Newsletter – March 2016

Dear Friends,

“Let your light shine – on purpose”

The focus of the message this month, is especially chosen because I believe that in all things in life we need purpose, and to be purposeful. Firstly, whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is a light; we come forth from the One Source of all Light and Life, most of us know as God. So that originating light is present in each of us. It is the Light of the I AM which shines through us into the world; we are the instruments which the Light uses.

When one lights a candle and sets it down, the flame burns straight and unmoving, casting the light evenly around. Someone moves through the room or opens the door, causing a draft, the flame wavers and may in some instances even be close to being extinguished. We are like the candle flame burning straight and steady until someone or some event perhaps, appears on the scene and causes a draft; and this is the challenge. How do we cope with the so-called “drafts” in our lives? Is it not enough just to keep that flame burning anyway? Yet, so often, it is the very thing that we would rather avoid, that can be our most important lesson; a divine impulse urging us forward, moving us to change, even showing us another way to deal with life’s issues.

Each of us exists as having come forth from the Divine Spark, God, and forever remains part of the Source. This is true for each of us yet so often in our human states we rely on, or look to human substance and values to nurture us. We come to believe that these alone will kindle our flames and keep them going. We look for human gurus in the world and give them permission to dictate to us about how good or bad our lives are, and will be, according to them. There is a lovely story told by Joan Borysenko, about a Mrs. Finegold from Brooklyn, who booked a trip to a remote village in Nepal. The travel agent warned her about the difficulties and challenges she would be faced with to get to the destination, but Mrs. Finegold was determined.

So off she set with a backpack filled with provisions and bottles of water. She finally arrived at the cave of the great guru and was told there was a three week wait to see him. Seekers from all over the world came looking for the meaning to life and how to have a mystical experience.

Mrs. Finegold settled down to wait and at last the great moment arrived. It was her turn, and she was told she could only speak three words to the guru. Then she was ushered into the cave where she found a bearded man right at the back who seemed to be meditating. She was filled with joy and rushed forward, grabbed him by the shoulders, and uttered her three words: “Morris, come home!”

We do not have to go chasing after gurus or mystical places. The mystical place is where we are at any given moment when we take time to stop and just be aware of the Inner Presence. When we still our flame and are not bent towards good or evil, rich or poor, these things will still be in evidence in the world, but not in the stillness that for that time removes us from them.

So our purpose in shining our lights is to steady or centre ourselves: Be Still and Know. It is like the lighthouse that carries the light and shines the beam far out to sea. Neither the weather nor the tide is the business of the lighthouse; it is simply the light-bearer. And so are we: lights unto the world.

The purpose of the lighthouse is to shine its light; our purpose is to be the instrument through which God’s light is expressed to all. But it is not our business to be concerned whether it is being perceived or not, in the world. We just need to be purposeful lights.

Our purpose is to know God; to experience this Presence that is with us always. When we know and understand that nothing more can be added unto us, our lights will always shine on purpose. But the added things (gifts of spirit) are not perceived by the human eye. Our awareness of our Truth is perceived and understood in consciousness.

We have come into this world as extensions of the Source, carrying that divine spark from which we originate. Now we have the responsible task of letting our lights shine. As we fan our flames with growing understanding in consciousness of the blessing of life, we may say then: THUS ARE WE IN THE WORLD AS UPRIGHT FLAMES CASTING THE LIGHT OF TRUTH.

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. NB. Childcare is available if you phone us on Friday before 10:00am to arrange.

Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30

 SPEAKERS – March:
06 Rosemary Batchelor
13 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
20  Sylvia our van Zyl
27  Rev. Mallory Kretzmann – Easter Service

12:00 NOON – MEDITATION: A reminder that our Sanctuary is open Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon to 1pm for meditation. You are welcome to come in, and Be Still for any part of the hour. In this month of March, we light a candle focussing on gratitude for all of Life.

ACT MEMBERS’ MARKET: The first market held in February went well with all enjoying tea in the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing. The next market will be on Sunday 20 March.
Members who have “wares” to sell are welcome to do so on the allocated Sunday, and set up in the outside venue. On this Sunday tea will be served out on the veranda. Sellers to provide own table cloth and please book a table by Friday 18 March, 11:00 – call the office 041-5813309. Set up must be before the Service, to avoid any disturbance, and enable venue to be locked during the Service. Sellers to tithe 10% of their sales towards the renovation of the “new” venue space. We look forward to enthusiastic participation by all.

DIVINE SCIENCE MEDITATION CLASS: You are invited to join Mallory for this 10 week course of instruction, using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide to the practical application of meditation in our daily lives. We will also investigate Meditation and Concentration Techniques that quieten and focus the mind.
Commencing: Wednesday 6 April at 7pm
Investment: R550.00 for course
There is a list for names on the notice board, and you may also phone to book your space in the class.

RAFFLE TICKETS FOR THE R5000.00 DRAW: A reminder that the draw date for this fundraiser is Easter Sunday, after our special service, so please return sold ticket stubs in good time and let us pull out the stops to sell more tickets. We are raising funds for our garage conversion into a beautiful space for our own use and for bringing in revenue through venue hire.

SOCIAL EVENT WITH ENTERTAINMENT: When Lynne Mackenzie returns from Du Bai on 20 March, she will be doing the final arranging for this event which promises to be great fun. Set aside Friday Evening, 1 April in the meantime – details to follow.

LIBRARY NEWS: Jean Baz has kindly “come on board” regarding the library, joining the “crew” of volunteers, and we look forward to many books being fed onto the shelves in the coming months.

CD’S OF THE SUNDAY SERVICES: These may be ordered after the Sunday Services. The cost is now R25.00 per CD prepaid with order.

DIVINE SCIENCE U.K. – We look forward to continuous connection with our friends and associates in Truth, in the U.K. and remind anyone now residing in the England, or visiting, of the contact details:
Revs. Dave and Ishbel Bailey – e-mail:   Ph: 01892 752085


In Closing…..

 I share with you these words from “Divine Science: Its Principle and Practice”

“It is the destiny of mankind to express the Christ, for this cosmic principle within each individual soul is “the way, the truth, and the life.” The true individual life is an expression of the Infinite Life for by the law of expression like produces like, and thus is made plain the principle of omnipresence. – All is One.

 Christ is the divinity, “the light that lighteth every man,” and, being universal, and formed in all, makes everyone a son. This does not lessen the divinity of Jesus but reveals the divinity of all mankind.”


Bountiful blessings,