Newsletter – July 2015

Dear Friends,

“There is no power but of God” – Malinda Cramer

The message this month deals with Conception-Human/Divine…when we go back to understanding that our true beginning (conception) is in spirit; we have come forth from the One Mind as a divine idea. Because we seem to identify ourselves more easily as to who we are in the world (in our human form), I am going to “bypass the beginning” as it were and come back to that a little further on.

The conception of Jesus – the man – had a purpose. The conception, humanly, of each individual (each of us here) was on purpose… matter what the seeming circumstances. You may not agree with this, and I would not expect you to, if it does not right now ring true for you. However to continue: The conception of the Christ Consciousness had (still has) a purpose. We have come forth, each of us, as a divine idea – conceived in Spirit. Our purpose is to realize, acknowledge, and through the awareness of the Christ Consciousness within, live our lives accordingly. Our identities, first and foremost, are as spiritual beings, eternally one with the Creative Source that is the origin of all creation. Now this is not always the easiest idea to embrace because we try to embrace it with our limited human minds.

An e-mail recently received, related to success and indicated that: What you think about you become.
Well there is nothing wrong with that at the world or mental level, but we need to realize that there is more to Life than just “using our human thought to make things happen for us.” Things are shifting rapidly at so many levels today that in order to “cope” we need to move too. And ironically our need to move forward in our way of thinking and being, is back to what we are told (have been told for eons) in scripture and sacred writings. What we have done though – and this is a generalization – is to make separate gods of Jesus, Buddha, and the like, instead of following, and perhaps taking responsibility, for what they taught.

I quote now briefly from Malinder Cramer’s book – Divine Science and Healing:
“Truly a God that we can only progress toward – a Life-giver whom we may possibly approach at some future time, in some faraway place, has been replaced in Divine Science by the true God – the Good of our being, who is our Life, Love, Truth, Health, Breath and all things. A knowledge of this Truth, practically applied, must bring “Eternal Life and Immortality to light” to the individual, then to humanity, for humanity is the sum of individuality.

The true destiny of Divine Science demonstration is individual immortality. The truth of the Creator and Creation, is Science, and it is religion; hence, it is scientific religion in which the omnipresence of the Creator is a working basis; it is the basis of the Unity of all that is, including right thinking, true judgment, and their true application in word and deed in all social and business relations. The good everywhere is ever active in making itself known in visible creation. This excludes the possibility of there being another life, substance or power. There is no power but of God.”

So in moving forward – and it is a moving forward in this universal, evolving consciousness, that we are all part of – we actually would be wise in going back to some of the early writers. Remember, Malinda Cramer, together with Nona Brooks, founded Divine Science. Again we need to remember that it is not Truth that is changing, but the realization of it is changing all. Truth is constant, we discover more of it through our intentional seeking or desire to know and Be more.

You see it does not matter if we are intellects or not; if we are male or female; if we are old or young; if we are short or tall; we all have the ability to be the vehicles or avenues for the Light of Truth. The purpose of creation is that the Creator may be expressed. But we judge what we see with the human eye, and it is only the inner eye that will see the light in another, having first recognized it in ourselves. You see we are either focusing on Truth or we are not.

Most of the time we are carrying with us a separate sense of self; and in this manner we conceive, and incubate ideas in our own minds, creating beliefs that often take us further away from our Truth. The truth that we are in fact individualized units of God’s pure essence. We share the same birthright, the same inheritance, and have been told….. “in truth, call no man on earth your father – for One is your father”. One Father/Mother, God, imparting It’s all through us, into expression. And really our only need is to know this – it is our passport to a whole new way of being, and understanding and begins with one individual, then to humanity; for as Malinda Cramer puts it: humanity is the sum of individuality.

The only thing lacking is our acceptance that we – individually – have been conceived by, an Absolute Love that is eternal. When we accept and realize and embrace our Truth, we will come only to rely on our Source, taking no human thought, and all our needs (not wants) will be met. And we do this by turning inward in Stillness. Malinda Cramer spoke of the God of some far off place being replaced in Divine Science by the God of our being, who is our Life, Love, Truth, Health, Breath and all things – the Omnipresent Creator.

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DR. SALAZAR’S VISIT: We are truly grateful to Dr. Salazar and his lovely wife, Marcella, for taking time during their holiday to visit Port Elizabeth and our Centre. The Thanksgiving Service was most uplifting and Dr. Salazar’s message well received.

In Closing…..

I share with you the words of: Ramana Maharshi…….

All spiritual teachings are only
meant to make us retrace
our steps to our
Original Source.

We need not acquire anything new, only give
up false ideas and useless accretions.

Instead of doing this, we try to grasp something
strange and mysterious because we believe happiness
lies elsewhere.

This is a mistake.

Bountiful blessings,