Newsletter – April 2018

The Key to Life:  A Consciousness of God

 I begin with a quote from Jean Pierre. de Caussade: “Complete self-abandonment is as simple a thing as its effects are wonderful. It is a secret without a secret – an art without an art. This road of faith leads us to find God in every moment.”

 In our Divine Science Classes, once we have the basic understanding of the “material” – it may well be the Basic Principle Class, or Meditation, or Bible Mystery and Meaning in Old or New Testament; but once we have gone through investigating the notes, and had discussion, it is of no value to us until, and unless, we move it “up a notch” to the experience.

In our New Testament Class, we are carrying through a “thread of wisdom,” based on Jesus’ teaching using the passage from Luke 12:22-32, to tie all ten weeks together. And the passage begins: “take no thought,” and really what it means is that human thoughts are not spiritual; cannot produce spirituality. For me, this is the foundation upon which I view the lessons of the New Testament. What we already are cannot be changed by “taking thought..”

 We need to understand that we are not consciously in the spiritual realm or kingdom of God, until we rise above human thoughts and things of this world. Being aware of our thoughts, realizing that we can on the mental level change our thinking and perception of Life is a starting point – then we move beyond that to the point where we begin to understand that “taking thought,” cannot bring us closer to what we already are.

When Jesus told us: I am the Truth, the Life and the Way; what he was indicating is that the Christ Consciousness – the I Am within each, and every individual, is that. His mission was to reveal this truth for mankind. In fact, it is the destiny of all mankind to express the Christ, for this cosmic principle within each individual soul is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

The true individual life is an expression of the Infinite Life, God. According to the law of expression like produces like, thus affirming for all mankind that each soul has come forth from the One Infinite Source of all creation—each an expression, a child of God.

Christ is the divinity, or light in every soul, making each, and everyone, a son or daughter; sharing the same birth-right – in Spirit. We can be told this in classes; we can read it in books; but then, in order for it to be proved in our own lives, we need to experience this within consciousness.

We read in Philippians 2:5,6 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.” And it does not really matter whether we call it Christ Consciousness, or Buddha Consciousness, or the consciousness of other way-showers who knew and aligned with their truth. It is not about the names, it is about aligning with the Presence in the present moment.

As de Caussade says: The road of faith leads us to find God in every moment. And he lived by filling the present with the Presence.

 In Closing

Divine Science is revealing to us two things: first, that healing is not a physical process but, spiritual realization: and second, that health is not a condition of physical well-being only but the realization of a state of wholeness in the individual. Healing is the turning from the belief in disease to the realization of Gods Presence and Perfect Activity. God is health. Do I hear you asking, Since God is health and God is omnipresent, what is there to be healed? There is only one condition to be healedour misconceptions.
Nona L. Brooks –  Mysteries

Bountiful blessings,