Newsletter – August 2020

“The Kingdom of God is Within You.”

Dear Friends

At the beginning of the March letter earlier this year we were reminded that Divine Science is really a practical teaching, and that through participating in the classes and attending the Sunday Services, the principles of Life begin to be understood more fully, and we have the opportunity then to put the Teaching into practice.

Well, little did we know at the time, how the opportunity would present itself; or even how soon, in fact.

In Luke 17:21, we read:
“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
This same directive is also indicated in Chapter 71 of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; and we find in both instances it is stated in the present tense.

So….we might check as to how we are responding to Life at the moment since ( in South Africa at any rate) we have been under “lockdown” since 28 March—virtually 4 months. Are we living each day mindfully, aware of the One Presence and Power?

Or are we becoming agitated at the prolonged, seemingly uncontrolled way of  living each day?

I came across these words in an e-mailed message dated April 2008; an Inner Journey posting from Rev Jim Rosemergy of Unity:  “One of the paradoxes of life is that if you focus on results rather than the current moment and the actions you are required to take to reach your goal, you may not achieve what you want to achieve. Certainly, setting a goal is a constructive thing to do, but then you must let it go and give the gift of your attention, not to the future, but to the moment. There is no power in the future. Power flows from the moment. Rest in the moment with no thought of tomorrow, and you will feel a great calm that enables your actions to easily flow……”

When we come back to the reminder that the kingdom of God is within, we realize too, that this can only truly be fully realized in this moment now. The kingdom is not known or experienced, in the past or future, it is eternally in the present moment.

We might discover perhaps, that  with no clear idea of what the future in the world may hold for us, this is the perfect moment to practise being in the Presence. The future will always be uncertain, so let us be aware of the gift in this moment now.

The breaking of the pattern of materialism is now taking place and  whether we like it or not, whether we are even aware or not, we are all a part of this process.

Our part is to understand and realize that the purpose of each individual is to know who we are in Truth; and knowing it for ourselves, we know it for All!

By aligning with Truth, in our quiet meditations, we let the Wisdom within, the Peace within, use us as It flows through us. We become an open conduit, as in trust, we let It go before us to make the crooked places straight.

The world is not a reliable critic; follow instead the inner guidance that comes from Being Still…….

The Divine Science Text Book states it this way:
“Although Truth is omnipresent and changeless; although man lives, moves, and has his being in God, the All Good; although he dwells in the kingdom of heaven, if he is not conscious of it,  he may go on his way lacking many things and losing the blessedness that IS his.  It is KNOWING the truth that makes man free.”
The kingdom of God is within you!

In Closing….

 I share these words from Joel Goldsmith:

 “We do not need God-power to overcome something that was not made in the beginning, never had existence, and represents only our ignorance of Truth. Your healing power, then, which is your spiritual power, rests only in your knowing the truth that God is the All-creating, maintaining, and sustaining power and that what He did not create does not exist. Therein lies your only spiritual power.

 Bountiful blessings,