Newsletter – August 2015

Dear Friends,

Fill the void with God.

Do you have (or believe you have) a void in your life right now?
It could be that you feel there is seeming lack of finance, joy, companionship, or purpose, or even guidance or understanding. Whatever it is for you, just take note of it and then let it go.

We are told – and most agree – that we are the divine offspring of the one Source of all creation; that we come forth from our point of origin with all that is God-like. We are the vehicles through which God expresses; in fact we see God expressing through nature all around us, in every season.

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, in his book – The Quest for Love, stated: “Do you remember what God said during the creation? Let us make man in our image, in the image of God He created them; male and female he created them…… and God saw everything that he had made and it was very good! I remember once many years ago Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa came to New York City. On the cold winter day hundreds and thousands of fools like myself were standing outside the museum waiting to come in for a few seconds to view it. And there I was, created by the greatest master of all time, God, and no one even looked at me!

I just love the way he states this – it may seem flippant to some, but really, so true. How come we find it so difficult to understand that in essence we are complete beings come forth from the one Mother/Father of all? There are those who may believe that because their biological parent/parents “suffered” from such and such a disease, or died at a certain age, it will be the same for them. And we hear it said: “It’s in the Genes!” Yes, it is, and in our Spiritual genes as well! Do we ever consider that??

The only void in our lives is our separation from Truth; yet paradoxically, we are never apart from truth – the separation is in our own minds. So… perhaps the next question to ask ourselves would be: What is it we turn to, or perhaps use, to fill that void in our lives? And is it really working? In a state of feeling unfulfilled, do we maybe feel that the new car, new home, job or partner might fill that gap? For a time perhaps, until the yearning kicks in again. When we seek something or someone to complete us we are shouting out to the universe: “I believe I am incomplete!” And if that is our belief then it follows that it will be our experience too (the law works).

In Scripture Jesus stated “No man cometh to the Father but by me.” (Jn14:6). We cannot take this statement literally, firstly because it would exclude those on a different path. And secondly it would also exclude those who came before Jesus. As you know much of scripture is written allegorically and cannot be taken literally. Yet we are prepared to accept mixed messages so often. We happily speak the words of the Lord’s Prayer which begins: “Our Father” – not the Father of some only. So why then in some instances do we take the words: “no one comes to the Father, but by me,” literally?

What is being referred to is the Christ Consciousness – the consciousness which has experience of the Presence of God – that Inner Presence which is with us always. This was also referred to by Paul when he said: “Get this mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” It is through that state of consciousness that we will have direct access to our Source.

Some will call it Buddha consciousness, or Krishna consciousness, and so on, depending on the given path an individual is following. And I believe the purpose of the following of any of these paths is to know God. Whatever path we follow though, our challenge is to live and practice what we believe. In Divine Science we are challenged to: practice the Presence – to be aware of the Omnipresence of God – and be mindful of this in all circumstances.

Our actions and attitudes need to authentically follow our beliefs. And ultimately the way we live our respective lives speaks louder than any words we may utter. And really the operative word here is live. We are meant to live life, not to just exist. The life abundant that we were promised is already ours, awaiting our conscious recognition and acceptance of it. It is ours in consciousness.

It is not what religion we follow that matters, it is our consciousness. Why does there appear to be so much dissatisfaction in life today? We were given a teaching to follow that works, and will continue to work, but perhaps we’ve been distracted by trying to fill the void within, with that which is without. It always comes back to consciousness, because it has always been about consciousness.

We are all on a journey of evolvement moving into territory where only mystics have gone before, simply because it is the destiny of each one to return to Truth. Caroline Myss speaks of this in a recent newsletter, where she says that through the advancement of technology, the “energy” atmosphere has become a residence for us and we now have an “energy” address as well as a street address. The way we now relate to the world around us – and within us – has been completely transformed; that’s the obvious part. The not-so-obvious part of this mind-blowing transformation is the spiritual price people pay for living lives that move too fast, are far more isolated than they can handle, and lack a community of people that help a person sustain his or her ethics, morals, and integrity.

In the little story from Rabbi Joseph Gelberman – we are reminded to realize that we all come forth from the Master Source of all creation. In order to fill the seeming void in life, we need first to be aware that we are experiencing a void. And then we have a choice…….. Turn to God – focus on the truth of our being and know that it is the understanding of this truth that will endure. In Spirit there is no lack; our spiritual inheritance is unlimited. Fill the void with God.

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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ENNEAGRAM: This is a series of 10 morning sessions beginning on Wednesday 19 August, presented by Sylvia van Zyl. Please see the notice board for all details and for more info or to book, you can call Sylvia on: 083-7082857.

In Closing…..

I share with you these words from Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman:

I am the reality of things that seem
I am the waking who am called the dream
I am the utmost height there is to climb
I am stability – all else will pass
I am eternity encircling time
Kill me – none may conquer me.
Nothing can!
I am God’s Soul, fused in the Heart of Man.

Bountiful blessings,