Newsletter May – 2023

Dear Friends,

“Resurrection Through Inner Peace”

We recently celebrated Easter – it is an annual “event” or “occurrence” on our calendars, and we observe it according to our respective traditions.  Is it not time to realize though that this is NOT JUST A ONCE A YEAR HAPPENING?  It is a continuous process of our very lives; our very evolvement to remembering; our evolvement to finally understanding what we are doing here – our very purpose, if you like, for being here now. And what is called for is our trust in the quantum leap that is expected of us.  Trust of course comes from understanding.

And I believe that the quantum leap is to really take on board; embrace in consciousness, that not only each individual, but the whole planet, is going through a resurrection process. To word it another way would be to state: the timing is right and the opportunity is offered now for the ultimate resurrection in consciousness.

We hear folk say, (and probably have said it ourselves): “One day when…………”,or, “as soon as…..” or, “before this happens or that happens,” and so on.  Always projecting into the future;  hopes, dreams and intentions; which is delaying accepting the value of now.  Often it is a case of: “things will be better – when,” or “wait until a new party is voted in,” or even, “once I start my new job,” and so on.

The language Jesus spoke was Aramaic – spoken in the present tense.  Example:It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” And we might say, “yes, I have heard all this before and what has it done for me?”  It is no good just hearing it and carrying on as before.  This truth needs to be embraced! The Presence, the Kingdom in consciousness, needs to be experienced, until we just know it deep within, realizing that the promise of this kingdom is now, in consciousness.  In our Divine Science classes, we teach: First in mind, then in manifestation.  As a man thinketh, so is he. Life expresses from the inner to the outer.

In Genesis 1:31 we read:  And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.   We need to remind ourselves of this; and that it still is very good – yet remember at the same time that we are talking about creation at the spiritual level.  That spiritual perfection in all creation, that remains. That same spiritual creation of which each of us is a part and being so makes each soul infinite and eternal.

Alan Cohen states in his book: Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit:  “Remember that the real healer is Spirit, and that Spirit will work through you if you are willing to listen with a quiet mind and a receptive heart.  Like you, the world already has what it needs to be perfect.  Some have feared the healing of our world because they have equated healing with ending.  But this could not be so.  All healing is a beginning.  The resurrection of life will come not through destruction, but through transformation.  The caterpillar does not die; it becomes something new and wonderful.  The world does not need your manipulation, but is desperate for your awakening.  With your arising to the truth within you, you will carry all who have slumbered, to their healing as well.  Jesus said that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the son of God,” and we join him in his identity as a peaceful warrior.  He came as a harbinger of what we we have come to accomplish.”

We are ready to assist in the resurrection of Truth and Peace in consciousness and as always, it begins with you and me!

In Closing…….
 Fear of lack, fear of public opinion, fear of weakness, of illness and of death, fear of competition and of injustice, fear of the very living of life—these are the general aspects of fear that become imbedded in man’s consciousness and then cause individual difficutly as well as world inharmonies resulting in wars and cruelties.

 We must begin with the individual consciousness.  Feel that it is not an insurmountable task but a goal that is attainable, here and now.  When we give our attention to things of the Spirit, we are replacing the false fears with Truth.  Then all conditions adjust.  The method consists of persistent practice of the principles of Truth.  Recall to mind the basic roots of each human being.  This is a big step along the way.  It gives assurance that the outer can change, that miracles can happen, that there is nothing to fear for the Divine Presence is all, and is everywhere equally present.  Our awareness of this truth makes the difference to each of us.   Helen Zagat—Faith and Works

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