Newsletter – June 2014


Dear Friends,

Not mankind, but Godkind

I am sure that many of you are aware of, or have sensed, the current universal move away from focus on the individual to a united “oneness” or interconnectedness. Now this is not really new, but somehow there seems to be an urgency, a gathering of momentum pushing us all towards recognizing our union in Spirit.

So although we are reaching (perhaps in some ways have even reached) a state of going beyond the individual to the interconnected whole, unless we are whole in ourselves, we are not going to make any difference. I believe it is our desire to be part of our evolvement as a species, being mindful that it is an evolvement in consciousness.

Teilhard de Chardin, a French philosopher and Jesuit priest, who died in 1955, believed that the next step in our evolution would not be physical. The breakthrough he said would be soul growth in which people would realize their interconnectedness. This oneness would unleash a creativity that had never been seen upon the earth, and the meaning of life would become evident.

And in our teaching of Divine Science it is always held that attainment of Christ Consciousness is our ultimate goal. We see more and more, through reading, in social networks and via the media, that there is a “coming together” of different belief systems and traditions – a willingness perhaps to understand others and recognize that which is common and unites, rather than have the focus on that which is different and separates.

I quote now briefly from an article by Rabbi Rami Shapiro: “Because my loyalty is to truth rather than Judaism, I see myself as spiritually independent, and thus free to explore and draw from the entirety of human wisdom: religious, artistic, scientific etc. And I want the Judaism I teach to be of value not only to Jews, but to other spiritually independent seekers as well. Just as Jews borrow from Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Christian mysticism, I want followers of these paths to borrow from Judaism as well.”

I find his message quite uplifting – we need to come together, to unite in our Oneness. Yet in order to do this we also need to be mindful that ultimately we are not mankind, but in truth, Godkind. Only as we begin to know this for ourselves, are we able to realize and recognize it for all.

There is a core within us – within each individual – like the nucleus of the atom or the cell, that is perfect; that knows it’s true identity. Yet the human, reasoning mind overrides or denies this truth, because owning it would mean giving in to it and not being in control.

We are in the flow; the circulation of life. Are we living and serving from our true centre of being, or through our human limitations, withholding from life? Jesus told us: “I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” When we truly understand this statement, then we will know that it is from and through the connection with our Inner Christ (in consciousness) that we will experience life more abundantly.

While “foundations” are being shaken in so many aspects in life on our planet, let us remember that there is a simultaneous “coming together’ of people whose intention it is to join in oneness as they recognize that ultimately in God, we are all one!

It is the acceptance of the truth of our nature, the embracing and living of it, that will assist in moving us forward as in Oneness with Spirit we evolve in consciousness and move from mankind to Godkind.

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles.
Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30
Childcare is available except during school holidays.

01– Sylvia van Zyl
08– Rosemary Batchelor
16 – Rev. Mallory Kretzmann, Rev. Helen Penfold
22 – Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
29 – Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore
Please note this roster is subject to change without notice.

ABUNDANCE CLUB: The winner of the April draw was Annalene van Rooyen to whom we extend our congratulations! The May draw will take place on Sunday 01 June, after the Service. There are still numbers available should you wish to put yourself in line to win R1000-00 in the monthly draws.

DOODLE DAYS: The next step……. in a Creative Adventure with Sara McKenna (from the U.K.).
Join us as we explore new and creative ways of decorating a gift. Really beautiful expressions offered.
Please bring one packet of crepe paper and one packet of tissue paper, and any bits of material you like.
(both are available from the Crazy Store – less than R10-00)
Saturday 14h June from 2pm – 5pm Cost is R50.00 – tea, coffee included. Space is limited so please call the office to book – 041-5813309

WORKING WITH THE INNER CHRIST: 4 Week workshop commencing on Thursday 5 June (2pm to 3:30pm)
Join Mallory in a four week journey as we focus each week on practising the law of truth through the realization in consciousness of each individual’s natural right to the kingdom. ACT Members: R160-00 / Others: R200-00.

WORKDAY AT ACT: – Saturday 7 June – 10:00 to 14:00 – a time to work for ACT, in an atmosphere of mindfulness. We will begin with meditation, after which there will be mindfulness reminders intermittently, as we tidy the garden, and the garage, and undertake tasks such as painting small areas that need patching etc. Please bring own garden tools. A donation of R20-00 is requested towards the vegetarian lunch which will be served at 13:00, after which there will be time to reflect on the achieved tasks, pack up and end with a short meditation. A list for names is on the notice board, and we look forward to having fun as we serve.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – sharpen your skills! Speaking in public is a terrifying thought for most of us so let Neville Dugmore, a toastmaster for more than 3 decades, lighten the load by offering some skills, solid tips and information to help us along this road. ALL ARE WELCOME! Venue: Association of Creative Thought
DATE: SATURDAY 28 June. TIME: 2:00 to 4:30pm COST: R50-00 per person, includes refreshments.

CAROLINE MYSS: This Five Week Workshop will be presented by Gillian Nutt – “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.”
Caroline Myss will change your life. She poses the question “why do some people heal and others do not?” For over 15 years Caroline has researched this subject, working with hundreds of people and motivating them to examine their souls and change their lives. Caroline provides insights that foster hope and inspiration, unlocking the doors to health and healing. Her motto is “ your biography becomes your biology”. Caroline reveals how your thoughts and feelings are recorded in every one of your cells and how this determines your emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being. She shows how to improve your health with the revolutionary Five Steps to Healing.
Join us to discover the infinite possibilities for a healthy, vibrant and spiritually fulfilling life.
Commencing: Wednesday 18 June at 19:30; Cost: ACT Members: R300-00, Non Members: R350-00
A list is on the notice board or call the office to book – 041-5813309

In closing…………

“You know what the goal of life is – to be reunited with the Father, to be consciously one with God. You know the way – the prayer of inner contemplation and meditation, the recognition of the Christ, the love of God, and the love of man. Now carry this message in your mind where you will always remember the principles; and in your heart, dwell upon the gift which has been given you, delivered to you from the Father – the gift of the realized Presence within you. Bless it always that it may increase.

Joel Goldsmith – Practising The Presence

Bountiful blessings,