Easter 2023

While we enjoy the traditional festivities that the Easter Season has to offer, let us at the same time remember that they are merely the outer symbols of an inner activity in consciousness.

Easter signifies the timeless Truth that the Spirit that raised Jesus from death is the same Spirit that right now is giving  us this New Life as It raises us into ever higher levels of Christ Consciousness.

Through our deeper understanding we find that death has no power over the Divine Self and that the Crucifixion does not in fact speak of physical death, but rather of our willingness to die to who we have been, and to be reborn in consciousness to who we are in Truth.

Over the years it has been our tradition to come together for a time of Being Still, in the Silence, and in this way prepare for our very own experience of Resurrection.  To this end, we invite you to join us for an hour (or any part thereof) in Silent Meditation, in your own homes on Friday 7 April, from 12 noon to 13:00.

Our special Easter Service will take place via Zoom on Sunday 09 April at the usual time of 10:00, and the link will be sent out in good time.  Together let us find ourselves resurrected into an experience of joy, peace, love and trust.