Divine Science Classes

The purpose of Divine Science classes is to awaken the student to his or her inner potential as a Spiritual Being. The course of study in Divine Science consists of six classes designed to establish a conscious relationship with God. This study of metaphysics and the laws of mind leads to an unfoldment in consciousness. The classes are sequentially arranged, therefore, the Basic Principle of Divine Science class must be taken first as it is the prerequisite to the other five classes. The Higher Training and Consecration class may be taken only after all the other classes have been completed.

Basic Principle of Divine Science
There is no prerequisite to this class. It is open to all.
Join us in exploring a new way of living life, using and aligning with, Universal Spiritual Principles. This class is the foundation on which we build our understanding of a new way of Life, God and ourselves, as we learn to work with, and apply,  these principles in all aspects of life.  Practical instruction in the right application of the teaching is given from the very beginning. It is here that the student’s faith in an ever-present Presence is awakened. We welcome enquiries from  anyone who is seeking a greater understanding of Life.

Prerequisite: Basic Principle of Divine Science
When meditation is presented in a well-defined and scientific manner, it clearly establishes the difference between the cosmic and spiritual levels of awareness. The transcending spiritual meditative process and its practical application to everyday living are emphasized throughout the course.

Spiritual Psychology
Prerequisite: Basic Principle of Divine Science
Spiritual Psychology teaches the student to reason about life from the basis of the Omnipresence of God. In our quest for Truth we learn to look beyond appearances and to that which is Real and Absolute. Spiritual Psychology presents the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life as an unfolding process that leads to the realizations that “The father and I are one.”

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning/Old Testament
Prerequisite: Basic Principle of Divine Science
When metaphysically examined, the Old Testament reveals hidden meanings through allegories, parables and symbolic language. Students discover the Bible as the story of their own unfoldment and awakens in their consciousness the Divinity of their own being.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning/New Testament
Prerequisite: Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning/Old Testament
This class emphasizes the awakening of the Spiritual nature of man as told through the birth of the Christ. This one revelation transforms ordinary men and women into children of God.

Higher Training and Consecration
Prerequisite: All of the aforementioned classes
This class stresses the transformation of consciousness from a sense-awareness of life to a Christ-awareness of life. It offers the student an opportunity to establish a Spiritual basis from which to think and live.

These classes are offered at different times throughout the year – please call us on 083-2187332 for more information.