Newsletter – May 2014

Dear Friends,

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles.”

Isaiah 40-31

In clearing out a bookshelf I came across a magazine article which stated: “We need to maintain both sanity and balance in these times of vast upheavals and constant change.” Well, these words are certainly applicable today, so you may be interested when I tell you that the article quoted from was printed in a Science of Mind Magazine dated March 1975! – some 39 years ago!

Whatever the age or era, life always evolves and dishes up various lessons for us and being in this school of life is not always easy. We cannot just sit on the sidelines and observe; we are actively involved. The article continued: “It is essential to rest secure in the knowledge that beyond the world of the senses there is the spiritual realm that does not change. Our true home, while we are on earth, and our final destination when we leave it, lies in this vast kingdom.” And this is the focus of the message this month – our true identity; our true destiny.

When we take stock of our focus on a daily basis we might find that we are more easily stressed than peaceful. And maybe this is due to our being so subjected to the sounds of the world and the worldly messages that we are not “tuned in” to the voice of Spirit. We have within us all the widom, love, joy, peace, knowledge and understanding which are some of the inherencies of the kingdom. The voice of Spirit continues to call to us, yet we are, for the most part, so caught up in the clamour of the world that we do not hear.

God speaks to us in the silence and we need to enter into the silence and remove ourselves from the noise of life, on a daily basis. The silence is the medium through which we communicate with God, and when we enter into the silence we do so with no other intention than to listen to God.

In life with all its changes and challenges we need to seek that haven – that place of no change – where truth is constant. And there, in the silence, will the solutions to our problems be revealed to us. There in the silence we will receive wisdom and guidance. Those that wait upon the Lord do renew their strength; why do you think we are told: “Be still, and know that I am God.”? Jesus proved this – He took time out to enter the closet – the place of stillness……silence.

“In a complete Silence, with no attempt to use God, use Truth, or use a power over anybody or for anybody, something takes place within us that dissolves the problems of life and makes the way one of joy and fulfillment.” Joel Goldsmith – The Thunder of Silence.
SUNDAY SERVICES: All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles.
Meditation – 09:30 to 09:45
Service – 09:45 to 10:30
Childcare is available except during school holidays.

04– Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
11– Rev Elizabeth Dugmore
18 – Rosemary Batchelor
25 – Rev. Mallory Kretzmann
Please note this roster is subject to change without notice.

ABUNDANCE CLUB: We congratulate Les Reynard, winner of the March draw. The April draw will take place on Sunday 04 May, after the Service. There are still numbers available should you wish to put yourself in line to win R1000-00 in the monthly draws.

DOODLE DAYS: The beginning of a Creative Adventure with Sara McKenna (from the U.K.). Learn how to make a memento with a vintage twist by transferring an image onto different surfaces. Bring with you a few images you enjoy such as a photo, picture or print – approx size 15x15cm (or smaller).
Workshop date: Saturday 10 May from 2pm to 4pm. Investment: R50-00 (includes all materials)
Venue: ACT Centre. Space limited so please call 041-5813309to book.

ACT WALK: This will take place on Saturday 17 May. We will be walking the Sacramento Trail at Schoenmakerskop. Please meet at the Canon there at 08:30. Wear comfy shoes, bring water, a snack, a sunhat and sunscreen. For more information please call Marlene on 076-3093781.

Forthcoming in June:
05 Thursday –Beginning of 4 Week Workshop – Working With the Inner Christ (2pm to 3:30pm)
07 Saturday – Workday at ACT

In closing…………
“I, I in the midst of you is the only power. Rest in that truth. Do not go any further; rest in it. That is enough. I, the I of you is God, and the I of you is power, and there are no other powers.”
Joel Goldsmith – The Thunder of Silence

Bountiful blessings,