Newsletter – October 2023

Dear Friends,

“The Experience of True Realization.”

God, Truth, Life, can only be known through experience.  However, once experienced, that experience, having found a niche in our consciousness, remains with us.  And even in our seeming forgetting, it is still there and accessible at any time when we choose to be still.

In his book, God Believes In You, Francois du Toit states the following:  “Nothing makes you more vulnerable than to be driven by a sense of need or lack.  Nothing makes you more beautiful than a sense of total fulfilment.  The awareness of who we really are and considering the greatness that dwells in us is out of all proportion to the lie of lack and need.”  This ties in so well with the well-known words which we have heard often from Genesis 1:31: “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”

Very often we hear folk question why God is allowing all the strife, the starvation, the difficulties of life on earth.  Well, the response is: What is happening on earth amongst humans is not what God created.  We teach in Divine Science that like begets like, so it follows that what is happening on earth among the inhabitants of our beautiful planet, has nothing to do with God.  What God created out of Spiritual Substance (ITSELF) is still that.

All in creation has come forth from the One Invisible Source – First Cause – God.  In our humanness, we are inclined to focus on what we see (with our human eyes) and relate that, which is seen, to be either good or bad. What idea is uppermost in our minds?  The Truth of all Creation, or the doubts and fears that we are faced with on a daily basis, here in world?  Joseph Murphy stated:  Your subconscious mind accepts the dominant of two ideas, this is the law.  So we might need to check out what we are holding to be true, not only for ourselves, but for the world and life in general.

We are told over and over to: seek first the kingdom—the kingdom in consciousness—not a place to be reached physically—rather an understanding of truth in consciousness.  And of course we may try, with expectation, to be aware of this kingdom within; we may anticipate how and where we will find it.  It occurs when we are alone; when we least expect it; when there is no human expectation.  When, perhaps without realizing it, we are aligned totally without effort or human thought, to the truth of our being.  And suddenly we will know, as did Jacob: “The Lord is in this place, and I knew it not!”

The words Jacob spoke, proclaiming God’s Omnipresence forms the basis of  our Teaching in Divine Science—the practice of the Presence of God.  In this way we turn away from the physical and mental aspects of life and lift our consciousness to embrace Spiritual Truth.  It really does not matter which path or tradition we follow or resonate with as after all, we are One in Spirit anyway.  This brings us back to what was mentioned earlier—the awareness of who we really are.  This awareness already indwells each of us.  We do  not have to strive or try.  Yet in order to experience this truth, all our human thoughts, fears, needs, must be set aside and understanding will evolve when we least expect it.

We are part of a beautiful, unfolding purpose.  Let us be aware and embrace it. And as we do so, in an easy and accepting way, we are giving way to an experience of true realization.  God saw all that he had made and it was good.  Let us see with the eyes of Spirit!

In Closing…….  This principle applies to the solving of a problem whether for ourselves or for another.  The solution of a  problem is accomplished in proportion to the amount of effort we can bring to relaxing from effort.
In other words, it is very much like waiting out a storm instead of going into it head on.  It is a constant remembrance that “this too shall pass,” and then sitting quietly, or moving about carrying on one’s affairs in the realization that whatever the name or nature of the “this,” it will pass, not by any concerted efforts of our own, directed toward the achievement of some specific purpose, nor by human will or  supernatural powers, but by virtue of the nothingness of this “it” which we have been honoring by fighting.
“The battle is not yours, but God’s…..stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord.”  this can only be described as the effort of effortlessness, the effort which is necessary to be quiet in the face of a storm or in the face of the discords of human experience so that these, too, may pass.
Joel S. Goldsmith

Bountiful blessings,