Easter 2018

“My Kingdom is not of this world”
John 18:36

Dear Friends,

 At this time of Easter, we honour the life of Jesus, and the resurrection of Christ Consciousness.

As we prepare to celebrate, let us once again pay heed to what is possibly the most important lesson in the teachings of the Master, when he promised that there is more than this world.   His true mission was not to perform miracles but to lead us into a dimension of life where we find spiritual reality—the kingdom of God, within.

So, mindfully then, our focus at this time is on the infinite invisible, as we take time to: Be Still and withdraw from the world with its distractions.

You are invited to join us for an hour or any part thereof, in our Sanctuary on Good Friday, 30 March, from 12 noon to 13:00, when in Silence we surrender old perceptions of life in preparation for our own experience of Resurrection in consciousness.

Our Easter Service will take place on Sunday 1 April, at 09:30. This special service will include the uplifting experience of communion and participation in a ceremony in which we bring the cross alive, celebrating Truth and the potential for each soul to overcome the world.

May you carry the experience and promise of the Resurrection with you as a reminder that each is heir to the kingdom.




Easter 2018