Newsletter – May 2018

“The Spiritual Principle of Supply”

Dear Friends

Many years ago, I remember coming in to contact with individuals, at different times and circumstances, who seemed to “have it all,” and I wanted what they had.

This had nothing to do with anything on the material level, but it seemed that from within they were living life fully, filled with an inner joy and zest for living.

We come to realize though, that we cannot get from anyone, what we already do have. This needs to be realized and accessed within ourselves, understanding that each, and everyone, has the same God-given gifts.

In Ecclesiastes we read that “nothing can be added unto you and nothing can be taken away.” This passage calls for us to begin understanding who we are in truth; identifying ourselves as spiritual beings in temporary form. We are also called then, in consciousness, to place our reliance on the Invisible Source of all Creation—God.

How many depend on a monthly salary, pension, or trust fund benefit—a limited amount? When we rely on the Infinite Source of All Supply, we are relying on Something intangible; and this Something, is the Grace of God. Are we prepared to do that?

When we glibly state: “my needs are always met,” or “thy Grace is my sufficiency,” what do we mean? What is supply?

Is money supply? – No! Is food supply? – No! Are gold bars supply? – No! These are just some of the symbols of supply. Supply is invisible and, we are told, within us.

Joel Goldsmith gives a clear example of this when he uses the example of an orange tree. He states that a crop of fruit from the tree is not supply, but that supply is operating inside of the tree and will appear each season as the fruit. The fruit being the symbol of supply of the orange tree.

How many of us have been brought up to believe that money is supply? Well it is this very belief, which continues today, and is the cause of all lack and limitation that is seen around us today.

Consciousness is supply, as is Spirit, or the Infinite Invisible Source of all creation. What belief are we sowing from because, as we sow we reap. According to Paul: “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap

According to Paul: “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Gal.6:8

Well, the consequences of sowing to the flesh is evidenced often in news headlines.

We talk about and teach that each of us is endowed with the spiritual qualities or inherencies of Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.

We have also embodied within us the spiritual quality of Supply. All gifts to be realized in consciousness; we don’t need to pray to get, or have them, added to us. They are already ours, waiting to be realized and embraced in consciousness.

Within each individual is the innate desire to bring forth the fruits of that which we are in truth. There will always come a stirring from within, urging us to connect with the truth of our being. When we heed it, we discover for ourselves, that…. “no-thing can be added unto us, and nothing can be taken away” from that which is whole and complete—perfect at its Source.


In closing…..

Let us keep our thinking true to the principle of God and God in action as the basis for our thinking. God and God in action then, is the Universe. Eternal evolution is the law of Being. We have within us the power to unfold continuously in the realization of God-Consciousness. We are alive in God, the eternal Creator expressing as Creation.”

Nona L. Brooks –  Mysteries


Bountiful blessings,