Newsletter – July 2017

Living in, and as, the Light

This month, we launch our new logo. The design has been in process for a number of months and after much thought, discussion and dedication from Louise Luders, Kerry Abramowitz, Roland Luders and Derrick Nesbit, we are happy with the outcome. In the initial stages of deciding on a new logo for ACT, it was realized that in the community we have always been a Centre of Light—a Pillar of Truth.

Most of us know the story of Elisha helping the widow who was left in debt after her husband died. She had been threatened with the sale of her two children into slavery if she did not settle what was owed.

She approached Elisha for help, and most of us know the question he asked of her: “What have you in the house?” What have you in consciousness? The widow metaphysically represents a state of mind that lives in duality, or separation from truth/God. She had one bottle of oil. Oil symbolizes the oil of life, the vital fluid that renews and reanimates the body in the regeneration. (taken from Metaphysical Bible Dictionary).

The story then continues that the widow had to beg more empty vessels, lamps, from neighbours because the oil kept flowing; and from the sale of the oil, she became debt-free.

The leading question in this story is: “what have you in the house?” in other words, “what have you in consciousness?” What is it we hold in consciousness? Do we have faith in our connection, our union, with the One Infinite Source of all supply, or do we, initially like the widow, believe that all we have is what we can see with our human eyes… the one bottle of oil?

We begin with what we have (even if our realization of truth is as small as a mustard seed); we begin with what we hold to be true in consciousness. Truth cannot be known anywhere else but in consciousness!

And when we have the conscious awareness of the oil already in our lamps, then we can let truth shine forth.

Our teaching of truth principles through Divine Science has proved, and continues to prove, a most valuable platform from which to offer individuals the opportunity to investigate and ultimately experience a God-filled life. So from this Centre of Self-Awareness, realizing that we are the carriers (lamps) through which truth shines our into the world, our purpose becomes more meaningful.

The oil in our respective lamps is Consciousness of God. And our main purpose is the practise of this Inner Presence that is with us always. It is only from a place of conscious union and communion with God that we can effectively bring about change.

With the widow, Elisha was able through his own embracing of truth, to bring her to the point of having faith in the continuous flow of life from God.

We know that truth is constant, and with God, there is always oil in our lamps.

In Closing……

If you are a disciple of the Master, it is up to you to illumine earth. You do not have to groan over everything the world lacks; you are there to bring it what it needs. There where reign hatred, malice and discord you will put love, pardon and peace. For lying you will bring truth; for despair, hope; where there is sadness you will give joy If you are in the smallest degree the servant of God, all these virtues of light you will carry with you.

Do not be frightened by a mission so vast! It is not really you who are charged with the fulfilment of it. You are only the torch bearer. You hold it, carry it around; but it is the fire that works, that gives light to the world and to yourself at the same time.

Do not be the clogged lantern that chokes and smothers the light, the lamp, timid or ashamed, hidden under a bushel; flame up and shine before men; lift high the fire of God.”

Philippe Vernier


Bountiful blessing,