Newsletter – August 2019


“You are standing on Holy Ground”

Dear Friends

Years ago, here in South Africa, a poor farmer tried to glean a living out of the rocky soil.  His sons would pick up the dirty-looking crystal stones and use them as pebbles to throw at straying sheep.  Nothing would grow – there were too many rocks.

Finally, after years of fruitless effort, the farmer abandoned his attempts to successfully farm the rocky soil and moved to a more fertile spot.

Today on that same “abandoned farm” is the site of one of the richest spots on the face of the globe, in the form of the Kimberley Diamond Mine.

This story is related in the book: “Riches Within Your Reach,” by Robert Collier, who also states that we are surrounded by riches and that success is where you are, and within yourself; develop what you have.

The purpose of the message this month is to focus on what you have; in fact, what each of us already has.

What you and I have is priceless and eternal and in fact is referred to by Jesus in His uplifting message given in Luke 12:22-32; and we read in verse 25:  that through taking thought, nothing can be added to our stature.

We are all created equal and in stating this, I am referring to our spiritual identities.  Whatever we do become, or chase after, in life – nothing can change who and what we are, in Truth.

This created universe is a spiritual creation. The Holy Grail is within one’s own consciousness – we are the Holy Grail.

The tendency so often as we begin our spiritual quest, is to look outside of ourselves; find a holy place, or guru. Spirit, and the flow of spirit (according to Eric Butterworth) is nowhere if it is not in you.

How often perhaps do we not find it easier taking medication instead of spending time in meditation? And it is through meditation that we connect with that inner sacred space; the Silence, that today has become so rare in the busy world.

We are told to call nothing on earth our Source.  In other words: don’t choose health – choose God; don’t choose wealth – choose God.  We are not here to improve or perfect the human, but to know and prove our spiritual heritage.

We are all standing on Holy Ground, yet I can only discover this for myself; and each must discover and realize it for him or herself.  It is an inner revelation or realization that is received in the moment.  We need to be ready and receptive, otherwise it passes our understanding.

Let us go back to the story at the beginning: the farmer had diamonds that he could not see; he had the riches, the potential of so much more, but was not seeing beyond the dirty crystal-like rocks.

We have the diamonds; we are the diamonds, yet all we are perhaps aware of is what we see with the human eye. The treasure that we have, the treasure that in fact we are, is hidden deep inside of us. To reach it, we need, like Jesus, to overcome the world.

We are all spiritual beings, heirs to all the heavenly riches, thinking (human thought) postpones them in our experience. The whole of Divine Science is the practice of living in the Kingdom that is not of this world. And we do not have to go seeking for it through an intermediary or in any particular location; it is right within us – and we find it, connect with it, align with it, in the Silence.

And it is when we understand, remember and align with this Truth, that we realize we are always in fact standing on Holy Ground.

The constant flow of creativity requires each to be a channel for Its expression (escape) into form. Let each through awareness, surrender and be used and be part of the divine flow, letting God be God in you.

In Closing…..

I came across this simple, but, really meaningful story the other day…….

 A man was touring the country and he stopped at a little “out of the way” village.  After settling into his accommodation, he wandered down to the front of a small store where local folk had gathered for coffee.

 He sat down at a table, ordered his coffee and after a few times of trying to start a conversation with no success, he felt most exasperated. Finally, he asked: “Is there a law against talking in this town?”

 One man responded: “No, no law against it, but there is an understanding that no one is to speak unless he can improve upon the silence!”

 I found this quite profound because so often in speaking generally, we are declaring untruths for ourselves and life in general.

 We need to check before we think and declare anything for ourselves, for others, for our country… “is this according to human heritage; or in accordance with our divine heritage?”

 Bountiful blessings,