Newsletter – May 2016

Dear Friends,

The Lord (Law) is my Shepherd

We all yearn to connect with Truth and meaning in life, don’t we? Yet perhaps what holds us back more than anything is our resistance to surrendering or giving way to a different way of being; maybe another way would to put it, is we resist losing control, even if all we seem to be controlling right now is our unhappiness or discontent.

Each day that we are here at the Centre, the candle on the altar is lit to remind us of our focus or intention for the month. This month of April, our lighted candle represents and brings our attention to FAITH; and our daily meditation is also in line with this purpose. Faith requires surrender to something greater than we are, and I am going to share with you a way to do this using these words from Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” For me it makes sense to substitute the word “Law” for Lord, because for the purpose of understanding the message we are not referring to a physical man as shepherd, but Law – spiritual law.

A meaningful way to depict the first verse of Psalm 23 is: the law is my shepherd, (and when I follow) I do not want. Are we ever satisfied with what we have, or are we always desiring something that we believe is out of our reach? Are we happy and content and trusting, in the present moment? You see, our belief has a “knock-on” effect – something that results inevitably but indirectly from another event or circumstance. Our thoughts and beliefs have energy that moves into manifesting in our world of experience. Just as the following of the law (spiritual law) has a “knock-on” effect in our lives; and we are either living our Truth or we are not. Do we realize the effect that one tiny, seemingly insignificant, thought carries? We are either working with the law (following the shepherd, so to speak) or we are not.

God is not a static being somewhere (a noun) distanced from us. God is an activity in consciousness. And, when we understand this, then we are truly in the promised land. In that moment of realization (for that moment) we understand that the kingdom is within. But it is a process and we need to keep practicing being aware of the Presence.

Jim Rosemergy, in his book, “Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay”, states that God is not supply. God is our source. A consciousness of God is supply. He says that this subtle difference accounts for much misunderstanding of the spiritual realm, and tells us to remember that God does not act through needs. The open door which allows the expression of divine power is spiritual consciousness, an awareness of God. He continues, and I share this briefly: that a consciousness of God is supply. And the divine supply, an awareness of God, is available to everyone. It is not scarce, and can never be depleted so does not have to be stored for the future. Are we prepared to trust this? Or do we still think that our monthly salary is our supply?

In line with this we have the following words from Joel Goldsmith:
“What is spiritual consciousness? Spiritual consciousness is faith and reliance on the Infinite Invisible for all things. Spiritual awareness or consciousness reveals that there is only one God and that there is only one Life, one Love, one Substance, one Law, one Activity, one Cause, and one Effect — every synonym of God that you know. A material consciousness relies on something in the outer world.”

We look at situations in the world and we may even doubt the existence of God in extreme cases of poverty and hardship – and yes, these are evident in the world. And we realize that earthly riches are not available to all. It is the kingdom (in consciousness and not of this world) that is our divine birthright and is available to all.

And when this all becomes clear in individual consciousness, then it is inevitable that it will also be out-pictured in the world – it is spiritual law. First in mind, and then in manifestation; and then, most interestingly, the needs we thought we had, no longer exist or matter.

Emily Cady in her book, “Lessons in Truth,” states it in these words:
“Do you stop to think, really to comprehend what it means to be heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ? (Rom8:17). It means ‘every man is the inlet, and may become the outlet, of all there is in God.’ It means that all that God is and has, is in reality for us, his only heirs, if we only know how to claim our inheritance. This claiming of our rightful inheritance, the inheritance that God wants us to have in our daily life, is just what we are learning to do. It is through Christ, the indwelling Christ, that we are to receive all that God has and is, as much or as little as we can or dare to claim.”

Once again we are being advised to turn to the shepherd – the Christ Consciousness indwelling each one.
The Lord is my shepherd – stated in the present tense, always now. And the “I shall not want” means: I shall not want in consciousness, when I am guided by, connecting with, and aligning with the law. I shall not want for God’s love, wisdom, guidance, joy, understanding and supply.

Throughout this whole psalm the message that comes across is the promise that God is. We need to be still and know this. As our understanding grows, so we become more aware of God as an activity in consciousness, and then we are ready to trust the Law as our shepherd.

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. NB. Childcare is available if you phone us on Friday before 10:00am to arrange.

Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
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01 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
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29 Rosemary Batchelor

12:00 NOON – MEDITATION: We remind you that our Sanctuary is open Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon to 1pm for meditation. All are welcome to come in, and Be Still for any part of the hour. In this month of May, our candle will be lit as a reminder of our Oneness in Spirit.

ACT MEMBERS’ MARKET: The market this month will be held on Sunday 15 May.
Members who have “wares” to sell are welcome to do so on the allocated Sunday, and set up in the outside venue. On this Sunday tea will be served out on the veranda. Members who wish to participate can call us on 041-5813309 for details. Sellers to tithe 10% of their sales towards the renovation of the “new” venue space. We have had some very good “tea-times” during the market each month, as folk enjoy the garden and browsing through the books, plants, and wonderful edibles on offer.

DIVINE SCIENCE CLASSES: The Meditation Class, and Higher Training and Consecration Class, respectively, are currently underway. Please keep an eye on the notice board as we have plans for daytime classes and workshops in the forthcoming months.

ACT WORKPARTY: We thank the enthusiastic participants who last month contributed their time and energy to the three hours of nurturing the garden, and building. Your enthusiasm is appreciated.

SPEECHCRAFT WORKSHOP: Saturday 07 May. Make the most of this great opportunity.
Everyone at some time in their lives is called upon to stand up and speak. It may be at a school PTA meeting, a Wedding, Gardening Club or to speak about something meaningful.
Speaking in public is a terrifying thought for many of us so let NEVILLE DUGMORE, a toastmaster for more than three decades, lighten the load by offering some skills, solid tips and to help us along this road.
• All are welcome
• Time: 2:00 to 4:30pm
• Cost: R60-00 per person includes refreshments
• Venue: Association of Creative Thought,
Space is limited to 12 participants so please call us on 041-5813309 to book.

DIVINE SCIENCE U.K. – We look forward to continuous connection with our friends and associates in Truth, in the U.K., and remind anyone now residing in England, or visiting there, of the contact details:
Revs. Dave and Ishbel Bailey – e-mail: Ph: 01892 752085

In Closing…..

I share with you these words from Dr. Al G. Salazar:

“Life has already placed within each one of us great laws. Laws that we maintain with love and with care, for these laws have the power to bring into our environment situations and conditions that are worthy of a child of God.”


Bountiful blessings,