Newsletter – November 2018

Let us BE on Purpose

Dear Friends

We all need purpose in Life. In scripture we read: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I prefer to use the word purpose, in place of vision. If we consider nature – especially now in Spring – we cannot help but be aware of the purpose of each season – when it seems that that which has been nurtured within is ready to wake up and come forth into expression.

In Genesis, we have the creation story where we are told God brought forth all creation and saw that it was good. And it is still so today; and our purpose in Life is to allow that which God imaged, to come forth through individual consciousness.

Each of us has a purpose in Life – a role to play; and if some of us have difficulty with that; perhaps are unable to identify a specific purpose in Life right now, or feel hopeless about it all, then let us take note together of what we do have to work with. And in doing so, hopefully come to a place where we can feel motivated by Truth.

According to the text book:
Divine Science Its Principle and Practice: “The purpose of creation is that the Creator may express, and the purpose of individual creation is that the Creator may be expressed through and by the individual. Man is created to carry on the work of the Creator and he should know that he too, is a triune being, that he is cause, action, and result on his plane of existence, in his world of experiences, conditions and affairs. The Law of Expression works through man as certainly as it does in God’s process of creation.”

And there we have it: we will always be part of the creative process, whether we are aware of it or not. Of course, awareness is so important; it is only through awareness that we can make conscious choices and not get carried along on the tide of human opinion.

A little story: A king rode through a forest one day and saw that many of the trees had targets on them, and on every target was an arrow smack in the middle. The king was most impressed and proceeded to look for the archer who, when found, told him the secret of his success. He would first shoot the arrow and then draw the target around it.

Well at least the man was honest. Many of us are inclined to focus on the area surrounding the target, and any little distraction becomes a wonderful excuse for delaying the moment of truth. If we really want to hit the target, then why are we putting it off? In this new season of purpose let us become more purposeful. As nature expresses from the inner to the outer, let us from that place of inner awareness bring forth the purpose of God; allowing the Creator expression through each one of us. God has a plan and each of us is part of the plan. Each has a purpose in this plan.

We have all come forth as divine ideas imagined first in the mind of God – the originating Source of all creation. How aware are we that this same infinite intelligence that created us, is still living us? And are we aligning ourselves with the idea that there is a divine purpose in all creation?

As Gibran states: we are the bows from which the arrows go forth. Are we allowing our arrows to fly with intention; with purpose? The arrows are our thoughts—are we hitting the target, staying focussed on Truth with our thinking? We have been given a purpose by the Creator– not to sit on the side-lines but to carry an awareness of Spirit throughout the day and during all our tasks.

 In closing……

 Jesus was the example—the teacher—who showed us the way and affirmed that it was not his mission but that of “the Father that sent me for I of mine own self am nothing.” He stated that he was bearing witness to the Presence and Power of God. And the way to bear witness is to be still and know.

 This is our true purpose: Be in the Presence, by being still, taking no thought. And of course, this demands of us that we stay focused on the “arrows” or thoughts we are sending out. Are they heading for all the things of the world, or are they aligning with the Inner Presence?

 Like the archer we need to aim our arrows (thoughts and attention) on God first, at the centre of our lives, and then concern ourselves with the outer circles of the target—outer activities of life.

Bountiful blessings,