Newsletter – November 2014

Dear Friends,

At ACT our business is with God.

I was asked the other day, by someone who I had not seen for some time: “What is happening at ACT?” It was at a crowded, social gathering and I just responded in a casual and mundane way. But, later, I pondered the question…. What is happening at ACT??? And it is quite a ‘big’ question. First of all what is it that is expected to be happening here at our Centre; and then….why should anything be ‘happening’?

I am grateful to that individual for posing the question because it really did give me something to think about, quite deeply. What, we could ask, is happening in life all around us? And there is much evidence of change happening in so many different ways, affecting the “kingdoms” of the earth: the animal, vegetable and mineral to name just three affected by global warming and climate change. And if anyone were to ask me: “what is happening in your life right now,” I could give them quite a rundown on what seems to be causing my life to be rather hectic.

When something is “happening”, it is an incident, presenting itself maybe in the form of an adventure, challenge or even a special event. It can also, at a deeper level, be a miracle – supernatural happening. LIFE is – and it is happening continuously at many different levels and being experienced as such at these different levels. I don’t have to expound on the many events and headlines that distract us on a daily basis, as part of living in this world.

At ACT our business is with God. Our focus is on the practice of the Presence of God, and our teaching is based upon the principle of the omnipresence of God. All creation is the expression of God and partakes of the same substance. All of the power and beauty in nature is the result of God’s fiat (authority or decree) going forth – “let there be and it was so.” We are the vehicles, the channels, the instruments through which God expresses and when we align with the truth, that each is a divine expression brought forth from the One Source of all Creation, then we allow ourselves to experience the supreme “happening” – Oneness with Spirit, and ultimately oneness with all.

I have recently being receiving articles about Brother Lawrence in a newsletter to which I subscribe. Now many of you know of him, but just to fill you in: He was a 17th century Carmelite monk, born in 1605. His main intention was: the Practice of the Presence of God, and to undertake every task for the love of God. Now, interestingly, I referred to Jean Pierre de Caussade a couple of weeks ago – a 17th century Jesuit, whose practice was abandonment to God and to the present sacred moment.

Today we have so many fascinating new authors and teachers to inspire us. And again in a recent e-mail I received from a different source, it was stated: “Every so often someone comes along that creates a new paradigm of thinking and being. They then prove it –by being it– and, in turn, showing up in the most amazing ways and truly making a difference on this planet.”

What we need to remember is that each of these folk has had his or her own experience of truth, and while we may be guided by them; truth has to be something we experience for ourselves. A book or teacher can awaken us certainly, but truth comes from within our own consciousness when we let go of all expectation, and through this absolute surrender we (in a sense) allow truth to happen.

Truth calls us to hear with the inner ear, and see with the inner eye. Jesus knew and practiced this way of being; Jean Pierre de Caussade and Brother Lawrence also knew and lived this way, even as the modern authors and teachers are telling us. It is all the same message. They have “got it!!” We have to “get it” too, for ourselves.

As a Centre – we are here to focus on truth, to teach according to the principle of an omnipresent God – and to practice the Presence of the One in whom we are all united. We are not here to play to the wants and needs of the majority. We are not here to water down truth, to diminish it to suit all palates. We are here as a pillar of light in the community – visible to those who see with the inner eye, and hear with the inner ear.

We have those who centuries ago, from the Master Jesus, and down through the ages, have identified and lived their truth and been examples to us. Nothing has changed – truth discovered, is still the same truth. It is the treasure of life waiting for us to partake of it in the New Kingdom of our potential experience.

So, to come back to that initial question: “What is happening at ACT?”
The answer is: The continual practice of the Presence of God. And when we align ourselves with the Truth of Omnipresent Being, God – then we come to that place in consciousness where we experience the supreme “happening” – Oneness with Spirit, and ultimately oneness with all, in spirit.

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. Childcare is available except during school holidays.
Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30

02– Rosemary Batchelor
09– Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
16– Rosemary Batchelor
23 – Rev. Helen Penfold
30 – Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
Please note this roster is subject to change without notice.

ACT CELEBRATION DINNER: A group of 33 folk enjoyed a wonderful dinner graciously provided by Fat Cats Catering, at the lovely venue of Villa Tuscana. It really was great to come together and celebrate as a group, while being aware of our service to the greater community, through uplifted consciousness.

ABUNDANCE CLUB: We congratulate Twinks Rushmere, who has won the October Draw. There is one more draw this year – at the end of November, and then we begin next year with draws from February to June 2015 (5 months R250-00); followed by draws July to November 2015 (5 months R250-00) We would be delighted to have your continued support in the monthly draws and offer participants the opportunity to win R1000-00 which is up for grabs every month. You may retain your current number and we look forward to enthusiastic bodies signing up now.

DOODLE DAYS: There is one word to express the feedback on the Fifth session ……. in a Creative Adventure with Sara McKenna (from the U.K.) – “enthusiasm”. The examples of decorated coffee mugs were amazing and there is a move afoot to persuade Sara to offer at least one more Doodle Day session before the end of the year. If you are interested please let us know.

GARDEN: A very kind individual has had the experts in to do some much-needed trimming and cutting back of bigger shrubs and tree branches. The garden is now all set for summer and we sincerely appreciate this generous gesture.
General upkeep of the garden: We are also grateful to Rosemary Batchelor for having her gardener assist us on a regular basis, cleaning gutters and general garden duties.

RAFFLE TICKETS: Once again this year, we have books of tickets available for the R5000-00 draw. The incentive is to buy two tickets at R50-00 each and get a third free. The draw will be held before Christmas. We offer the opportunity to win a prize and at the same time assist with the day to day running costs of the Centre.

In Closing…..

“In the serenity and poise and peace of the inward Spirit a dynamic is established, the nature of which is to move outward and clothe itself in form. It is the expressiveness of the Divine Love which causes all things needful to move toward him who knows – toward him who, by knowing, abides in the Spirit. That is why the seers of ancient times said, “Thy good is seeking after thee; therefore cease thou from seeking after it.”
H.B. Jeffery – The Spirit of Prayer

Bountiful blessings,