Newsletter – November 2015

Dear Friends,

Message from Divine Science U.K.

This month we are privileged to have an inspirational message from Rev. Dave Bailey of Divine Science U.K. I believe it is important to share this valuable teaching of Divine Science so we look forward to further networking.


Several years ago we (my wife Ishbel and I) were given a number of tape recordings of Joel Goldsmith lectures. In the first one I listened to he made the statement ‘That which I seek, I am’. Let us for a moment set aside what he really meant by this, and look at the statement as if it was a question ‘That which I seek?’ and the answer ‘I AM’

I think it is true for many of us that when, for whatever reason, we start looking for answers to our many questions, for a new way of doing things because our lives just don’t seem to be working out the way we would like them to – we don’t actually know what it is we are looking for, but something tells us it is ‘out there’ somewhere. That something is our innate knowledge of Truth, our memory of a perfection we have forgotten about long ago. It starts to surface, to awaken within us, as soon as the opportunity arises, and prompts us to do whatever it takes to bring our lives, our way of thinking, our consciousness, back into harmony with itself. This thing that is urging us to seek itself is the very essence of our being the I AM of us.

Not knowing this, we seekers set off in many different directions, on many different paths trying to find this elusive ‘something’ that we are sure exists and that will make everything better for us. Many of us become involved in therapies and “ologies” of various descriptions, attend courses, workshops, retreats, go to different churches, read books and so on and so on………..and then suddenly or gradually, as the case may be, it dawns on us. We end up in the right place at the right time, perhaps a class with the right teacher, reading a particular passage in a book – and we realise that the very thing we have spent all that time, and often vast amounts of money, looking for has been right there with us, as part of us, the whole time. And then at some stage we learn that even that realisation was wrong. What we have been seeking was not right there with us, part of us, the whole time – it has been there AS US the whole time.

Finally we discover what it is that Joel Goldsmith meant when he said ‘What I seek, I AM’. We are the very essence of God, the same substance, the same life, love, Being. What does this mean for us, then?

Some say it means we are the source of our good, the source of our supply, health, loving relationships and so on. But we are not the source of these things – we ARE these things. I AM that I AM, I have always been so, I AM now so, and I will ever be so.

Whatever it is you are seeking to improve or change in your life, whatever it is you want, you already have it, it is already done. You are health, you are peace, you are harmony, you are unlimited supply of everything you need. You do not have to look outside of yourself for anything. All you have to look for is that which is already true of yourself – to become and abide in a conscious of the spiritual truth that The Father and I are One.

When in your meditation you find that silent place within and bring your state of mind to a place where you can be lifted in consciousness, even if only for a brief moment, in that moment you are indeed one with The Father and everything that God is, in that moment all the crooked places are made straight.

While I would not for one moment suggest you seek this state of mind where you can be lifted in consciousness for any reason other than seeking a conscious union with God, you will find that the more often you can do so in your meditations, the more you abide in God, the more fulfilling your physical/human life will become and the less you will have to strive to bring about what it is you want in life. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”
Dave closes his message with a poem by Jenifer Shapiro titled, “I Am That Which I Seek”.

I am that which I seek
I am the seer, the known and the unknown
I am the unconditional one beyond judgement, scorn or criticism
I am the one self, filled with the love of a thousand lives and the wisdom of the ages
I am the water than shines, cleans, flows through and surrenders
I am the earth that holds all of us upon it’s glorious strength
I am the wind that carries the voice of God, sometimes as a prophet, often as a whisper
I am the light of my soul and the connection to all souls
I am the truth, for I have already lived the lies and won my freedom from them long ago
And at times while I may forget, and scan the periphery for a sign of me
When I am quiet, when I am free, I remember – I am that which I seek.


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Should anyone be visiting the U.K., or perhaps recently re-located, you may wish to connect with Revs. Dave and Ish Bailey and their contact number is: – you may remember them from previous times before they relocated in 1998. It was great to re-connect and we look forward to ongoing networking with them.
Find them on:

In Closing…..

I share with you a portion of the book, Divine Science: Its Principle and Practice, which we are working with in the Basic Principle Class right now:-

“Although Truth is omnipresent and changeless, though “we live, move, and have our being” in God, the All-Good, yea, though we dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven but have not consciousness of it, we may go on our way lacking many good things, and losing the blessedness that is ours. Consciousness of Truth then is our great need, not that more good may come to us, not that we may have more strength or wisdom or life or health sent to us, but that our comprehension may be opened to see that All is within our very nature and that all God is, is forever ours.”

Bountiful blessings,