Newsletter – April 2023

Dear Friends,

“Rising Above…Means, Letting Go!”

Humanity keeps trying to fix the world, be it at government level, through trying to earn more money, or in some cases even “keeping the peace” no matter what the personal cost.
There is a passage from Chronicles 20:17, that, according to John Randolph Price in his book, “The Angels Within Us,” is a coded message.  Let me quote the words found in Chronicles:
“You will not need to fight in this battle; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf.”

Price indicates that the coded message, when really understood, can be of the utmost help in lives that are stressed through relationship breakdowns, or financial issues, time shortages, aches, problems and insufficiencies.  We hold onto situations, and we do so with our constant attention to whatever it is. We all know – right from our Basic Principle classes: where attention goes, energy flows.  It when we let go of our human perceptions that we rise above them.

Let us now go through the coded message in Chronicles to better understand:-  There is a process, and the first step is: TAKE YOUR POSITION.  In this context it would mean assuming an attitude in consciousness. Awareness is key – and when it comes to assuming an attitude in consciousness, through awareness, we are brought to a point of choice where we do not say: “Yes, but…..!”  We put a lot of intense focus on our problems and now we need to turn that focus into awareness of Truth.  It means turning within to that which already is, and always is eternal!  The eternal Presence within.

That brings us to the next step / the next instruction: STAND STILL.  Now this standing still means to enter into a state of serenity and trust through complete surrender to the Presence within.  Through the STANDING STILL, and surrendering to Truth,  inevitable victory is the outcome.  It is not victory over anyone or anything – it is the victory of Spiritual Realization – that there is only God and ultimately God is in charge.  Where we fall short at times is that we may agree that God is the only Power, that God is in charge, yet we try to maintain control, sometimes at all costs.

God means to some people – an entity to be used, to bring about health, provide abundance and harmony and peace.  Yet we are told in scripture that it is useless to see a power with which to overcome enemies or difficulties, and we are to live life… “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.”  Going back to the example of Jesus where he declared: It is not I, but the Father within who doeth the work,” we again have the perfect instruction or method to rise above the issues of the world by letting go to that which IS, and eternally, IS.

If we go to God with a need, then we are seeing only the need.  When we pay heed to the steps (instruction) in Chronicles we see that by taking position, making the choice to stand still, (freezing the frame if you will, so it is no longer active) – this very BEING STILL – in the Presence, is our RISING ABOVE, or changing our perception, as we mindfully align with the Truth of our Being.  And the outcome is inevitable. Yet…. not always according to the way we want it, rather according to what we need, to grow in understanding. AND  SEE THE VICTORY OF THE LORD ON YOUR BEHALF.

In Closing….
What need one do that he may see and say the Truth, and nothing but the single Truth?  He need only turn to God direct.  Here, he cannot see two; the One will absorb his complete attention.  Here  he shall know and say, I am Spirit, I am the one Being now, and my Consciousness of this Truth is my spiritual World or Universe.  Reader, this is what is urged upon you to accept, the Truth of the One as our present Reality, rather than place our Reality in a distant future.
 Until one knows the innate Power and Glory abiding within every heart which seeks Truth from God direct, he may believe that Revelation has come to an end.  Through his willingness to discard teachings which do not measure up to the Absolute Truth of one Being and one Universe, and identify himself now as this one Mind and Being without a second, he is bound to see and feel the Glory of the Light, and experience it as his own present spiritual Consciousness.
Lilian DeWaters :The Voice of Revelation

Bountiful blessings,