Newsletter – November 2023

Dear Friends,

“Conscious Alignment”

On many occasions we light a candle—maybe to remember someone, to celebrate a special event. The candles themselves do nothing but serve as a focus and remind us of the Light that is.  Within each of us is the Light, waiting to be recognized.  The potential of waking up to our Truth is within each soul.

Years ago I came across a statement on a company website which indicated their intention as: the ultimate alignment—between investor and the investment.  Who or what, is the actual Investor of all life? God—the originating Creator of all.  And each of us; all creation in fact, is the investment. Generally in life today, we are invested in “getting;” getting paid each month for example. Do we perhaps invest in the body and not the mind? Each has come forth from the One Investor  in all the universe. IT is invested in each soul—it is up to us to align with IT.

Interestingly, we are always aligned but usually with our own human thinking, our worries, hurts and fears and then we reap accordingly in our daily experience…..and we wonder why?  Two aspects of life need to be noted: Firstly, Perception; and  secondly, Reality.
Perception—the human aspect constantly changes due to our circumstances, age, and other reasons on the human level.
Reality/Truth, is fixed. It is only our viewpoint of it that changes. We have a choice—which do we trust?  Humanity focuses on a problem, talks about it, and it grows right before our eyes; the very thing we do not want. Why is this? Well we all know that where attention goes, energy flows.  In Spirit there is no excuse. How can there be? In 1 John 4:17, we read: “As he is, so are we in the world.”

If we do not know, or realize  who we are in Spirit, then how can we have real purpose? Our purpose is rooted in the truth of our being. As he is, so are we in the world. This truth needs to be embraced by each one, and only then can we realize in consciousness, that right where I am is Everything and it is ready to manifest in my experience.

Often we try too hard to make things come about; like putting our human shoulders to the wheel, and in this way we are actually honoring, though through our effort and focus, the very situation or experience that we are trying to avoid.  Our practice requires that we remain focused on being aligned and when we do this we are receptive to the solution, the way forward to all possibility, and ready for the unfolding of Spirit’s work in and through us.

At times on the human level, we try to be fixed; physically and mentally; but there is only one true path to wholeness of spirit, and that is when we turn back to our Source.  That is when we experience the ultimate alignment between Investor and  investment.  We need to remember  that the Investor, (God) is always aligned with IT’s created investment; therefore it is up to us to know and embrace this Truth..

This is our contribution to life; and through being mindful of our true heritage, and living accordingly, we are trusting Life. We are trusting the unchanging REALITY, and by letting go of our human perceptions, we are able to realize and experience our true value—knowing and seeing the same for all.  Let us drop our human perceptions now. They do not serve us. Our true and only purpose follows when we are able to BE STILL AND KNOW…. From a place of deep, and inner gratitude.

In Closing…….  Jesus, the master teacher and not a ruler,  experienced  great animosity, great negativity, and the ultimate in man’s inhumanity to man.  But did he ever accept these things as the Truth of his being?  Absolutely not.  In every adversity, in every experience he found new channels for growth in his awareness of the One Presence, the One Power, the I Am Presence in the universe.  He accepted the experiences as guides and chances to move forward in understanding and development.  He recognized his temptations for what they were: experiences to demonstrate, through recognizing the God within, that he could overcome all.   Dr. Jack Holland

Bountiful blessings,