Join us for a symbolic journey to the ancient past. Menu: Burgers (vegetarian available) salad and dessert. A complimentary glass of sherry or juice on arrival. Cost per person is R80.00. Call the office to book on 041-5813309.

MEMBERS’ MARKET: 16 October, after the Service.


Introduction to the Enneagram. Identify your type. Begin a journey of self-discovery. Class fee R450.00. Individuals who have previously attended an Enneagram class at ACT, pay R250.00. Notes and refreshments included. 21 – 22 October (Friday evening & Saturday full day)

Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes: Our emotional patterns are acted out in three different areas of life: Self Survival, Social, and One-to-One (sexual) relationships. The agenda of the instinctual subtype is playing out in the background of our ordinary daily living – unconsciously. Once we have discovered our subtype, we begin to see how that activity is a conduit for the passion of our primary type. This is a gateway for spiritual realization transformation. Class fee: R950.00. Notes and refreshments included. 24 October to 14 November – Monday afternoons – 14:00 to 17:00 Enquiries and bookings: Sylvia van Zyl, an accredited Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, 082-7082857 or

BRING ‘N BRAAI: Sunday 30 October after the Service. Jackie van Rensburg will be entertaining us with her guitar music and singing. Bring along what you wish to braai, your liquid refreshment and a salad to share. R60.00 per person includes fire, ‘braaier’, and dessert. There is a list on the notice board, or call Lynne on 063-2295738 to book. All welcome.

In Closing….

“There is no higher goal attainable on earth than an inner communication with this Presence that never leaves us or forsakes us. It does not send us food, clothing, or housing. It is food, clothing, and housing. It does not lead us to a fortress or high tower. There is no sending of anything; there is no giving of anything, except the giving of Itself.

When the realization of the omnipresence of God is attained, there is freedom from worry, fear, lack and limitation. If a need appears, we retire within and tabernacle with the Presence, and in due time, It will appear outwardly as the very form necessary to our experience.

As we come to this place in consciousness where we are able to relinquish human might and power, human opinion and judgement, a divine Grace, invisible, yet perfectly tangible to the person experiencing it, takes over.”

Joel S. Goldsmith – The Thunder of Silence.


Bountiful blessings,