New – October 2018

Striving for the Kingdom not of this World

Dear Friends

So often our biggest struggle in life is when we try to change the world; or try to bring the Kingdom not of this world to this world. And this is simply because we do not really want to let go of this world. Even with all its problems and upheavals and struggles and at times painful issues, we still hang on for dear life.

We have become so dependent on this world, that very often we don’t even realize that it is we who are denying our inheritance – our birth-right. In fact we could go as far as to say that we struggle against ourselves.

Mostly we find it difficult to believe that each is a divine child come forth from the One Creator, the One Source of all creation. It – this Source of All, cannot be perceived with the human eye; it cannot be explained in words – it is more than, and beyond, all these human definitions. And perhaps this is where our greatest difficulty lies. We are so tuned in to our five senses; are so captured or mesmerised by what we can see, taste, touch, hear or smell, that we miss out on the deeper and more meaningful aspects of life.

None of our striving can ever change who and what we are in truth. No amount of intellectual thinking or scientific experimentation can uncover truth. It is within – IT IS. Wars can be fought, prices can go up, climates can change, our bodies can age, but Truth is constant.

Each of us is on his or her, very own sacred path – it is unique. We do not have to strive to be like others, but what would help us, is if we stick to the true script along the way. And again this requires acceptance of truth. What would be the point or purpose of the incarnation of Jesus, or Buddha or any of the other way-showers or avatars, if what they taught and shared only applied to themselves, one time around?

Yet, we stray from the script, and we create so often our own interpretations of life. And these interpretations rely on non-acceptance of truth. We formulate our own scripts – our own dramas if you like – where we may cast ourselves as victims or martyrs, and life continues as a struggle. If we do this, then it also means that we do not believe in One Creative Source in the universe.

The interesting point to realize here is that in order to change the story, we need to be willing to accept the truth that is the same for all.

It is all about STRIVING for the realization of that which we already are and have. In order to change, we have to let go! And acceptance is the first part, or step in the process of letting, letting what is, BE. It is not a case of letting go once………it is a continual process.

Over and over, we may find ourselves resisting certain things in life; and we have to remind ourselves of what it is we are “struggling against” or resisting.

The idea of letting go, and going with the flow, is allowing the accepted truth to flow through us. It does the work; our work is to align with it.

The interesting aspect when considered, is that we are all “striving” for the same thing…..the return home to truth. It does not matter what your story is; it does not matter what my story is; the only story that really holds up, as it were, is the story common to all – your truth and mine are equal.


In closing……

The reason we struggle is that we do not accept….We do not fully accept who we are in truth; we keep trying to prove that we are good enough, clever enough, and we even try to stay young in these bodies—forgetting that our souls are eternal.

We struggle to live up to the expectations of the world.

I really resonate with the quote from the story of The Little Prince: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”


Bountiful blessings,