April 2014

Dear Friends,

The Law of Expression is the process by which the Creator reveals or produces creation.

One of the recent classes in our studies in Divine Science Basic Principle, focused on the trinity.  Now you are not  going to get the full lesson this morning, but each time these universal spiritual principles are investigated more just seems to be revealed.  And as I mentioned in the class, we need to keep reminding ourselves until we are steeped in what is true of ourselves and our relationship to our Source; because until we are steeped in it, we are going to be living our lives as though we are not!

In short, the trinity is not three people, but a process, a law.  It is the Law of Expression.  And you see spiritual law is always working – and no matter what we think, do, or believe, we cannot change the law.  Manmade laws can be changed; constitutions can be changed; and this does occur to suit different situations.  But in spirit – law is law.  The Law of Expression – creation coming forth from the invisible to the visible – a brief example being: “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  We all come forth as expressions from Divine Thought/Mind, yet we have moved away from knowing this, and accordingly, or perhaps we should say:  inevitably, this is reflected in our world today.

To give another example of the Law of Expression: we begin with Intention – to know God; then we follow through with Action –being still in the Presence; then we have the Manifestation – a deeper understanding, peace, and wisdom.  We always begin with God.  In the beginning………..God; and I came across a question posed in some article I read recently: “what brand of Christianity are we following?”  Now whether we are Catholic, or Methodist, or Divine Science followers, it does not really matter – what matters is God…..and our relation to God.  The names ultimately mean nothing because in God/Truth, we are one.  Each of us comes forth from the same Creative Source; so it figures that we could (should, perhaps) be reflecting our true nature or the perfect blue-print of the originating idea of who we are in Spirit.

The Law of Expression is so interesting because we need to ask ourselves if our allegiance to God is due to the fact that we need something.  This is important because if I am turning to God because I have a need, or a lack to be filled, the law cannot but work and my belief in the “lack” or “need” will be met; it is a three-fold process.

1)    We turn to God;  2)  we focus on the need or lack;  3) from the energy of our focus (our point of belief) will come the corresponding manifestation.
Another example:
1)    We turn to God, to know God;  2)  we become still in the Presence;  3)  we are filled with peace, understanding and wisdom.

God is in control and we need to let go of the human need to always be fixing the world that is the way it is because of how we have been in it.  At this time of increased evolvement of spiritual understanding it is time to drop the “brand” and focus on the product.  In other words it does not matter so much what particular tradition or belief system we honour or follow – it is time to move beyond that and see the wholeness of Spirit in Life.

I am not for one moment suggesting that we change our places of meeting or study or worship.  What I am aiming to get across is: let it be about God and my relationship to my Source, wherever I am; let my allegiance be to the Presence – the Inner Presence that is that within us that is beyond the density of chaos and influence of the world and the human parameters.

We have been saying and teaching that life is evolving – consciousness is evolving – to the mystical state of being.  It cannot stay static.  We are going beyond what has been promoted by the different “brands”, although many have in their different ways provided stepping stones to the next stage of understanding. The time has come for us to realize who we are in Truth; and the mystic in the consciousness within each individual needs to be heeded instead of oppressed.  And we only hear it, or become aware of it, in the Silence.

Jesus stated:  “My kingdom is not of this world.”  Perhaps we are standing (collectively) on the threshold of this kingdom in consciousness.  Perhaps we are now beginning to understand that which we could not hear or see, before.

In preparation for the transformation that is taking place not only around us but within the consciousness of each   individual, we need to work with spiritual law.  First, turn to God, to unite with, and know, God in the Silence, and then…. trust the outcome.  By being in the Presence, we are doing the most important thing, and from this we will be led and guided to any right action, outcome or solution.

And some of you may be saying:  “Yes, BUT……………….  There are no “buts” about it!  The Law works – it is working right now!!!

SUNDAY SERVICES:  All are welcome to join us each week as we take time to Be Still, in Silent Meditation, and then share a Lesson in Truth Principles.
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SPECIAL SERVICE 30 MARCH 09:30:  We invite you to join us as the status of Minister Emeritus is conferred on Rev. Helen Penfold marking her official retirement.  There will be tea and fellowship after the service, where we will be presenting Helen with a gift towards which many have already so thoughtfully contributed.

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In closing…………

“You know what the goal of life is – to be reunited with the Father, to be consciously one with God.  You know the way – the prayer of inner contemplation and meditation, the recognition of the Christ, the love of God, and the love of man.
Now carry this message in your mind where you will always remember the principles; and in your heart, dwell upon the gift which has been given you, delivered to you from the Father – the gift of the realized Presence within you.  Bless it always that it may increase.
Joel Goldsmith – Practicing the Presence

Bountiful blessings,