Newsletter – February 2016

Dear Friends,

My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth

My message this month, relating to “peace” may seem to be vast in that in the world today there are so many ways to define peace. How many times have we not said, or heard someone say: “I don’t say or do anything, about such and such, as it is peace at any cost,” or perhaps… “let us just not cause ripples, let us keep the peace, and maybe whatever it is, will go away?”

There are always pros and cons in life (in the world) – except in the absolute Presence of God. And whatever seems to be occurring on the surface of life (in the world that is) we always have the opportunity to delve deep below the surface to that place of Inner Peace. Somehow, whatever seems to be happening around us, to others close to us, or to us, the greatest challenge is to turn to God, to Truth. The world appears to be in turmoil, affecting the lives of countless numbers of souls in different ways; and the idea of peace in the world seems like a forgotten dream.

I share an excerpt from something I shared in a workshop some time ago and I cannot give credit to the author as it was signed: “anonymous.”
“Every human is searching for the three most important experiences of its existence:
• Love in our relationships
• Happiness in everyday experience
• Peace in our fluctuating and peace less natures

But the search is almost entirely externalized, which is why most of us miss the spiritual paradox of our times – we already have what we seek. When we experience ourselves as we really are – soul not body, spirit not matter, we wake up to our innate spiritual qualities. Love, Happiness and Peace never leave us; we leave them when we lose our awareness of our own spiritual identity.”

In Divine Science we teach that all comes forth from the Invisible into visible manifestation. And that being so, then it kind of “stops us short” when we look at the turmoil evident in the world around us; if this is all coming forth as a result of what – generally – is held in invisible consciousness, then is it not time we took heed of what it is we do hold in consciousness?

Generally, all people of the world look toward living life in peace and we come across peace gatherings where all are joined in intention and voice. And, ironically, some of the more horrific atrocities, instead of giving power to the perpetrators, are in fact what brings people globally together in a bid for peace, so peace becomes the focus and gets the attention.

Peace is now; Jesus said: My peace is not of this world; My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives it….
Always these promises were made in the present tense. And it is the peace in spiritual consciousness; the peace that I referred to earlier that we find in the absolute Presence/experience, of God.

In the world we have countless and easily recognized examples in which it is evident that true peace cannot be fought for, or owned, because those fighting, do not want peace, they desire power. And while their so-called lack of power, or need for it, seems to be their driving force, they are at the same time moving away from their peace.

If we consider the words found in Zechariah 4:6, “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord…” in other words, not by human might, and human power, we realize that in turning to God (the Spirit within) we will find peace. And peace in the world begins with one individual consciousness at a time, acknowledging and working from the Inner Stillness of Truth, knowing that there is one Father of all Creation. Each one knowing for him/herself that true peace already is; and it is just waiting on our recognition and acknowledgement; it is the peace we inherit that is with us always.

We are all being challenged to put God first – knowing God as the infinite source of all supply, the one Father of all Creation. We have a united purpose to bring forth the “peace that passeth understanding” in the world, to the world. And we do this by taking stock of where we stand spiritually and in consciousness. And when we do realize and know the truth that ‘all that the Father has is ours, and all that God is, we are’, we can bring this enlightened understanding from invisible consciousness into being in our day to day experience.


SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. NB. Childcare is available if you phone us on Friday before 10:00am to arrange.

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SPEAKERS – February:
07 Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore
14. Rosemary Batchelor
21 Sylvia our van Zyl
28 Rev. Mallory Kretzmann

REV. HELEN PENFOLD: This past week we paid tribute to, and honoured, our beloved Helen in a memorial service at First Avenue Funeral Home on Thursday 28 January, and then in celebrating the Light and Life Helen continues to be, at our Sunday Service on 31 January. Tributes came in from all over the world. Helen touched many with her wisdom as a teacher, friend, and Divine Science Minister. Her dedication to Truth is woven into the tapestry of ACT and will always be valued; her first commitment always being, the practice of the Presence of God at all times. Rev. Dr. Marietjie Venter, our associate in Cape Town, joined us on Sunday and shared her special memories of Helen, which go back a long way. We are One in Spirit, dear friend, and you are only a thought away.

CD’s OF HELEN’S LAST TALK – 23 AUGUST 2015: There have been requests for copies of Helen’s last talk at ACT, and these are now available to order. Add your name to the list on Sunday, or e-mail/phone your order through to the office.

12:00 NOON – MEDITATION: A reminder that our Sanctuary is open Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon to 1pm for meditation. You are welcome to come in, and meditate for any part of the hour. In this month of February, we light a candle for all suffering souls, holding all in the Light of Truth.

ACT MEMBERS’ MARKET: To be held on the third Sunday of every month, beginning Sunday 21 February.
Members who have “wares” to sell are welcome to do so on the allocated Sunday, and set up in the outside venue. On this Sunday tea will be served out on the veranda. Sellers to provide own table cloth and please book a table by Friday 19 February, 11:00 – call the office 041-5813309. Set up must be before the Service, to avoid any disturbance, and enable venue to be locked during the Service. Sellers to tithe 10% of their sales towards the renovation of the “new” venue space. We look forward to much enthusiastic participation by all.

THANK YOU: Louise Luders has kindly gifted ACT with some very beautiful new table cloths, for which we are most grateful. They do add an element of elegance to our round tables.

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DIVINE SCIENCE U.K. – We look forward to continuous connection with our friends and associates in Truth, in the U.K. and remind anyone now residing in the England, or visiting, of the contact details:
Revs. Dave and Ishbel Bailey – e-mail: Ph: 01892 752085

In Closing…..

I share with you these words from Joel Goldsmith:

“Peace on earth will not come through the seizing of power or the possession of power. Peace on earth eventually will come through the recognition of your spiritual identity, and mine.”

Bountiful blessings,