Christmas 2019

“Being in touch with the stillness of Christmas”

Dear Friends,

Once again we come to that time of the year when we celebrate anew the rebirth of Christ in consciousness. And we might well question: why only “that time of year?”

What is true for each and every soul upon the earth, and celebrated in particular at Christmas, remains eternally true and can be celebrated moment by moment. The world focus on the commercialization of Christmas almost swallows up the true meaning. So let us be mindful as we sanctify these Holy Days before us, letting them be a reminder of our Divine Heritage.

We share mindful celebrations then and invite you to join us:
• On Wednesday, 25 December at 09:00 (please note earlier start time) please bring family and friends to share in our special Christmas Service which includes our traditional “Communion of Lights.”
• Our annual Silent Worship takes place in the Sanctuary on Tuesday 31 December between 12 noon and 1pm, as we let go of the year gone by, and ready ourselves to embrace, and align with the “peace that passeth (human) understanding,” as we move into 2020.

May the awareness of the Christ Consciousness transform your life and activities during this Holy Season. The Board join me in wishing you all a Christmas experiencing Love and Joy, and Peace throughout 2020.


December 2019