Newsletter – March 2017

Dear Friends

Being in this world but not of it.

I recently watched the TV series, “Pillars of the Earth” based on the book by Ken Follet, and the question that came to mind is: “what has changed?” Briefly the story revolves around the building of a cathedral in a small, fictitious English town in the mid-12th century.

Well, our building practices may have changed, and our physical lifestyles too, among other things, but where are we really in our relationship to (with) God—to Truth? In the series, the intention was to build a cathedral in which to worship and honour God, yet there was major conflict amongst those involved: the clergy, royalty, and the people. There was huge distrust and a need for personal gain and glory, almost as if the reason for the church in the first place, was forgotten.

Emmet Fox the well-known author and Divine Science minister stated: LIFE IS CONSCIOUSNESS MADE MANIFEST. And we see this in evidence all around us as we notice for example in February, “love” being made into a commercial commodity; as we will see with the trappings of Easter soon.

These practices keep us locked behind world beliefs when we could be, through spiritual understanding, experiencing so much more without the human effort and strain that so often folk complain about. Love is so much more and cannot be either contained or expressed fully, at the level of the world. And I do not believe for one moment that Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, was referring to human love, but rather that absolute love of God, that finds expression through each individual ready to know and experience Truth.

Joel Goldsmith, in his book, “Living Between Two Worlds,” states:
“The only way in which we can impersonalize love and express divine love is by knowing that we do not have the power to give or to withhold. We can merely be the instruments through which it takes place.”

We may observe the individuals in Ken Follet’s story, and deem them ignorant as we judge them, but how is this era, in which we currently reside and operate, going to be judged down the line by future generations? What it comes down to is not the size or design of the cathedral or church, but the consciousness in which it is built.

We get excited when we come upon a new way of being in life—a new path to follow perhaps. But getting excited is not enough. We have to stay the course, as we read in Matthew: “a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few that find it.”

In Closing…

But it is only man’s thought of himself which changes as he expands in consciousness, for he eternally IS what he is—the Son of God.

Jesus attained this highest concept of sonship, and lived so in accordance with his deep, inner knowledge of his oneness with God that he understood he was about his Father’s business at all times. There is no doubt that Jesus had a deeper realization and conviction of his union with God than anyone of whom we have record. He was a conscious Son of God. He accepted the Christ; He lived as the Christ.

Jesus pointed the way in which all may walk and know the truth of their union with God. “As he is so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17

Divine Science: Its Principle and Practice

Bountiful blessings,