Newsletter – October 2022

Dear Friends,

“This Too Shall Pass”

“The universe is an awfully big and divergent place; where there is room for all kinds of beings, beliefs and endless realities. Yet within this multiplicity there is Oneness and connection: this is the goal of our journey.” The words that stand out for me in the above quote from Dr Stewart Bitkoff are: that whatever else comes to pass there is Oneness and connection.

I am sure that many of you can think back to a time when it seemed that whatever was challenging you, in whatever way, would never pass.  Yet here we all are!  In the world today we do not need to be reminded of all the changes happening thick and fast in so many different ways.  And these things too will pass, as we maintain intentional focus and purpose. Well, we might ask ourselves, “what is our motive in turning to God, to Truth?”

Stated in the quote earlier: within the multiplicity there is Oneness and connection. And this is our goal.  Jesus experienced this oneness; this connection, and told us that we too are included.  “Call One your Father.” What happened mostly was that this Master Teacher was followed by the masses for what they perceived that he did – the miracles – and people were after these benefits, not really needing to know how because He was doing it for them.  Hardly any really paid heed to His teaching.  And even today in many ways Jesus is promoted as being apart from all mankind; the exception to us all.

In our classes in discussion relating to all coming forth from the invisible to the visible, the idea is that the tree is more valuable than the fruit.  If the tree is not nurtured it will not bear fruit.  The apples or oranges last only a particular season, but the tree can bear for many years. Yet in our world today, so often our focus comes back to the fruit; all the distractions on offer. Christ Consciousness is the tree – our very own inherited birthright – and still we do not grasp and believe this. We go back to those words of Jesus – not just words, but his own realized experience – “I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine.  The emphasis is that this is true for each one, but (as with Jesus) these words need to be realized in consciousness by each individual. THE ONENESS NEEDS TO BE OUR OWN  UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. It is in consciousness we sense the Inner Presence living us.

We are talking universal spiritual principles. An omnipresent God; the One Source of all that can never be separate from us nor we from IT. We have been steered toward embracing and practicing these principles of Life by various way-showers through the ages, and when we do consciously connect with this truth of our being – that is our true religion – our connection in consciousness with the One.

The things of the world come to pass never to stay.  Currencies fluctuate, rulers of countries change, fashions come and go so fast these days.  All these things…..but who we are in Truth is eternal.  It is only our realization in consciousness that grows and deepens and ultimately makes the crooked places straight. Whatever it is that you may feel challenged by right now, turn your attention to God, and know with gentle certainty…. This too shall pass!  As we move mindfully into that inner sacred place where Spirit is to be found, IN GRATITUDE, WE REMEMBER..

In Closing……

 The greatest power on earth is the power of silence. Spiritual power cannot be expressed in words or thoughts, nor can it come through words or thoughts.  Only through silence, when the senses are at rest, can spiritual power be released.

When we enter meditation and close our eyes to “this world,” let us remember that we are now in the corridor, or at least we are behind the door that opens to Infinity. Through our consciousness, we have access to the infinity of God, the activity of God, the substance and the law of God.  All this is within us.

Let us enter into meditation and go to the Spirit for the purpose of enlightenment, with a complete freedom from concepts, and then receive the truth that in the presence of God there is fulfillment and freedom, freedom from any sense of limitation.


Bountiful blessings,