Newsletter – April 2015

Dear Friends,

All rewards are Spiritual

Last month my message dealt with spiritual wholeness: this month the focus is on an aspect of that spiritual wholeness, “spiritual prosperity.” Generally, as individuals, it seems we are part of a very needy society – we need to be accepted; we need to be respected; we need to be rewarded; in other words, we need more! And it could be said, once again generalizing, that an individual mantra could be: “I have a need!”

Perhaps it is through this very neediness that all around us systems in the world seem to be unraveling and when we get to the bottom line it would appear that it all has to do with money, or the apparent lack of it. Because the media dazzles us with so many things to be needed, and that we should have, we can have a difficult time not buying into “needing more.”

In dealing with the topic of spiritual wholeness the suggestion was that we surrender to what is – the Truth that is – and trust that. And yes, we do have a need – a need to KNOW TRUTH. In knowing Truth, we will be spiritually prosperous. We do not have to go searching all over the world for Truth, for the “I AM” of each one of us is Truth!

Now, on the topic of Spiritual Prosperity, we are going to look at treasures in consciousness as opposed to what we may often think of as necessary treasures in the world. There is also the mistaken idea that our experiences in the world out-picture our consciousness. So we may be judged, and our consciousness questioned, when it comes to the status of our health, the home we live in, or our financial situation.

Spiritual consciousness cannot be measured with a yardstick of the world. Jesus, through his connection to Truth was able to impart to all: “My kingdom is not of this world.” And the kingdom referred to, is the kingdom in consciousness to which all have access.

Paul Ferrini states it clearly in these words, entitled: “All Rewards are Spiritual”
“There is no more truth in the religion of abundance than there is in the religion of sacrifice. God does not necessarily reward spiritual work with material success. All rewards are spiritual. Happiness, joy, compassion, peace, sensitivity: these are the rewards for a life lived in integrity. You must learn once and for all, to stop measuring spiritual riches with a worldly yardstick. Your lifework can be profoundly successful even if it doesn’t bring in a large paycheck.”

And to clarify the statement: All rewards are spiritual….. these are the eternal gifts received in conscious awareness; rewards that cannot be taken away.

We are told in Malachi 3:10 – “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Bring all the tithes into the storehouse – Eric Butterworth in his book entitled: Spiritual Economics, suggests of this statement, that it is making the commitment to work with the law in all aspects of life; the law of Truth, giving way to the Divine Flow, and in the words, prove me now, God is saying: “prove the law in action.”

For me, the words: prove me now, imply turning to that Inner Presence habitually, allowing that Divine Flow to come forth as guidance, supply, wisdom; to meet all needs. Prove me now and discover the inner kingdom and Truth – and thus overcome, in the moment, the world with all its trials and tribulations.

Truth is the gift of our true inheritance; this substance that the five senses are powerless to discern, is constantly at hand; constantly flowing in and through all life. Yet if we stand back and just see the effects of the human condition and what is taking place in our daily lives, it would seem in some instances that we have come to a frigid standstill.

We need to be awake and alert to Truth and then we have the spiritual reward that is beyond measuring in the world, and we know ourselves then as unique, divine expressions come forth from the infinite formless source of all life and all being, in which state of realization there is no lack and no need. If we are living with any fear of lack or limitation then we are not embracing and believing this Truth.

We want the spiritual rewards, but when it is suggested that we begin and end our days with silence and meditation, suddenly we find excuses. We want to be in the flow of limitless spiritual prosperity, but then divorce ourselves from it by doubting.

To quote Eric Butterworth again, he says: “When you really know yourself as a spiritual being, you experience the fulfilling of the law, which rushes, streams, and pours into you in terms of substance and supply and all that is required for success.”

When we truly understand this we are ready to embrace the gifts (in consciousness) of God, and indeed the statement: “Prove me now.” It is in Spiritual union and communion that we prosper, for the prosperity discerned in consciousness, is eternal and remains with us as we journey forward in life.

All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. NB. Childcare is available if you phone us on Friday before 10:00am to arrange.

Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30

05 Revs. Mallory Kretzmann and Helen Penfold – Easter Service
12 Rosemary Batchelor
19 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
26 Sylvia van Zyl

CD. ORDERS OF THE SUNDAY LESSONS: CD’S are available to order of the Sunday Lessons, but a new system will be in place from beginning of April, where payment with order will be required. This is due of a backlog of unclaimed orders.

REPORT BACK ON GARAGE SALE: Firstly a word of heartfelt appreciation to those who pitched in and helped, both with the garage clean-up and the sale. A new space is being created, and more details can be seen in the enclosed/attached report from the Board.

ACT MEMBERSHIP: We thank those who have responded so positively to renewing and continuing their membership. Please do let us know should your contact details change as this assists us in keeping our records updated.

We are delighted to announce an anticipated visit, in June, by Dr. Al Salazar, who will be coming to South Africa accompanied by his wife, Marcella. Many of you know Dr. Salazar and Marcella whose visits in the past have been so appreciated by us all. Dr. Salazar, during his first visit in 1997, designated ACT an Extension Campus to the Divine Science School in Washington DC; and was also instrumental in ordaining both Helen Penfold and Mallory Kretzmann into the Divine Science Ministry.
Dr. Salazar will be presenting our Thanksgiving Service and any other details will be available closer to the time. Watch this space!

In closing………

“It is in accepting completely in consciousness that the essence of God is all in all, with all and through all, which frees the mind to lift itself out of the consciousness of limitation and doubt, and frees it to make manifest the Cosmic or Christ within itself. It is an awareness of the Divine, I AM PRESENCE, that brings all aspects of the mind into a pattern of unlimited and abundant good.”
Jack H. Holland – Your Freedom to Be

Bountiful blessings,