Newsletter – July 2018

“Don’t Get Into The Quicksand Of Life”

Dear Friends

When I talk about not getting into the “quicksand” of life, I am not referring to literal quicksand, but to those times when we may feel we are facing what seem to be inextricable circumstances; not knowing which way to turn; not being able to even conceive of a solution.

Have you ever been seemingly mistreated or mis-understood, and then those around you (in your so-called best interests) have egged you on to… take action – fight back, do something, don’t take whatever it is, lying down? To me, this is getting into the quick-sand.

I refer briefly now to Job, and we had a whole class devoted to Job, in our Old Testament Class last year; because there is so much we can learn from his situation. Most know the story where it seemed this upright man of the community who appeared to “have it all” was losing everything. One disaster after another befell him, even to the extent that he was beset with boils, so could hardly sit. To put it bluntly, according to world view, his life was in tatters.

His friends, with their “good advice” were getting into the “quicksand” with him. Through it all though, he held to his faith in God: and this was his neutral point. During what was going on around him, and seemingly to him, he kept his focus on truth. And as we know, through his faith and holding to truth and a new understanding, Job came through it all.

We do not help anyone at all by “getting into the quicksand with them.” We assist most when we maintain that aligned position in Truth; that position in spiritual understanding that knows that vacillating between opposites exists at the level of the world; and will always exist until consciousness is raised to perceive and understand we cannot harness or create a brand-new energy or change our respective experiences, if we continue to hold onto where we currently are now.

You see we come back so often, to that point where we trust what we perceive in the world, not realizing that even that, is limited to our human perception. Our emotions, together with our thoughts are all too often governed by what we perceive in the world, supported by mass consciousness. Are we allowing that in our lives? This is getting into the quicksand – and being stuck in it. The only thing new then is the location of the quicksand.

Don’t get involved at the level of the daily “up and down” issues; rather make time to turn within and be mindful of the sacredness of Life at Its originating point. Follow the teaching and example of the Master, understanding what he meant by the words: “I have overcome the world.”

In closing……
Contemplate these words from “The Way Out”:
“In the Impersonal all is one. When you can enter into the oneness of the Impersonal consciousness and can abide there at will, you will have entered into My Kingdom and have found God; and thereafter will be able to see and know Him in all His creations.
For the Impersonal Consciousness is My Consciousness; It is My Kingdom, the realm of My Being; and as I AM the Life of all things, once having entered this realm you become one with Me, and therefore one with all beings; and you can go in and out and find pasture.
For I will feed you with the Bread of the Spirit, and the Wine of Life will flow through you in rivers of Living Love, blessing you in all ways and likewise all whom you contact.”
(author of The Impersonal Life)
Bountiful blessings,