Easter 2020

“I have overcome the world”
John 16:33

Dear Friends,

It is in a very different way that we move toward upholding the Easter celebration this year. At this time, more than ever before perhaps, we are reminded by the words found in John, that there is more than this world.

The true celebration of Easter is the revealing of a principle of Truth, whereby we move from the outer world into a new dimension of Life where we find spiritual reality. The true message of Easter, and the highest mission and message of the Christ is to be found in the words: “I have overcome the world.” From this message we understand that within each individual is the kingdom of God—and this is where we learn to place our dependence and trust—not on what the world offers.

In the words of Eric Butterworth: Easter deals with the Divinity of Man, of you, and of people everywhere. Let us lift up our eyes, and the stones will be rolled away. Let us not try to set things right but to see them rightly.

We will still “come together” although in our own homes, wherever you may be, during an hour of Silence from 12 noon to 13:00 on Good Friday, April 10th, as we take this opportunity in consciousness, to make the “Passover” from the slavery of material sense to the freedom of spiritual awareness.

Let us emerge together from old states of consciousness to living the awareness of our Christ Consciousness.


Easter 2020