Newsletter – June 2020

“Dependence On A Power Greater Than The Human Self.”

Dear Friends

At a time such as this in the world, when we are all immersed in basically the same issues; when we are facing a crisis common to all, it is with a deep, deep sense of gratitude that I turn to our  Teaching of  Universal Spiritual Principle.

It is my anchor in daily life anyway, and now more so than ever. I also feel privileged to share this message with you. When the “chips are down” so to speak, there is only one way to turn, (or return) and that is to the Source of all creation.

Now is the time and this is, I believe, the testing ground; where we put our Teaching of Truth into practical application. Over and beyond all that we see and are told, we are being offered a great opportunity to prove Truth for ourselves and share It with others. An opportunity, through our deeper understanding, to rely on the One True Power.

Daily when activities of many kinds are curtailed, we have time to BE STILL. AND KNOW.

We are told that mankind has been giving dominion yet we have allowed ourselves, generally speaking, to be dominated by the very things that bring  us to destruction of life as we have known it; destruction of values, of the air we breathe, of natural resources, and much more.  As humans, we are not in control—true dominion is in knowing that essentially we are spiritual beings.

To quote Wordsworth:
“The soul that rises with us, our life’s star, Hath elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar. Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory, do we come from God, who is our Home.”

What the poet is saying, and what we teach, is that man is the son (idea) or expression of divine Principle, come forth as a perfect thought from God. And this is true of each of us; you and I are perfect manifestations come forth from the One Source of all Being—God. Yet the perfection is not according to our humanness, it is the fulfilment of consciousness. We could even describe it as God expressing Itself through us, and we own It in consciousness.

The only thing we can control is our response to Life, in our daily living.  When we know that in Spirit we are One; in Spirit we are eternal, then this understanding assists us with our response.

The teaching of Jesus was inclusive in that he indicated that all are eligible to divine sonship and the central truth of his message as emphasised in the Divine Science Text Book is that…  “the destiny of mankind is to express the Christ, for this cosmic principle within each individual soul is ‘the way, the truth, and the life.

Christ is the divinity, ‘the light that lighteth every man,’ and being universal, and formed in all, makes everyone a son. This does not lessen the divinity of Jesus but reveals the divinity of all mankind.”

 The call to us all, perhaps now, more than ever before, is to let go of dependence on human health, human wealth, and human assurances. And then we are lifted to a new view of Life where, in our dependence on a Power greater than the human self, we know true joy, love, peace, wholeness, as we glory in the Truth that has been, and always will be.

Solving problems is not the issue—knowing God is the true purpose of every soul.

In Closing….


We welcomed the recent announcement by the State President that Churches are viewed as essential services and, that from level 3 onwards, religious organizations may open their doors to their followers.  The office at ACT will therefore be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays starting from 2 June 2020. Members and Friends are invited to connect with us or visit us on these days, by appointment. Those unable to visit may call us by telephone.

We have decided not to open for Sunday Services as yet. This will be reviewed at the end of June.

The response to our appeal for financial assistance to bridge the first two months of the COVID-19 National Lockdown  has been heart-warming and we extend our sincere gratitude. On the level of Spirit, in many ways, our activity has increased as we individually place God first in everything that we do.

May your consciousness of the Infinite Presence, who is the Father of all, be awake in you as peace, health and abundance, wherever you find yourself.

 Bountiful blessings,

 Mallory and Sylvia