Newsletter – October 2020

“Our Call To Surrender To What IS!”

Dear Friends

I begin with these words from Joel Goldsmith: “Self-surrender does not mean one-half the things most people think it does. It only means surrendering the things you think you want. Whatever you are looking for in life, surrender it, because it is a barrier to major attainment.”

The directive in Jn 8:32, is really indicating the same thing: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Generally, we may find resistance to the above as mostly we see a world that needs fixing; people we think need fixing; a virus to overcome.  How do we surrender, and not do anything?  Well it seems that souls all around us are slowly waking up to the idea that the most responsible time in Life is this now moment.

And in this moment, we need to give up the idea of a ‘messiah’ coming to save us; no-one else is going to do for us, what we are already equipped to do for ourselves. And this is by virtue of our true heritage where through shared origin, each of us has come forth carrying our perfect, God-given, un-contaminated blueprint.

The more we see a ‘need’ in our daily experience; and it may be a need for peace, for prosperity, for health…. whatever the need—it is already here! Going back to Basic Spiritual Principle: there is no absence of anything—only Omnipresence.

As stated over and over in our classes and Sunday Lessons, each one is here for a purpose. Jesus indicated: “for one cause was I born, for one cause have I come to earth: to bear witness to the truth, that the works of God may be manifest through me and ultimately through each one.”

Consciousness is the controlling principle. So then, being aware and understanding our purpose, or duty even, to Life; what are we bringing into being with our thoughts? It cannot be stated enough that we are the ones who at this time are responsible. Are we prepared for the responsibility?

All around us things are breaking down—life as we knew it is no longer the ‘same’, and let us thank God for that, because in many ways (and I generalize) we have been on a path to self-destruction.  Now things are breaking down and I trust we are being broken open to Truth. Until our hearts, our minds, our souls break open to receive the Truth that IS…. for each soul; realized by all, we will not experience IT.

John 8:32:  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. An extremely important statement in scripture and so necessary to be fully understood. It is not to do with knowing about truth; it involves the experiencing of truth.  As with Jesus, we too, are here to bear witness to the truth and this is truth based on experience.

So, it is not something to be read about; no-one is going to do it for us. We are not going to be saved—there is nothing from which to be saved.  What God has created is already perfect and complete and creation is continually evolving as God is evolving through It’s creation.

And this is where surrender comes into the picture. We need to give up and let go of our old ideas and beliefs in order that we experience who we are in truth. We surrender to our true heritage and call nothing on earth our source. In this we realize we are not here to perfect the human but to know and prove our spiritual heritage. Are we ready to do this? Are we ready to surrender to WHAT IS, and discover the most freeing sense of being? Know the truth and be free…. as you surrender to what IS.

In Closing….

 The past must be left to God’s measureless mercy, the future to his loving providence; and the present must be given wholly to his love through our fidelity to his grace.

 Let us understand clearly that we shall not acquire true conformity to the will of God until we are perfectly resolved to serve him according to his will and pleasure, and not according to our own.

Jean Pierre de Caussade

 Bountiful blessings,