Newsletter – November 2022

Dear Friends,

“Equal Opportunity”

Are we ready to accept that in life we do have equal opportunity?  It is the equal opportunity in consciousness that is the focus of this message.  After all, at the core of our being…at the point of origination as an idea in the mind of God, we are all equal. Are we ready to consider this…to believe it?

What we  initially perceive as  a challenge in life,  blocking our way forward, may in fact be one of our greatest gifts—causing us to stop and take stock.  Time to rethink and rediscover a new way of seeing life.  In Genesis we read: “and God saw all that he had made…and it was good.”  What has happened to that goodness? Has it become something else, or even disappeared?  No!! What God created still is and always will be…!

In the world we live in,  made aware of “new” illnesses, “new” cures, “new” diets and so on, we get caught up in  these things and they become our reality. Why do we need the new diet or cure? Because the belief is that there is something to be healed.  We look at curing or fixing the physical or even psychological ailment, yet the belief in these ailments still remains, with many of the human illnesses giving rise to much fear in individuals. Bearing in mind that each of us originates as an idea from God mind, then surely we can see that we are working at cross-purposes to Truth much of the time. Is health not our natural state?

Firstly, we need to look beyond human conditions and realize that what we are, at the point of origination, cannot change. The way in which we can experience BEING AT ONE WITH GOD is in our conscious knowing of IT.

Secondly, to recognize that any challenge or suffering is a way to grab our attention. In this second step we can easily miss the point by trying to “fix” the suffering and putting all our attention on that, when we could be asking ourselves: “what is this really all about?” It is about remembering that, which deep down, we already know: truth resides in consciousness; and we are not governed by mental or physical laws, but by the law of Spirit. Our belief in anything other than God and spiritual law is really our only problem in life.

Thirdly, Being consciously receptive. And it is during our quiet times and meditation that guidance is revealed.

We need to be reminded that equal opportunity has nothing to do with the human condition, because all begins in the invisible Source of Spirit. We embrace the truth of God as absolute and omnipresent Good, expressing as, and through, each individual.  This belief in consciousness then, is carried through into our world of experience, and we become receptive to the treasures on our respective paths.

Do we realize that we are living out our beliefs?  We have equal opportunity to believe in, and accept, as much of the truth as we can embrace in consciousness and thereby enjoy the fruits of Spirit that are ours by divine birthright. It is only in consciousness that we are receptive and ready for all, that as children of God, we have been promised.

Let us see the challenges for what they really are.  Let us be ready and receptive to understand and acknowledge in consciousness the gift of Truth in these words: “Son/daughter, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

In Closing……  Many people believe peace and joy come when conditions are what they want them to be.  Peace comes when the doctor tells us the tumor is benign. We are joyful when we are picked for the new assignment.  For too long peace and joy have originated in earthly conditions. When this happens, peace and joy are fleeting.  We want them to be constant companions, but they are like fickle friends.  They come, and they go.  There is a peace that passes understanding and a joy that is boundless.  People throughout all the ages have experienced peace and joy transcending earthly conditions.  In fact, in stressful conditions peace has come as a forerunner of greater good. Joy has been experienced while sitting alone late at night. The truth is the world has no peace or joy for us.  When we are consciously one with God, there is peace and joy. When we lose our sense of oneness, then peace and joy are gone.   At least this is the way it seems, but the truth is peace and joy are innate to us.  They are part of our spiritual nature.  When we are consciously one with   Spirit, what is innate to us can be experienced.   Jim Rosemergy – A Closer Walk With God

Bountiful blessings,


Photo  of giraffes by Daniel Naude