Newsletter – July 2023

Dear Friends,

“The Heartbeat of the Universe.”

We do not have to travel to a particular place, or wait for a special time of the day or year to enter into holy communion with Life.  It seems (generally speaking) that fewer people are attending churches and membership appears to be on the decline. Recently in class there was mention that when googling the word, “church” the first definition that came up was: church is a building where Christian worship is held.
 It seems that understanding is evolving to the degree that no longer is God being confined to a particular space, but being recognized and acknowledged in all of IT’s creation. And this is where Omnipresence comes in; and the realization is dawning that there is no separation.  Wherever God is, I am.
Church is not a building – but perhaps we should ask ourselves what the purpose of church is.  We have known it as a meeting place for those who wish to connect in spirit and maybe to learn more about how to live life.  Yet Truth, no matter if given from a pulpit or not, is available to all.  And whether an individual attends a formal church gathering or not, does not change the truth of who he or she is.
Despite the seeming decrease in church attendance, many more seem to be turning to a spiritual way of living.  A way that does not box one in to certain dogma or creeds – a way that perhaps opens wider avenues that lead to deeper understanding.
With any shift in life, a draught is felt somewhere, yet we seem to be moving rapidly toward Oneness in Spirit.  And when boundaries blur, as they seem to be, we may tend to hold on for dear life, to what is familiar now.  Change is constant, yet many times challenging.  This is when we need to turn to what is constant and unchanging – the promise of God’s eternal Presence.  Whether we know this Presence as God, or by another name, is not important.  When our intention is to know God; to know Truth; we find it.
There is no separation in Truth, in Spirit, and Oneness of Being is emerging.  Boundaries are blurring, yet how we hold onto some of them.  God is now – Life is now – Love, Trust, Peace, all now!!
God is the heartbeat of the universe – IT is what makes seeds germinate; new birth, the tides, the seasons; all these things over which we have no control.  Each of us is being “breathed,” right now, and our hearts are beating. And, when intentional, we are One with the Creative Source and Intelligence of all life.  This is something that can only be discerned when we rest from our reasoning minds that are most often concerned with issues in the world; this is something that can only be EXPERIENCED when we drop all thought and come into the Silence.
We do not need a building for this experience. It is of course wonderful to have a place where one can be in the company of others who, like us, are intentional in our quest for that which is beyond the material experience of living.  So, coming together in person is also valuable.
In 1 Corinthians 13 we read that love is the greatest gift.  We need to be reminded that it is God’s love, using us, expressing through us.  This love that is the absolute attribute with no opposite.
We know that what we hold in consciousness, we do get back in our experience of life. Are we holding on to the way we feel life should be, and thereby resisting change, when, if we take a moment and BE in the Presence, we will ultimately assist in bringing about trust, faith and peace.
It is all about intentionally tuning in to Life—aligning with the Heartbeat of the Universe—the very Life of God, living each one of us now.
We can be in nature, in the garden, looking up at the heavens at night, the clouds during the day, feeling the wind, and in one moment of stillness, of deep realization, know: all is governed by the Isness of God—present in, as, and through, all creation.

In Closing…….
 “When the realization of the omnipresence of God is attained, there is freedom from worry, fear, lack and limitation.  If a need appears, we retire within and tabernacle with this Presence, and in due time, It will appear outwardly as the very form necessary to our experience.
As we come to this place in consciousness where we are able to relinquish human might and power, human opinion and judgment, a divine Grace, invisible, yet perfectly tangible to the person experiencing it, takes over. 
We cannot see this transcendental Spirit, hear It, taste It, touch It, or smell It, yet It is here and It is now – we feel It, and we know It.  When we let go of our human rights or human will or desires – even the good desires – and absolutely resign ourselves to God’s will, It rushes in as if there were a vacuum, and when It takes over, we can feel Its every movement coursing throughout our body, right through the muscles and vein down to the nails.  We are one with the rhythm of the universe, and all is well.  All that the Father has is now flowing through us out into this world as a divine Grace, bringing us to all that is ours and bringing us to all those to whom we belong.”
-Joel Goldsmith-

Bountiful blessings,





































































































































































































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