Christmas 2023

Once again we come to that time of year when our thoughts turn to many aspects of life as we prepare to celebrate.  What is it  we celebrate each year at this time?  One does not really need to be connected to a specific tradition or religion; as we sense a coming together in consciousness.

Something is stirring, moving us, touching our hearts and minds and in many ways bringing us together—uniting us in a way that does not seem to happen at any other time of year.  We all have work to do; each is here for a purpose.  So….let us, on purpose, come together for all as we make time, with compassion in our hearts, and let the Love and Light of Truth go forth in a healing stream around the globe.

And as we open our hearts in greater understanding, Joy rises within and we surrender to that beautiful Truth; that eternal Presence, knowing for ourselves and all,  that God is with us in this moment and the next, and the next. In a deep moment of Stillness, we are touched by Spirit and this reminder of the rebirth in consciousness of the Christ Light within all of mankind, is truly cause for celebration.

This year our Christmas Service, via Zoom, will take place on 24 December at 11:00am local time, and we do look forward to have you join with us.  On 31 December at noon we remind you that it has become tradition to meditate at this time, in our own homes, or wherever we may be, bidding farewell to the year gone past, and opening our hearts and minds in trust, ready for 2024.

I am taking a break during January to settle into my new home and look forward in February, to continue serving Truth.  Joan, Jeanne, and Liz join me in wishing you all a blessed Holy Season as you celebrate with family and friends.