Newsletter December 2014/Jan 2015

Dear Friends,

“What you and I think does not change the truth of Life. Divine Law is working irrespective of our opinions; let us cooperate with the working of law. If we depend upon our inner heritage, the outer will take care of itself.”

I begin my message this month with a quote from Nona L. Brooks – one of the founders of Divine Science. The quote comes from her book, Mysteries.

Now, I could actually stop right there because this is the sum total so to speak of my message. But let us investigate further, together and discover what it really means. And perhaps the most important stage we need to “get to” or “reach”, is a common place of understanding, because without understanding there is fear, confusion, anger and much more that is not comfortable or supportive of a happy, peaceful life of joy and love.

Understanding dissolves, or literally “wipes out” all the fear, resentment, anger and all those uncomfortable emotions that can cause us to miss out on what our purpose in Life is really all about and even more so, about who we are in Truth. These words are applicable to everyone no matter what tradition, culture or background; whether we have faith in a Spiritual Source or not. We cannot be excluded, or escape, from this Law of Life. What immediately appealed to me about Divine Science when I was first exposed to it in 1997, is that it is inclusive, and offered as “A Way”, and not…. “the way”.

We live out the stories of our lives day by day on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, yet as we are so often made aware, our physical and mental levels always correspond to, or tie in with, our degree of spiritual awareness. There are physical laws, and mental laws, but these are superseded by the law of Spirit.

Our material sense of existence tells us that the kind of car we drive will make us who we are, or the type of home we occupy will do it for us; or maybe if I have a connection with people of a certain status, I will have achieved something. I believe many have realized through experience that any satisfaction felt from striving for any of this kind of ideology is short-lived.

The kind of car I drive does not change who I am in truth. We need to realize with Alexander Pope, that…… “All are but parts of one stupendous whole, whose body nature is, and God the soul,” and that includes all humanity. There are world beliefs that we may find ourselves buying into, or being controlled by from time to time – maybe all the time….. But we move to a place (and it is a place in our consciousness) of being free when we realize that the beliefs (in illness, lack, in my religion being the only one to follow, etc, etc.) are just that – our human beliefs; and once we are aware of the constant and continual presence of God we align ourselves then with the Law of Truth. And we understand that all these things of the world come to pass and not to stay; and in understanding, we free ourselves to be receptive to our union in Spirit.

As we enjoy the good times, and the fruits of being on this earth plane, let us always be mindful of the Law of Spirit in which all already is, and through the conscious awareness of this truth more of that is added. Let us carry with us the awesome sense of this Presence that lives and breathes us; this Intelligence which dissolves our inconsequential worries, which become as nothing when brought into the light of truth. We do not need to be living in doubt and turmoil.

As Nona Brooks states: “What you and I think does not change the truth of Life.( We might have a gloomy outlook on life but right now) … Divine Law is working irrespective of our opinions; let us cooperate with the working of law. (So let us try it – and maybe we will find ourselves proving for ourselves that ….) If we depend upon our inner heritage, the outer will take care of itself.”

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. Childcare is available except during school holidays.
Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30

ABUNDANCE CLUB: After the Service on Sunday 30 November, we will have a “drum roll” for the final winner of the Abundance Club. This form of bringing in income to support and maintain the Centre, has “run its course” and while we are grateful to those who participated, there will be no more Abundance Club.

VOLUNTEERS: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.” This quote by Elizabeth Andrew, says it all. We do thank most sincerely all those who do “have the heart” and enthusiastically offer their services in many different ways. To those who support us in consciousness and in kind – your support of the Centre as a continual “pillar of Light” in the community, is acknowledged and valued.

RAFFLE TICKETS: Once again this year, we have books of tickets available for the R5000-00 draw. The incentive is to buy two tickets at R50-00 each and get a third free. The purchase of a full book of 10 tickets costs R350-00. With sufficient tickets sold, the draw will be held before Christmas. We offer the opportunity to win a prize and at the same time assist with the day to day running costs of the Centre.

POTLUCK SUPPER AND CAROLS: On Friday 12 December, there will be a Potluck Supper – bring a supper dish to share and listen to (and sing) carols accompanied by the beautiful harp music of Glenys Bannister. Weather permitting we will be out in the garden. R30-00 per person includes a glass of wine (or juice) and dessert. Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm. There is a list for names on the notice board, and you may also phone the office on 041-5813309, to book. We would love to have you join us and all are most welcome.

THE CENTRE WILL BE CLOSED: From 26 December 2014 until 20 January 2015, we will be closing for our annual break. The first Service in the New Year will be on 18 January 2015, when we look forward to seeing you all and together with our “spiritual batteries” recharged, move into the New Year with renewed purpose and zeal for Life.

In Closing…..
In celebrating with family and friends, may your experience be of a joyous and blessed Christmas, as through uplifted consciousness, the Light within grows ever brighter.

Bountiful blessings,

P.S. See Christmas Letter for details of special services during the Holy Season.