Newsletter – July 2014

Dear Friends,

In the workshop, “Working with the Inner Christ,” which is moving into the last session this week, we have been discussing evolving consciousness.

Essentially the focus has been on moving beyond our limited way of being to a realization of who we are in truth; to the point where we can accept and associate with that truth and not its seeming contradiction as so often can happen when we get caught up in what the world deems important.

So much changes when we live from our core truth, without our even trying. When we give to life (our offerings in service perhaps, or just going about our daily tasks) our giving flows from our authenticity in consciousness. And even without realizing it, we make an impact. When we drift from the core of who we are in truth, we lose in a sense, our authenticity; because we have moved away from it.

In exercise classes, and those of you who attend the gym will know what I am talking about; there is much emphasis on exercising the core. Now this is the physical core that is being given attention. We need to be exercising awareness of our spiritual core; our spiritual core which is the truth of who we are. It is the uncontaminated blueprint of each individual, come forth from the source of all creation – God. And no matter how far away we move from this truth in our minds, we can never change it.

When we realize for ourselves, the creative source of our being our lives become more purposeful. As individuals we need to remain on purpose, by being aware of who we are and living it. As a Centre we need to remain on purpose by remembering not to drift from the core of what we teach. And what we offer needs to match up with what we teach. Our foundation as individuals, and as a Centre, needs to be firmly placed in Spiritual Principle – Spiritual Principle that is universally applicable.

It is not about saying something new – it is about the consciousness from which it is said and taught, and the consciousness in which it is received. The teaching: based on the Omnipresence of God – or whatever name we give to the One Source of All. It is clearly stated in the Sunday programmes in our Statement of Being. And this is not an outdated teaching – it is all about consciousness and evolving the understanding of the individual which will ultimately make a difference to the collective, or mass consciousness.
We are all part of the evolvement in consciousness, moving towards our inner truth, towards understanding with the Christ Consciousness that: “I and the Father are one.”

SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles. Childcare is available except during school holidays.
Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30

06– Rosemary Batchelor
13– Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
20 – Rev. Elizabeth Dugmore
27 – Sylvia van Zyl
Please note this roster is subject to change without notice.

ABUNDANCE CLUB: We extend our congratulations to the winner of the May Draw – Heinrich Schuck! And we would remind those who have not yet signed up for the months of July to November inclusive, that it is time to take your “lucky number” forward and pay R250-00. Anyone who has not participated in the draw before may also at this point sign up and stand in line to win R1000-00 in the monthly draws.

DOODLE DAYS: Third session ……. in a Creative Adventure with Sara McKenna (from the U.K.).
Make a Book and Bind it! This Doodle Day will introduce a few different methods of creating and binding notebooks – photo albums – and scrap books which make fabulous gifts or for your personal use. Please bring with you a pair of scissors, about ¼ metre of stiff fabric (denim, corduroy, felt, or leather) and a few beads and ribbon. Paper and string supplied.
Saturday 12th July from 2pm – 5pm Cost is R50.00 – tea, coffee included. Space is limited so please call the office to book – 041-5813309, or e-mail

WORKDAY AT ACT: – held on 7th June, was a great success. There was such a lovely atmosphere as all got to work energetically and enthusiastically, and most importantly enjoyed it all. A really appetizing vegetarian lunch was produced by Jannette Robertson and Pam Peddie and by popular demand the recipe will be included in this letter.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – (28 June) this workshop has generated much enthusiasm and was fully booked in no time. We have names on the list for next time which will be 30 August – so watch this space!

THE TRANSFORMATION GAME: is being kindly offered by Jean Martin who will be in P.E. from overseas in July and will be available on Tues. 15th, Thurs. 17th, Tues. 22nd, Thurs. 24th respectively in July, to facilitate the game at ACT. It is by donation to ACT, and to book, please contact Jean directly on e-mail: and after 10 July on 072-7445838. More details on the notice board.

BEQUEST: In deep gratitude we acknowledge receipt of a recent bequest from the estate of the late Tony Lange who many of you will remember as a most enthusiastic and long-standing member of ACT. In fact Tony was one of June Jones’ earliest students – always very active, and he participated in many ways to support the Centre and the Teaching. His thoughtful generosity is truly appreciated.

The recipe as promised:
Hearty Cowboy Hotpot
1 onion sliced 1 can sweetcorn
1 red pepper sliced 1 tablespoon tomato paste
500g potatoes thinly sliced seasoning as desired – salt/pepper
2 carrots sliced 250g cheese
2 tablespoons sunflower oil 120g green beans
400g can baked beans

Fry the onion, pepper and carrots in the oil until soft but not brown. Add green beans, baked beans, sweetcorn, tomato paste and seasoning. Bring to boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Transfer vegetables to a shallow ovenproof dish and scatter top with cubed cheese. Cover vegetables and cheese with sliced potatoes – brush with butter and bake at 190 degrees C for 30 to 40 minutes until golden brown on top and the potato is cooked. Enjoy with fresh green salad.

In closing…………
“What is your highest Truth? What it is today, it may not be tomorrow, for we are evolving into a higher consciousness….moving ever closer to Christhood. Yet, we move from one level to another by living and practicing the highest Truth we consciously know on each level. When we realize one Truth we are ready for the next step and the process continues.”

John Randolph Price – With Wings As Eagles

Bountiful blessings,