October 2013

Dear Friends,

“Behold I make all things new.”

What really prompted this message was a discussion with someone relating to the bible and religion.  As we chatted I realized that the New Testament is still just that!  Although Jesus, so many years ago, through his Christ Consciousness presented the Principles of Life to all who would hear him, it seems that, generally speaking, so few have.

Often we desire to embark on a new way of being and understanding, but as intense and intentional as our desire may be, so much of the time we still hold onto the Old Testament way.  And then we wonder why, after the incarnation of way-showers such as Jesus and Buddha (to name just two for now), life or the world as we know it is not changing for the better.

Through Moses we have the Ten Commandments, and he took the people he lead to a point in their understanding of life, and to a new land.  Then we had the prophet, Isaiah, point the way further into a deeper understanding; and of course there is much quoted in the New Testament (especially in the four gospels) from the book of Isaiah.  As we come to the teachings in the New Testament, we find law superseded by love.  And I am sure you are all familiar with Jesus’ double-love commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  What we are being told is simply that by holding true to these two commandments we will experience life in a different way.  And this applies to any and all as it is not about a particular religion at all.

My main question in this message: “Are we ready for the New Testament yet?”    In other words, are we ready for the universal principles of Truth given us by Jesus who pointed the way in which all may walk and know the truth of their union with God?   Or………….are we still judging; at the point of ‘an eye for an eye’ etc., holding onto the old laws?

We are living in a spiritual universe – the material world that fascinates us and grabs most of our attention is temporary, and as we realize our oneness with our Source, God, our experiences in the world will change.  For so long it has been expounded by prominent spiritual leaders and others that we are on the brink of a breakthrough to peace and harmony.  We first need to know, as did Jesus, that we are all one in God and learn to embrace our lasting spiritual nature.  And then we need to follow through and allow that love that we are in Truth, to express through us.  It is the law of Love – the law of Spirit – that supersedes all.

We have just celebrated being in our “new home” for one year; and we have all the opportunities and possibilities to serve not only ourselves, but, being a Centre of Spiritual Awareness, serve the greater community too.  The Bible is the story of mankind’s unfolding consciousness:…..are we ready now for the New Testament spiritual principles? Here in the southern hemisphere we are ready to leave winter behind and embrace spring; and as we move into a new earth season, let us move into a new “season” in consciousness as we receive the new heaven and the new earth, knowing that all things are made new in the very moment we accept our Truth.

SUNDAY SERVICES:  All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles.
Meditation      –    09:30 to 09:45
Service                –    09:45 to 10:30
Childcare is available except during school holidays.

06– Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
13 – Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore
20 – Rev. Helen Penfold
27 – Sylvia van Zyl
Please note this roster is subject to change without notice.

ACT WALK:  Please watch the notice board and face book for details of the next walk.  On 21 September, two of us did the trail behind the homes at Schoenies – Retha’s Trail.  It was blowing a gale, but very refreshing and invigorating and this walk has been so carefully and beautifully laid out that it is well worth paying a visit next time you are in the area.  Please call Marlene for more info: 076-3093781.

SPIRITUAL CINEMA :   Monday 18 October at 19:00.  “Brother Son Sister Moon”
It is a fanciful retelling of the early life of St. Francis of Assisi as conceived by Franco Zeffirelli.  As with all Zeffirellis work, it is beautifully filmed.
St. Francis of Assisi was an extraordinary complex and difficult figure whose effect on his contemporary society was electrifying.  Even today many people are moved by his visionary message of toleration. 12th Century Italy had an exceptionally grim and regimented society, but this barefoot monk from Assisi undoubtedly had the courage that comes from deep faith and was able to transcend the oppressiveness of the time.  Drama. Faith. Spirituality. Classic.  Music by Donovan.
All welcome – suggested donation R25-00 (ACT members – R20-00)
Do arrive at 6:30pm to enjoy a chat, a cup of tea or coffee and goodies on sale from Marita.

WORKDAY AND BRAAI:  From the Board:  A  workday will be held on Saturday 5 October.  Participation by members and supporters will be hugely appreciated.  Apart from gardening and minor painting work, we would like to prepare the garden for the upcoming “Swop ‘n Shop” event on 2 November.
Participants should arrive at 13:00 for a group briefing after which we will work until 16:00.  Please bring tools (gardening and maintenance), plus protective gloves.    Please put your name down on the notice board (or call the office), if you would like to join in.  Identification in advance of the work that you may do, may be helpful.  For this call Sylvia on 0837082857.     We would like to move the Altar into the Sanctuary as well, so anyone with a trolley device that may assist us with this should bring it along.
Preparation work will begin at 11:00, so anyone wishing to start work earlier  is welcome to come anytime after this.
Preparations will be made for a Bring and Braai.   Salads and Potato Bake will be provided.  The Braai is open to all – including those who are not able to participate in the work day activities.   Donations of R30 per person are requested .
Shop ‘n Swop at “Sewende Laan”, Saturday, 02 November.
Once again we remind you that we are busy collecting items for our bric-a-brac stall, so if you are doing any spring cleaning, we will be happy for any unwanted items. A great many books have been donated in most categories so you can expect some bargains.  Some folk have potted plants, and even if each individual brings one or two plants it will all add to the variety.  We look forward to your participation in any way – please call us at the office or put your name on the list on the notice board.  We will be contacting those who have already indicated their willingness to assist, and thank you in advance for your supportive energy and enthusiasm.

The September draw takes place on Sunday 29th.  There are still two months to participate this year, namely October and November, so if you have a spare R100-00 lying around pick a number and stand in line to win R1000-00!

In closing ……………..
“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.  And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband; and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling of God is with men.  He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying any more, for the former things have passed away. And he who sat upon the throne said, “Behold I make all things new.”
Taken from: Revelation Chapter 21

Bountiful blessings,