Newsletter – February 2022

“We Do Not Need To Change The World.”

The land which thou seest, to thee will I give it.” Genesis 13:15.  The land which thou seest… the world which thou seest…..  Does the land/world we see, need to be changed?  We do not need to change the world!  The world does not need changing!  The world is right as it is….. according to consciousness…according to the consciousness of humanity!

Truth is simple.  We seek perfection and set ourselves up for disappointment because we are seeking perfection “out there.”   Perfection according to the human defining of it.  And that perfection, if it is to be found, is passing and changes with our changing human perceptions.  At the human level, the perfection we are seeking is always ahead of us; something we are striving toward.  Something, even, that we may be “fighting” others for, in order to attain it.  Yet, “it” always seems just out of our reach and not aligned with: be ye therefore perfect, as is your Father in heaven.

In the chapter of Genesis, we find Abram and Lot at the parting of the ways.  We too are at a crossroads in life—a place where we need to make a conscious choice of which way to go; which path to take.

This is nothing new as we see in Isa 2:5: “O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.”  Much the same is found in Mic 4:5:  “For all people will walk everyone in the name of his God, and we will  walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.” These two prophets of that time were exhorting the people to turn their attention or focus, to God.  To look only to, and have faith in, God. And these are just two examples—there are more.

We can look back and wonder why, maybe, those before us made the choices they did, and how, if they’d turned to God as their source for peace, love and wisdom, the world as we know it today may have been a better place?  Yet are our choices any different from those who have gone before?

Are we following the path of Abraham, placing all our faith and trust in God; or are we following the path of Lot—putting our faith in the things of the flesh, of the world?  Just like Abraham, we are the fathers (mothers) of a multitude of thoughts which in turn spawn a multitude of effects.  Ralph Waldo Trine says: When a thought is given birth, it does not end there; but takes form, and as a form it goes out, and has its effect upon other minds and lives.

 “The land which thou seest, to thee will I give it.”  Are we seeing the kingdom of God, or are we completely caught up in this so-called human kingdom, and seeing only that? What we give our attention to, will determine our experience.  Everything is consciousness and to change our experience of life, we first need to change our consciousness. We do not need to change the world—it is according to consciousness.  Unless there is a change in consciousness first, any other change will only be temporary.

Back to our teaching: the OMNIPRESENCE of God.  God everywhere present, in, as, and through all creation; expressing individually through you and me. And to know God we need to experience (and prove) this Inner Presence as did those who are mentioned above.
Be still, and know!

In Closing…… Then there is Sir James Jeans, who says that the universe is “just God.” He says that there isn’t anything in the universe but God; that all the power there is, is God; that all the intelligence, all the substance there is, is God; that there is nothing else.

 So you see, he quite agrees with the Apostle Paul, who said, “In Him we live, and move, and have our being.” We live in the One Power; we move in the One Substance; we have our being in the One Intelligence. We are in the midst of a vast dynamic Power, which is greater than anything we can possibly imagine.

 That Power is in us. We are charged with It. It is not far off. There is no separation of It from us. It is in the midst of us and we are in the midst of It. It lives, and moves and has Its being in man. It works through man to will and to do. Nothing is impossible to this God Power.  H.B. Jeffery—The Spirit of Prayer

Bountiful blessings,