Newsletter – April 2022

Dear Friends,

“Are We Sowing To Spirit Or To Flesh?”

What is the sowing and the reaping that is causing the distresses of the people on earth?  Paul summed it up in these words: “If you sow to the Spirit, you will reap life everlasting; if you sow to the flesh, you will reap corruption.” These words make sense  when we re-visit the Law of Expression and see for ourselves how spiritual law is always working.

In the world today there is much condemnation and we see it in the form of many governments, companies, and individuals, being accused of various  misdemeanors.  When we sit in judgement regarding situations involving others, it conveniently takes the spotlight off ourselves.  Do we at times fall into the trap of elevating ourselves to the position of righteousness?  What level of life are we identifying with when we make accusations or judgements?

Jesus said: “Call no man on earth your father,” and indicated clearly that we all originate from the same Divine Source whatever name we know IT by. It is within our own consciousness, at the core of our being, that understanding of our spiritual identity begins.  This is the “God-Centre” of all being, and through this recognition of the divine in all, a need or desire to accuse or judge, falls away. According to Emma Curtis Hopkins: “Effectiveness comes with letting the goodness of the merciful and tender spirit speak instead of your condemning tendencies, wherever anything appears to be evil.”

Truth understood can never be diminished; and the understander of truth can never backtrack.  There is a line in the movie, “Luther,” about the life of Martin Luther that made such an impact on me, and still does. He was suspended from the church and asked to recant his ideas that of course were threatening  the power of the church. In order to be reinstated in the church he was required to recant his ideas.  His response: “I cannot recant truth!” Joan of Arc is another very good example, who, when recognizing the inner divine splendor, exclaimed: “I cannot retract—I am that.”

A statement I read some years ago indicated: “You can have your highest good now.”  Well if we remove the word can, it reads: “you have your highest good now!” There is no effort to be what we are already, in truth.  We do have our highest good now and it abides at the centre of our being.  It is pure love not needing anything in return.  It is from this place of being centred in truth that need for judgement falls away.

Not one individual has been created greater than another. Each has his or her gift to share and something to learn and accomplish in life.  Paul told Timothy to, “churn up that gift that was in him.” Let us be mindful of the greatness of Spirit operating in and through every individual, showing forth IT’S radiance, using each as a vehicle for expression. We come back now to Jesus’ instruction: “call no man on earth your father.”  Is it not time that we realize that all share in the same Spiritual Heritage—is it not time to stop hiding behind the world issues, and allow that which is true to take precedence in our lives?

Whenever we find ourselves accusing or condemning let us know that we are giving a disturbing condition all our attention.  We are sowing then to the flesh, when there is another way.Let us sow to Spirit as we take time in the Silence; let us remember and  bring to mind the words: BE STILL AND KNOW, THAT I AM GOD.

In Closing……

 Consider the simple tree.  It operates as a unit. Not a single leaf, twig or branch can live or act independent of the tree as a whole; and the life and substance of the tree is its fulness and wholeness throughout.  There is nothing that a leaf can be of itself; to be at all it must be the tree.  The tree as a whole is in every leaf.

 Existence is thought a problem only when one sees or considers his life as separate from the Whole, with mind, thought and will of his own, living in a human state.  From this viewpoint problems can never be solved.  The heart  only can know spiritual things.  The heart asks its questions of God, and receives its answers from God direct.  When one is willing to give his heart in full abandonment to Spirit as his only Life, Being and World, he is then the Way unto himself.
 Lillian de Waters—The Voice of Revelation

Bountiful blessings,