Newsletter – February 2021

“Consecrating Ourselves to Truth.”

Dear Friends

Traditionally, each year, our first service focuses on consecrating our sacred space of meeting; namely our Sanctuary. This year it is different.

All around us Life is nudging us to take stock; so, it seems that this is a time and opportunity to go forward into the year, living according to what is REAL in Life. What is REAL is infinite; what is REAL cannot be threatened; is not under siege. So, then…it would seem that in getting ourselves worked up about what seems real, we are forgetting about what truly IS, ETERNALLY.

We ask that you join us in taking responsibility, each accepting the role of holding to Truth, to what is REAL, and thereby being part of the lifting of consciousness, to where the true Peace, Love and Compassion are felt, under-stood and practised.

We have a practical and perfect example found in Luke12:22-32, where Jesus instructs his disciples to: “Take no thought.” This means stop using human thinking! The results of human thinking show clear evidence when we look around at our world experience today.

So perhaps it is time to consider that these challenges facing many, are part of a bigger plan. A plan and process to be trusted at a much deeper level. A plan that has nothing to do at all with human thinking.

Generally human thinking has given power to disease, led to individuals thinking lack and fearing, and to countries fighting for power. There is only One Power, God; yet we are often concerned with things of the world when our focus should be on the One Reality. This One has already provided for us, and creation is whole and complete, awaiting our acceptance and recognition, not at the human level but at the experience of IT in consciousness. And ….as we teach ….God is an experience.

Taking no thought—no human thought—indicates that we are aligned with that spiritual power functioning in and as each one. Today, many may be feeling despondent about the state of the world. However, there is work to be done, and it is up to us to uphold Truth and be the vehicles for love, light and peace to be experienced.

We can be a part of the change in consciousness, moving for-ward, by being accountable for our thoughts.

Let us stop living in a completely material sense of existence. We are more than that; Life is more than that. Let us experience the more that is available to each and every individual, as we recognize only the spiritual identity present in each soul.

Taking thought, cannot change your Truth or mine. What is REAL is infinite and can never be threatened.

We trust the process as we take into account the final words in that passage from Luke, namely verse 32: “Fear not little flock, it your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

This is such wonderful promise; stated always in the present tense. For me this is usable truth, which can be put into practice each and every day; reminding us over and over again that by taking (human) thought we cannot add one cubit to our stature.

We cannot add to the perfection of creation, yet the perfection in creation needs to be (can only be) discerned spiritually. It has nothing to do with the world!

So, today going forward, we consecrate ourselves to the indwelling Truth and we trust!

In Closing….

A spiritual ministry is not only a sacred one, but it is a secret one. You do not voice the fact that you have come to the realization that you are a child of God and an heir to all the heavenly blessings. You maintain that awareness in your own consciousness sacredly and secretly, and you do not bless people by outwardly or openly speaking truth to them, but by silently letting the peace of God flow through you to them.

You really have nothing to give the world until the Spirit of God is upon you and you are ordained. Then you will not have to go out seeking to shed your light. The world that is in darkness will come to you for light, but only because you have chosen to serve the Spirit of God in every person.

Living Between Two Worlds—Joel Goldsmith

Bountiful blessings,