Newsletter – May 2017

Nurture Your Seed of Faith

The message this month uses and expands on the words of Jesus, found in Matthew 17:20.

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.”

I refer to a book by Brother Mandus, published in 1959, The Grain of Mustard Seed, where he states: “We tend to have more faith in human government than Divine Direction.” He indicates that we believe more in the reality of our bank balance, or place of business as our source of all supply.

How many in life today live from payday to payday? How often do we consider or remember the principle of God as the source of all supply? Why do we have more faith in a disease able to kill us, than in the love of God to heal us?

Here in the southern hemisphere we are preparing for the winter months when nature tends to hibernate. What a wonderful opportunity to incubate faith, and there is no better way to do this than to turn within, meditate, and in the stillness, be receptive to the truth that is available to all; that is in, through and as, all.

In our Consecration Class last week, we studied chapter 23: Living in, Through, and By the Spirit, in Joel Goldsmith’s book: A Parenthesis in Eternity; and share the following statement: “Freedom of the illumined is really a freedom from ignorance because only the ignorant can cleave to the belief that life is dependent on things and people in the external realm.”

That whole chapter in fact, is one we could work with the whole year; it is all about realization—realization that the only “concrete thing” in life is the invisible. And there is no struggle or labour in life when we surrender to the Spirit of the divine kingdom within you and me.

Our teaching in Divine Science is based on the principles of life as taught by Jesus; universal spiritual principles, effective and applicable in all aspects of daily living. And the most important one is accepting God as first cause.

Jesus lived his beliefs; He did not just tell those around him to have faith as a grain of mustard seed, and they could move mountains; He demonstrated this faith. Throughout his teaching, His complete faith was in That which is not of this world.

I refer again to the chapter mentioned earlier in Goldsmith’s book, where it is stated and emphasized that to attain a measure of that Christ Consciousness, we need an inner conviction. It is something that no teacher, book or workshop can give us. It is something that needs to come forth from within us. A deep realization. And this realization is already there—it is part of our spiritual inheritance; awaiting our recognition.

We either have faith in a world of material sense, or our faith is in the infinite invisible.

When we understand that God is the infallible answer to every need, then we observe the world and the happenings around us, but do not get caught up in them and act only from that place of inner knowing, inner peace, and inner wisdom.

With faith as a mustard seed……….all is possible!

In closing…….

Christ is the activity of Truth in individual consciousness. The activity of this Truth in our consciousness is the Christ, the very presence of God. Truth received and continuously entertained in our consciousness is the law of harmony to all our affairs. It governs, guides, leads, directs and supports our every activity of daily existence. We must experience the Christ as a permanent and continuous dispensation. We must live in the constant conscious awareness of Truth active within. Maintain always a receptive attitude within—a listening ear—and soon you will experience an inner awareness. And this is the activity of Truth in consciousness, or the Christ attained.

Joel Goldsmith—The Infinite Way


Bountiful blessings,