Newsletter – February 2020

“The Joy of Waiting upon God.”

Dear Friends

Joy is what happens when we find and connect with that core of truth that resides within each and every individual.

We may at times think that joy comes from something outside ourselves when something wonderful happens—maybe receiving a  present, seeing a baby’s first smile, winning a prize and so on. Yet, joy has to recognize joy; or we could say that the joy within connects with the joy to be found in all of Life, when we are aligned with It.

When we are aligned with Spirit, each of us comes to that place or point in life when we are ready to prove truth for ourselves. We can only prove it for ourselves, over and over again, as we practise living in the kingdom not of this world, because ironically truth is beyond the world.

As we wait upon God (serving Truth) we experience that which is beyond the human mind, beyond the world; an inevitable joy that rises up from within. And it is all about connecting with the Presence in the present moment.

In life today it seems we are so busy and occupied with achieving. How many of us have possibly reached the end of the day feeling that we have not achieved much?  We are so keen to speed through life, always on and on, moving forward.

Eckhart Tolle states in his writings that our primary purpose in life is not about time, but rather where we are at the moment; and states the need to be fully present and align with this moment internally and fully. In the  present moment we are not part of a conceptual universe, and our primary purpose has nothing to do with how old we are.

Presence is the rising of something new; a timeless dimension of consciousness, because the Presence is formless; it is the eternal I AM, which Jesus called the kingdom of heaven.  It is the Consciousness Itself before the Consciousness becomes form.

In his book, “Stillness Speaks,” Tolle states:  “The moment you enter the Now with your attention, you realize that life is sacred.  There is a sacredness to everything you perceive when you are present.  The more you live in the Now, the more you sense the simple yet profound joy of Being and the sacredness of all life.”

From each  moment we rest in the Presence—the Presence that never leaves us nor forsakes us, we are filled with the joy of knowing; and it is a knowing  that  is beyond the human mind.

So essentially when we drop our fixation on perhaps rushing through the day to achieve and achieve;  or letting our minds be captured with difficulties of the past or future, we come back over and over again to the now moment and with joy, wait upon God.

Nature always, is a wonderful teacher and just being in nature, even in the garden, being one with the rhythm of Life, is in its way “waiting on” the creation of the Lord.

Joy rises within us then as an inevitable result and we prove in that moment of oneness, Truth for ourselves. And we know; and the knowing brings forth from within, true joy that bubbles up as if from a fountain, infinite and deep. And then we can truly know………………..

“This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

In Closing…..

 “What should be the object of our lives after we take up the study of Truth?  The object and purpose of every life should be to live in accord with Good, God. That is what we are here for. Jesus said: “For this came I into the world, that I might bear witness to the truth,” and each soul can make this same statement.

 We are not here to get, but to realize the eternal truths which are in God. This should be the main object of our lives from this moment.  As we do this; as we realize God-Presence; as we bear witness to the Truth of our real nature, we shall come into peace.

 The fullness of Good is potentially in every living soul. It is not absorbed from the external; it is unfolded by the universal law of growth. We have the Christ within us; and we are to unfold that Christ. We in our true eternal state are perfect. The Christ within us is Truth, and when we know this we shall go forth from glory to glory.

Studies in Divine Science:  Mrs. C.L. Baum

 Bountiful blessings,