Newsletter – September 2019

“Trusting God Regardless of the Seeming Appearance”

Dear Friends

I came across the following quote the other day and its simplicity is so apt for this time in which we are living. It is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:  “The enemy is fear, we think it is hate; but it is fear.”

I believe that, at this time in which we live – this challenging time – fear is predominant.  People fear and stress about possible unemployment due to what seems to be a crumbling economy; fear comes up when we are surrounded with rapid changes and we resist them. All this fear then, with seeming no place to turn, because life as we know it (or knew it) is changing so. It is even breaking down in some instances, and “rules” or the guidelines we lived by, no longer apply or are cast aside.  Things happen and it seems there is no accountability.

How often do we perhaps sit in judgement regarding situations in our own country and further afield, involving others?  Because the spotlight is off of ourselves we can so easily fall into the trap of elevating ourselves to the position of righteousness.

What level of life are we identifying with when we are accusing or judging? Let us remember that Jesus said: “Call no man on earth your Father,” indicating that we all originate from the same divine source, God. And it is within the centre of our consciousness – the core of our being – that understanding of our spiritual identities begins.

This is the God-centre of all being, and through this recognition of the Divine in all, any need or desire to accuse or judge falls away. Human values alone cannot count for anything. When we live in harmony with truth, aligned with the Inner Presence, we live effectively; and accordingly then, we will see beyond appearances.

One just has to have a small dust particle on the glass in a printer or copy machine and it mars the clarity of whatever is being printed.  This, to me, is such a good analogy: our “dust particles” are our fears and doubts, held in consciousness, which manifest and affect our living of life.

When our “mirrors” are “polished” – our consciousness is filled with faith, trust and understanding; we allow truth to be reflected and this of course has an inevitable effect on how we experience life. We have the perfect example of this in the Old Testament story where we have Job finally understanding the reason for all that befell him.  He stated: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me” (Job 3:25)

Truth understood, can never be diminished. In Jesus’ teaching we find the core message of addressing not His divinity, but the divinity of man. The Christ is the spiritual reality of every man, woman and child on earth. So it is literally the breath of the Almighty—this breath—the Christ, which is the life in you and the life in me.

Not one individual has been created greater than another, and each of us has his or her particular gift to share. Each has something to accomplish.

Timothy was told by Paul, to “churn up that gift that was in him.”  Is it not time that we opened ourselves up to possibilities of greatness?  Let us realize that it is the greatness of Spirit operating in and through us, showing forth Its radiance and using us as vehicles of expression, as we acknowledge and trust It.

As we recognize the rise in fear around us, it is our responsibility to stop and take time to Be Still and Know. Know for all: there is only One Presence and Power.

 As we align with It in stillness, we are neutralizing and calming mass consciousness. And as we grow in spiritual understanding, and awareness, we have a role to play which has a ripple-effect on all of life. The part we play; or the work rather, is done in Silence. Fear turns to faith, love and peace emerge. In Spirit we are One.


In Closing…..

 Some time ago, I came across this statement: “You can have your highest good now.”

Well, when we remove one word from this sentence, it means even more: “you have your highest good now!”

 We do have our highest good now, and it resides at the centre of our being. It is pure love, not needing anything in return. And from this centre of being there is no place for accusations or judgement because these only come about when fear is prevalent.

And after all……….when we are centred in Truth—in God—what is there to fear?


Bountiful blessings,